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  1. Or maybe just arrogant, or lazy, or just very unwilling. I was signing up for a Graphic Design program at my Tech College, and I needed to go through an evaluation session first. There were a number of dates available, but now I waited too long because the dates, at the time, were too far off and I wasn't sure how I should schedule them. I can call, but it may be too late, and I'll have to wait another I think. God, I'm always some lazy idiot in these cases, and this really blows. Fuckin' A. /rant

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      Professional Crastinator ™

    3. Use


      If it was your own money on the line then yes, you may be stupid. But if it was your folks money you just pissed away, that makes you an immature ingrate. Either way you should take school more seriously. At least call and show some minute initiative.

    4. Clonehunter


      No, I'm definitely going to call. It's too bad as I was doing somewhat well in these classes (well, except Math geneds or PHP coding, but those are past now).