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  1. http://clonereviews.blogspot.com/

    Little while ago I started a blog for use in reviewing random shit more or less for writing practice. I decided that I'd share it here just to spread it around. I actually haven't done a lot with it recently, but time is hard to come by. It's sorta of an experiment and writing practice.

    I like writing, and movies, and the other stuff on the tabs, so I figured I'd put it all together for a while. There's really only one actual review currently that's basically about the recent Great Gatsby soundtrack and how that while it sounds good by itself, it didn't belong in the movie.

    1. Coopersville


      Heh, Carnivores. I remember that.

      What do ya' think of mine?

    2. Clonehunter


      Well, you are able to review modern games it looks like.

      Also, is that a quote meant to be from Hobo With a Shotgun? If not (as I'm sure it's old as hell), I sure read it that way, heh. That, and the icon looks like the Silent Night: Deadly Night guy.

      Otherwise looks, nice, and appears to have been in business longer. Hope it keeps going well for you! How often is new content posted? Looks like nothing that recently.

      edit: oh, I was only looking at reviews

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