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  1. http://www.ponychan.net/chan/g/res/129553.html

    So, on this chan here I sorta treat Doom as a running joke, more or less putting it an an altar like God and praising it for a bunch of shit. I mean, it's basically for the lolz, though everyone pretty much knows this. Anyways, trying to be sentimental anyways and spreading the word of Doom like a prophet from Hell, I wrote a sorta half assed yet kinda serious write up on 20 years of a single game. Quality can be surmised by the reader.

    For anyone scared by the term "pony" in the url, here's just the copy paste, though it the writing was sorta directed at the site itself. Shouldn't we all have our Doom memoir? :P

    Otherwise, yes. Yes, I was totally bored in class and that was my actual motivation.


    More of an announcement as opposed to anything else, it is in fact that time of yer again where a bunch of old farts on selective forums garner around and begin the annual jaded round-table discussion of the birthday of DooM, regarded as one of the more influential video games created.

    Today is different though, sorta, in that it's DooM's 20th Anniversary. A lot of stuff celebrates 20ths, 30ths, and so on. Anything lower doesn't seem important enough. But 20 is a good number of years around, especially since that DooM still catch a bit of the limelight once in a while, despite being 20 years old now. Only recently did Brutal Doom (A mod for the game) make waves on the video game websites, and only recently has DooM's father, Wolfenstein, been making its own comeback tour. John Carmack resigned at iD Software, Doom 4 is still in development Hell, and Bethesda celebrates by offering us a new T-shirt to buy.

    At least Carmack and John Romero (Big names for the game fyi, and the industry as a whole) offered some insightful interviews and large collections of Behind the Scenes Photographs, and Romero has either finished or is still playing a Live play through of the game with members of IGN.

    Why does it seem important? Why is this 20 year old game still beating on and continuing to fight while the industry moves on? Why the hell are most of you still clinging to cartoon ponies?

    Doom revitalized a genre (Note that it didn't create one, however), one still thriving today. Without it, we wouldn't have had Quake, which led to Half Life or Quake III. Without Half-Life, Valve may of not of been what it is today, and Quake III's engine still wouldn't be empowering the latest Call of Duty overload. Sure, we may have seen this all eventually with or without, but it came out at the time, and we have everything we have now because at least shit got jumpstarted somewhere. Granted, regardless, we probably still wouldn't have Half Life 3. On the bright side, maybe we could've avoided Duke Nukem Forever, too. Or at least post-poned it for another 15 years.

    Say what you want about old games being drek, pointless, useless, or whatever, it's still around despite any negative criticism and regardless of how many kids died at Columbine thanks to a video game (Allegedly; remember that Lieberman was retarded), and it has stood the test of time, despite the bro gamers and 12 yr olds on TF2 and CoD.

    It's still living, still beating on, still cranking out mod after mod (And the annual Cacowards, awards for Doom modding!), and above all, it doesn't care. It's still living, and that's all that matters. Who knows, maybe this pony trend and cons and the art may last 20 years too. Maybe it won't, but who can tell? Games have come and gone by the dozens, and only a few have had lasting impact. DooM is definitely one those games, along with others before and after it that managed to leave their name somewhere. It's still active as hell, even outliving its children, like Quake. Even the CoD games, which had a massive mod community for years, has fallen out flavor. Did people grow tired? Or were things getting to complex? Half Life, L4D, and other Valve titles seem to be strong still, so there's that. But Valve seemed to know what to do, and when to do it, like DooM actually.

    I dunno, maybe this is all rambling without a point. Just a thread for memorium.

    Happy Birthday Doom.