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  1. Flechette pickup and effects: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1529220193079238656
  2. Quietus pickup: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1519529466858549248
  3. Wraithverge pickup: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1515489487547215877
  4. Rotten Dead Tree destruction states: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1509723081832603652
  5. theleo_ua

    What does skill 6 do in Russian Heretic?

    Please try these steps: 1) login to github 2) go to https://github.com/JNechaevsky/russian-doom/actions/workflows/continuous-integration.yml?query=branch%3Amaster 3) click on last commit link ( "Hexen: rename "Клерик" to "Клирик"" for now) direct link: https://github.com/JNechaevsky/russian-doom/actions/runs/1837433885 4) scroll down to Artifacts section 5) try x64 russian-doom-e07aec3-windows-x64 43.8 MB https://github.com/JNechaevsky/russian-doom/suites/5288241724/artifacts/163832546 or x32 russian-doom-e07aec3-windows-x86 43.5 MB https://github.com/JNechaevsky/russian-doom/suites/5288241724/artifacts/163832547 Is it works for you?
  6. theleo_ua

    What does skill 6 do in Russian Heretic?

    Personally, I dont see any political and other similar problems in current port's name. The only low priority problem I see is that we already have another port called Russian Strife https://github.com/K0stov/russian-strife (port is a copy of Chocolate Strife with Russian translation and voiceover, but without any new features), so if Russian Doom will start support Strife, then we will have two similar names (Russian Strife in Russian Doom and standalone Russian Strife) for different ports. For now, Russian Doom doesn't support Strife because lack of interest from developers, that's why another port (Russian Strife) was created
  7. theleo_ua

    Faithless: Trilogy - BETA 1a released!

    Hi Jimmy, could you please check this run at 3:24:58: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLqleBb4rh0&t=3h24m58s#t=3h24m58s Very low fps on this map (and high fps on other maps). Is this intended?
  8. thanks Maps will be the same (from hexen and hexdd iwads) without any changes
  9. Another video about ELV, the mod is still in the work, nothing much to show for now. Let's see some other 3D models and textures: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1472245468189138955 https://youtu.be/1yqSqzaBdWk Скачать видео
  10. theleo_ua

    The Doom backpack sprite looks like a dog face

    What about Bag of Holding from Heretic: What associations do you have, watching this?
  11. Big Trees with leaves (leaves move on the tree like if there is the wind): https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1437744180470718469
  12. Minotaur Statue (BullTorch, FBULI0): https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1432139995163340803 thanks
  13. Arc of Death (pickup): https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1429917108025102343
  14. Thanks to Doomsday developer, now we can align objects on maps to face the way we want: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1426444545164824578
  15. Fire Skull (FSKLA0) model: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1423913075988631553 Twined Torch + veirdo's desktop: https://twitter.com/ELV_project/status/1422303898791026690