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  1. theleo_ua

    Chocolate Doom

    Reported issue with chocolate hexen (probably all games affected): Music is not playing after help menu (F1): https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/issues/961 First part of the bug is reproduced in vanilla, but second part of the bug is not reproduced in vanilla
  2. theleo_ua

    Chocolate Doom

    Tried on chocolate hexen 2.3.0-win32 and it doesn't work (both with numlock and without) So, if I understood you corrrect, if this is SDL issue, but this works in GZDoom and Doomsday (I can bind different events to that keys on those ports), so this means that GZDoom and Doomsday doesn't use SDL for hardware input?
  3. theleo_ua

    Chocolate Doom

    Reported issue with chocolate hexen (probably all games affected): KP_INS and KP_DEL keys are not recognized by game: https://github.com/chocolate-doom/chocolate-doom/issues/958 Question: is it possible to implement functionality which differ original and KP keys, so I can bind one event (for example fly down) to INS key, and another event (for example stop flying) to KP_INS key? Thank you in advance
  4. theleo_ua

    Doom II: List of all hard wads

    At first - big thanks for this ratings, very useful even in current version and style! Good work! But I have some questions and feedback. What do you think about next: 1) Same for Heretic, Hexen and Strife wads 2) Sort wads by skill (in each cetegory) instead of alphanumeric 3) In addiction to item 2, make a "power rank"-style table: look at this example http://www.teamliquid.net/powerrank/ - as you see, in this example gamers sorted by skill level (Difficulty Rating in our case), and each position is described in 10-20 sentences, so you understand, why gamer A is top-1 and gamer B is top-2 (I think same would be great for wads) Why item 3 is useful: so many people so many opinions, so some people consider for example chillax is hardest wad, and other people think that okuplok is hardest, so 10-20 sentences to explain why chillax is harder than okuplok will be great Also, there are some interesting questions: what is harder - Hell Revealed 2 (2) or Scythe 2 (2) ? Plutonia I (1) or TNT Evilution (1) ? Chillax (4-5) or okuplok (5) ? Or the main question - what is the hardest wad in history? So power-rank style table will have answers to all of these questions, even for nearest wads, for example top-45 and top-46 (and you will see, that top45 one is harder), and of course this rating will be updated and changed, if author of this thread found new information or if some comments to this thread appear, explaining, why top46 should be harder than top45, or "why top-2 okuplok should be harder than top-1 chillax" 4) Optional, but useful I think: add points to each wad. For example: Doom1.wad - 1 point of difficulty, Plutonia 1 - 100 points, Hell Revealed 2 - 1000 points, chillax - 200000 points and so on 5) There are 2 ways to explain megawad difficulty: take 1 hardest map from this megawad, or make average value of all maps in megawad. First way can make Scythe 2 harder than HR2, but second make HR2 harder than Scythe 2. So, items 3 and 4, expecially points, can help with this (also there can be 2 different type of points: first for hardest map in megawad, and second for average (and table imho should be sorted by 1 hardest map in megawad (if it's required, I can explain why) ) ) What do you think? Thank you in advance
  5. Doom2 map01/02/07/08/09/10/18/20/28/31/32 + Doom1 ones: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BygbyP4_qEiTVDdyUmJVY3YtZTg/view?usp=sharing Will record other tracks in a nearest future. But before I do this, could you please check this: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7C23A0444911513D . Tell me please, if this is enough for you (so I should not record them) Thanks, have a nice playing:)
  6. Use CTRL-F6 for "Start/Stop recording sound output to a wave file (goes to capture folder)" (more details here http://www.dosbox.com/wiki/Special_Keys )
  7. For now I have next tracks from Doom2: map01/02/07/08/09/10/18/20/28/31/32 Should I upload them for you? It's very nice to hear, that people are interested in this, so I can create those tracks for you if needed (I mean Doom2 tracks which are not listed above, and also Strife tracks). Should I do it?
  8. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    What do you think about adding new achievement "Finish the game without spending a single coin" ? Macil's path of course I'm not sure about skill 5 (will check it later), but it's possisble on skill 4 Also, "Kill all acolytes on map02" is also good achievement, because a lot of players doesn't know how to attract "blue" acolytes for teleporting
  9. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    I dont think, that SVE textures should be replaced. But SVE has a lot of sprites, that were not changed (in comparison to original vanilla game) and I see pixels there. So I think it's better to add such types of filtering to the game (like we have in GZDoom) and other features like alternative dialogs and HUD instead of wasting money on repainting "already repainted" textures. I explained those features here: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1330379 Also, even vanilla textures are enough for me (the only thing I need is filtering like in GZDoom so I will not see pixels)
  10. theleo_ua

