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  1. http://clonereviews.blogspot.com/

    Little while ago I started a blog for use in reviewing random shit more or less for writing practice. I decided that I'd share it here just to spread it around. I actually haven't done a lot with it recently, but time is hard to come by. It's sorta of an experiment and writing practice.

    I like writing, and movies, and the other stuff on the tabs, so I figured I'd put it all together for a while. There's really only one actual review currently that's basically about the recent Great Gatsby soundtrack and how that while it sounds good by itself, it didn't belong in the movie.

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    2. Armaetus


      Carnivores is pretty bad based on your LP videos. Boring and short level design, blurry textures, crappy AI, no manual save, below average gun design, etc.

    3. geo


      There's nothing wrong with your review site, you just need to keep adding more and more content. Even with a lot of content, its tough to get noticed. Pretty much just write for yourself like a journal or whatever, but keep going. In the short term, review stuff for Doomers like FPS or even Doom wads just for content. That way Doomers will head there and you'll have an audience. You can still post any review you want of course, but well Doom site visitors like Doom stuff and FPS and old school FPS :-)

      As for Carnivore, reading up on the developer they've made a ton of 'hunter' games. By a ton I mean 2 dozen and they're most known for their deer hunter games. Ha and Duke Nukem expansion packs.

      Wow there were a lot of Compies. Too many compies that pose no threat. I'm shocked you had to rescue 2 survivors and they couldn't just walk out using a pipe as a weapon. I'm looking up enemies now... looks like only 5 enemy types. Oye. I hope that isn't accurate.

      Its difficult to make a FPS against just dinosaurs. That's why even Aliens games tend to spice things up with Preditors or Soldiers. Perhaps make the player character an escape prisoner on a dino planet with the space cops after you. That idea might taint the purity of shooting dinosaurs.

      The game could at least take the damn gun away from the player some of the time. Limited ammo or something. Kind of like you have the advantage some of the time and other times the dinos have the advantage. Perhaps put them into their environments. Long paths you can't outrun the dinosaurs. Tall grasses they can use stealth. Cliffs they can pounce on you.

      The grenades at least need to blow up the compies if not send them flying. The grenades send them into the same canned death animation.

      Holy shit that 2nd level was short. So was the 3rd level. Really short. Like joke short. Having the whole 'info screen level start' is a problem. Couldn't they have just as easily had had a path to the next level?

      For a game subtitled Cityscape I expected more city less steel corridors. Ha no flashlight either? Wow. Those are some narrow corridors. The game's logic seems to be harder = more enemies.

      To think Carnivores Cityscape came out the same year Morrowind did. In a way that means this game could have been a massive dinosaur island where you upgrade shotgun skills, get armor and that sort of stuff. Giant predators on the inner ring of the island with herbivores and resources on the outer edge. Raptors could be in buildings. Groups of survivors could want you dead for your stuff or food. You could have sniper rifled pterodactyls and T-rex while hanging out in trees. But I guess the real idea of this was a cash in.

    4. Clonehunter


      I actually haven't mentioned this in a video yet, but the extra sad thing is, is that the dinosaurs were all designed by one my favorite paleo artists of all time, Luis V. Rey.

      I hope to get a video of a city level up soon, because those are marginally better.

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