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  1. You mean game become too easy in coop?
  2. like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acer-6311-Vintage-PC-Computer-Keyboard-5-Pin-DIN-Connector-/124067236018 one?
  3. best message in this topic imho, 10 cocoademon smiles for you for this
  4. I understand, so 105 for you is something like 120 for me, and 120 for you is like 140 for me. But again, the question is - should we consider this as cheat? Till 2018, I used fov 160 in doomsday, because those versions of Doomsday had strange camera render: fov90 you feel like fov40 fov120 you feel like fov90 fov160 you feel like fov120 I bet, if you try that versions of doomsday, you will want to set higher fov than 120 But now they are fixed those camera rendering issues, so I use something like 135 for now (in current Doomsday version) Here is an example of how I streamed in fov160, feeling it as fov 120: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zinx1oStuz0&list=PL5QwAqOy7WADrvFI9vZEQL9NY00InRXXX&index=1&t=2h49m56s#t=2h49m56s Watch it from 2:49:56 to 2:50:47 and from 2:44:41 to 2:45:08 to see how I changed to fov 90 and 120, and watch any other part of the video to see, how it looks like on fov 160 Here is the example of how fov90 look like (the default doomsday fov value, for which the 3dmodels were created, tested and polished): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekgKPkloo3Q&list=PL5QwAqOy7WACZbw4OKosShl_Jzyeq_FMv&index=106&disable_polymer=true&t=0h00m00s#t=0h00m00s For me, this is total "sniper zooming gameplay", and 160 is much better (even 120 is better) But for other non-doomsday ports (or non id tech 1 games) 120 is enough (130 sometimes, for example for Eternal). Also, games like Eternal is good example of games where fov is not a cheat because you can choose it in ingame settings (and this is not the same as settings in GZDoom, because Eternal is not a source port)
  5. What exact disadvantages? Could you please provide some examples?
  6. My friend told interesting thoughts on this, let me translate: This should be turned off in wads that have been made for limit-removing ports, because otherwise there may be softlock situations. In old vanilla-wads, turning off allows you to get some advantage, but I would not call it a straight cheat. I played Requiem, Memento Mori 1-2 with infinite tall turned off, and I don't remember any situations in which I would have been an imba chuck norris. Although it probably depends on the structure of the level. Maybe there are some levels where it will be cheat-like. And about the softlock, a good example: a hole with a bunch of pinkies, through which you have to run, and you are not allowed to fall down. By the way, about the "pinky-pit" situation: I remember well how frustrated I was because something prevented me from jumping into the dark hall at the end of MAP11 O of Destruction! : ZZ01_BW_trollface: And there is a cacodemon from below rose to me
  7. Most interesting question people continue asking me again and again is "should we consider fov 120 as cheat?" One day in 2017 I streamed hexen with fov 120, and some viewer tried to prove me that fov 120 is cheat, and we discussed this with him during 2 hours:) I use fov 120 because fov 90 for me look like fov 70 or 50 for you, I feel it like I play with sniper zoom, and it's make pain for my eyes (that's why I use 120, even for 4:3 screen ratio). This is related to all shooters, not only to id tech 1. The only exception is vanilla and chocolate-like source ports, for example Russian Doom, which dont have fov functionality, so I forced to use 90 there
  8. When I played hard wads like Hell Revealed 2 in 2010 in doomsday, I even used vertical mouselook (it was hard even with mouselook btw, even with savegames), because I had strong habits like "I really want to look down and see whats happening and don't like when they forbid me to do this" But now, when I started streaming, I always disabling freelook and enabling "infinitely tall actors" feature, because I want to play as intended (in this specific context) and those settings makes game more fun, challenging and with more surprises, this is especially good for streaming. My friend, Invisible Warrior, made some challenges for me (with Bloodstain wad for example), and one of his requirements was "actors should be infinitely tall". We had long discussions with him about "should we use infinitely tall and why" (and also about other settings). I am a modder, so created a mod to show these settings at startup (this is only displayed once per ESC / NEW game, and not displayed per each map): https://i.ibb.co/4Fwx4VN/Screenshot-Doom-20210225-142921.png https://i.ibb.co/wWktz5n/Screenshot-Doom-20210225-143050.png https://i.ibb.co/kXs9Hbj/Screenshot-Heretic-20210225-143310.png https://i.ibb.co/7gZNfbJ/Screenshot-Hexen-20210225-143441.png https://i.ibb.co/pyq58ZD/Screenshot-Strife-20210225-143556.png So when I stream the game (or other guys are streaming my challenges with my specific requirements), any viewer (including me) can see what settings are applied. Also there is another interesting question: should we allow ghost monsters or not? I'm always allowing them in GZDoom, but sometimes it can produce good surprises
  9. thanks for your efforts!
  10. theleo_ua

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    he used current pack and modified it, or created his pack from scratch (with different neural algorithms) ?
  11. theleo_ua

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    could you please show some screenshots?
  12. theleo_ua

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    I helped him with some issues in neural packs and I already use neural packs in my mods. Example: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5QwAqOy7WACIixjImZwupZFq8JNBjCsp&disable_polymer=true What exact issues do you have?
  13. theleo_ua

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    Hi again I recommend you to use this (maybe create separate file, so users of old GZDoom versions can avoid to use it) For now, just try "summon heresiarch" and "kill monsters" and check his last frames of death animation - you will not see his corpse. So offsets file is still required
  14. theleo_ua

    Hexen Neural Texture Pack

    Only v2.0.3 in changelog for now - could you please post full changelog again? With all previous versions