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  1. As long as no one can get into my computer or mess with my gzdoom settings through this exploit i think im good either way then :)
  2. Honestly i dont mind the music from the fluidsynth front either (although it did sound REAL different) and even if i still wanted to listen to fmod i still have 1.6.0 for that and i mostly used the OSTs found in a wad on doomdepot anyway so i rarely listened to them to begin with. Ok i guess while some people are here can anyone explain to me what this ACS security thing was with the GZdoom 3.0+ that the author was talking about? How big of an issue is it and should i be worried? shown on the first paragraph here.
  3. I'm sorry i never replied but i wish to thank you for the answers. Right now im using 3.1.0 but i plan on upgrading to 3.2.5 due to some security issue in 3.0 and higher apparently? Don't know much of it. But i only use GZdoom 3+ for mods and total conversions, when i feel like playing standard i still use 1.6.0. Good thing saves still work too when moving from 3.1 to 3.2.5. Ill mess around a bit because i never did the copy old ini as a test, might be something to do.
  4. So whenever i feel the need to play just doom in general i use GZdoom 1.6.0, make the sprites look how they used to by not using any texture filter mode and disabling enhanced night vision and editing a very other things like hug sizes etc. And when i feel like playing custom games like weapon mods, RPG, and some other things im looking to try like Nerves of Steel and Project Einherjar by impietwo i use 1.9.0. However Project Einherjar doesn't seem to even like 1.9.0 so i resigned myself to the fact that i need to get a new GZdoom for those mods, its about time i do a clean anyway since i had like 5 different GZdoom files, going down to 2 would be great. When i first opened 3.10 i was pretty blown away by the amount of extra options there are and its a little daunting to try and set it all up, at least from my view. I was able to get the same HUD look as i did in 1.60 and the messages too but there are a couple of things that i may not know of that i would like to ask here. 1. GZdoom 1.6's default music i think was using something called fmod right? When was it removed in GZdoom and what is it's closest alternative in GZdoom 3.10? 2. By default GZdoom 3.10 seems to use fluidsytnh, can someone explain why it sounds so different? I mean i use a WAD to change my music tracks to use their OST versions i guess you could call them because i prefer them but i didn't exactly know you could change how they sound through the sound settings like that. So yeah i kinda would like to know how that works. 3. I know this probably sounds a bit stupid but when im comparing versions and i got most of the video settings the same, i feel like Gzdoom 3.10 still has enemies moving a bit faster/smoother than 1.6.0 despite having the same dispaly settings under textures, it's proably because im a little tired but thats just how it seems to me. Did anyone else get that kinda feeling when switching over? 4. Is there a way to just copy some of the settings over and then tweak them? I'm thinking of this little idea because 3.1.0 seems to save it as gzdoom-(computername).ini so i was thinking you could copy the file over and rename it to that and then tweak to your hearts content.
  5. I'd like to know how many helmets you leave behind too. My first run i died at the Sanctum level in the arena. wasn't looking where i was jumping had my back to a wall and the lsot souls freaking rushed me, couldn't do a thing! Well at least theres gonna be one of my bodies i'll see again
  6. Well in case it is I will still remove for the time being until someone that's in charge of this forum says its alright, then I will put it up somewhere. EDIT: So decision made? Also I don't think these versions are sc 55s. Which are the versions that came on CD?
  7. Oops accidently made a new thread instead of replying, idiot moment by me If you really want I can remove it form here. I just made it so people could use the version of these tracks instead of the normal ones, there are 2 wads like this for the original dooms as well that's why I just thought to make one for plutonia
  8. Success! its about 74mb when using OGG only 10mb bigger than the original doom 2 wad but it works!. if anyone wants to give it a try and tell me if anything's out of place its right here! EDIT: Link removed until told otherwise
  9. OGG seems to work fine, question what happens if a track is used twice?
  10. Thanks guys it worked naming it with the doom 2 style. Now I just need to figure out how to make the files smaller. I mean the D2-pcmus.wad was about 64MB but if I continue doing this I think the wad ill make will reach about 100MB+ so gotta think of a way to shrink it. Any ideas? an example of 2 tracks settings, it seems I gotta lower the bit rate but I don't want to just export the tracks out of the wad because there are a couple of tracks I wish to replace. So any programs to recommend? Oh another thing is that when I put an mp3 in it seems to come up as unknown for some tracks in the wad but still works while the other wads come up as sound (mp3), whats up with that?
  11. Hey guys, when I play DOOM I prefer to listen to the CD version of the music tracks. Example here: There are 2 wads for The ultimate DOOM and DOOM II that use the OST tracks but none for Plutonia so I thought I could make one for it using the OST versions for the music. The problem is I'm new to WAD editing and when I looked at both wads their naming conventions are different (DOOM 1 is like D_e1m1 and doom 2 is D2_runnin ) or something like that. Another problem is in these wads according to slade their source is MP3 and the size is pretty small. But my sound files seem to be a bit bigger (images will be posted to show difference.) Picture with difference is here: I was wondering if anyone could help me with this task
  12. thank god for that eh? i just get a rocket launcher or SSG and nail em
  13. ah never knew that thanks lol
  14. in one of the old versions of doom 2. there was a bug where if you killed an enemy while the arch vile was still in the process of reviving it. it would become a ghost enemy and would be invulnerable and still be able to do damage to you (happened to me when i tried killing a demon while he was reviving it)
  15. blue armour is best waited till you are around 50% before you get green armour as you still get more protection (i believe 70% or so) while green offers around 50% or less