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  1. Seriously, I'm no good. I mean, HTML? Divs? Floating? Sure. Styles? Classes? Sure. JavaScript? JQuery? Booleans? Fuck that shit. Mixed with terrible procrastination, I have a few hours to just finish Frankensteining a Hangman game that won't work, and then probably present it t the class and feel awful about how shitty it is, how little original code exists, and how it's two totally different tutorials mixed together in a nonsensical fashion. Maybe I can find a way to do better with the Final Project, but I think I'm completely screwed. At least the other classes in the program are interesting and more grabby. Maybe I just need to take the course again, I mean, unlike more than half the class I didn't drop it despite sucking at it, so I might as well take what I can, and try again using what little I managed to learn the first time around. And if by miracle I "pass" anyways it's on to PHP, which I hear is even harder.

    I'm pretty much just ranting before going to bed and submitting the awful project. Felt I just needed to clear my head before going to bed with some good porn maybe. Nearly considered wasting more time in writing this all backwards like the post title, because I was damn tempted. I dunno, I figured a rant somewhere would clear my head, if only a little.