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  1. So I needed to restart my computer earlier and when I came back on, a folder hidden deep under other folders containing a Doom project that I hoped to be my first official foray into mapping was completely demolished. I mean, what are the fucking odds some updates installed during the restart process, updates I didn't even know would take place as it never mentioned updates before the restart, would go and kill my project folder, arguably my most important folder, and not some image folder elsewhere. Why not my screencaps? Why not a folder full of word docs? Why not my porn? But my fuckin' Doom wads?

    I'm honestly not even gonna restart, simply out of frustration. I've tried to use some recovery software, but it doesn't find the files I'm looking for, only pulling up other useless junk like temp files. The folder still exists, but it's empty and it acts likes there was nothing there, ever. Cleanly wiped. I'm pissed as hell, as there seems to be nothing I can do.

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    2. Phml


      That sucks. :/

      It probably won't do you a whole lot of good right now, but when people lose their stuff, especially at the beginning, the rebuilding process tends to be much faster, and often with a better result. You've lost files, but not the skills you've built.

    3. traversd


      I think most of us have all lost something in progress at some point so using a cloud service like Dropbox (even the free 2gb version) is great I find.

      I have all my mapping stuff in a Dropbox\Mapping folder so it is saved online and can be picked up between our desktop computer and my laptop. I also have the following batch file to make numbered backups of .BAK files created by Slade. Its probably pretty stupid code but gets the job done :o)


    4. Clonehunter


      Hmm, DropBox might be a good option. I haven't used it much before, or at least not as a root for Doom files. Hopefully I'll get back and try this thing again though.