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  1. ...With a new (Generic run of the mill) Let's Play youtube channel. Videos are more for walkthrough purposes (Or video right now), so there isn't much for commentary. I didn't just want to ramble, so I opted for silence.

    Give it a peek or two!


    Decided to break away from other actual YT account in order to have a little more focus. Chaser might be a generic starting choice, but I like it, and need to finish it.

    1. Clonehunter


      Have a second episode:


      And a Tumblr:


      Actual videos are weekly, and the the tumble explains a second kind of video coming soon. I'm just messin' around here, but it's fun.

    2. Clonehunter


      I'm not gonna make a post for every new video, but this is the first Bite. These are basicaly me trying to play Multiplayer in different games. This video is Quake Live.