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord. (A sequel)

    Imho Arch vile is the best enemy in all ID Tech 1 games. Too bad, that he is rare on non-doom wads (I remember only Hordes of Chaos). I think Arch Vile or similar enemy should be in Heretic/Hexen/Strife wads/mods for better and more interesting gameplay.
  11. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Yes, same screenshot with 2 ideas (blackbird and HUD), this is correct
  12. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    Is it possible to donate you some money for implementing features, listed below? If yes, how much (for each feature)? Features: 1) Texture filtering, which will produce same (or better) sprite/texture quality, like in GZdoom on this screenshot http://f-picture.net/lfp/s020.radikal.ru/i720/1412/a9/cd5d839c45a7.png/htm (it doesn't matter, which exact filters, XBR, HQx, Sai, 16xAA, trilinear etc, the only criteria is quality "without pixels" and at least like in screenshot) I dont mean "turning on by default", I just mean options (like in GZDoom) or even hidden options/possibilities (for example there is no such options in ingame main menu, but I can edit config file, adding some strings like "filter=HQ4x+16xAA+Trilinear" for example) 2) Alternative HUD like in GZDoom: http://s017.radikal.ru/i402/1412/e6/4e310d308db3.png 3) Alternative dialog mode: http://s020.radikal.ru/i703/1412/31/80a68154befd.png http://s018.radikal.ru/i505/1412/48/ddfa996ebcc6.png 4) Alternative blackbird mode: http://s017.radikal.ru/i402/1412/e6/4e310d308db3.png 5) Multilanguage support with possibility to mix languages (for example to use one word in Russian and another word in English in the same sentence (like I described here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1329077 ) ), and also possibility to manually add new languages in game without interrupting you with messages like "I translated dialog A1_256_USDC, please add". If this is already possible, could you please tell me how? 6) Possibility to change ambient light level 7) Possibility to change fov to values above 110 (for example 120) Thank you in advance
  13. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    And now lets compare Veteran with GZDoom: Veteran1: https://i.imgur.com/adISTb1.gif GZDoom1: http://i038.radikal.ru/1412/29/2328cd560bda.png Veteran2: https://i.imgur.com/IhRiGJ5.gif GZDoom2: http://s018.radikal.ru/i500/1412/38/e2d18e636f82.png Veteran3: https://i.imgur.com/9J2PJwP.gif GZDoom3: http://s019.radikal.ru/i628/1412/e8/b5812d406abb.png Veteran4: https://i.imgur.com/6cPFDBS.gif GZDoom4: http://s018.radikal.ru/i500/1412/3a/f2b395093890.png And now - let me show you the main difference: http://s020.radikal.ru/i720/1412/a9/cd5d839c45a7.png I think Quasar and Kaiser should implement HQ4x and 16xAA like in GZDoom, and with additional features of Veteran it will own the world Also I think GZDoom-like HUD is nice to have too:) A lot of differences between GZdoom's and Veteran's alternative HUDs P.S. Yes, I forgot about mauler and assault gun (and also items, stardard HUD etc) in my GZscreenshots, but I can make additional ones for you if necessary (so tell me in this case)
  14. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    So no Russian translations needed anymore...
  15. theleo_ua

    Strife: Veteran Edition

    1) Russian letters/characters will be in parallel with English ones, or instead of English ones? I mean codepages and "characters directly in USDC scripts". Will be very nice, if "in parallel". Is it possible to implement in your engine? 2) As I understand, I should use USDC decompiler, convert all scripts from "wads from steam version" to USDC, translate result to Russian (with correct codepage of course, see previous question) and send translated result to you. Am I right? 3) What about non-wad texts, for example "main menu" or "that doesn't seem to work" - where can I find English versions of these text lumps? 4) As I understand, there is no any rush with delivering first version to you, but this version should be "complete". Am I correct?