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  1. I found a place where the legendary comic was uploaded too. As I lamely shill my half-assed and unfinished cyber-noir novel and try to better myself as an author of exquisitely written tales of mystique and intrigue, I've decided to give this thing a run too look for advice on what not to ever do (And because some other guys and I started reading the mess in another chatroom). It's also a decent laugh as I restrain from pounding my head in with a hammer at how nonsensical it all is.

    I've read the "First Issue" already, and I'll probably come back to detail that experience later.

    My mind may melt, and I may never be the same.

    This is my spirit journey. This is my calling.

    I am Brave.

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    2. Clonehunter


      Sodaholic said:

      I wish he'd continue the comic, even though he finally figured out that everyone was making fun of it. In a way, he should be happy that people got a sense of enjoyment out of the comic, even if far from how he intended it to be enjoyed.

      True, because in a way his comic was successful, just not how he wanted it to be. That's why it's a somewhat decent comparison to The Room. Tommy Weezaw never set out to make a bad movie, and I don't think Chris ever meant Sonich to be a bad product. Both products are just so blisteringly incompetent and clueless.

      However, as I mentioned earlier, The Room I find somewhat inspiring as Wizow managed to dumbfound people by actually releasing his film, and then he went along and accepted the reason why people loved it so much. In the end he got what he wanted, a famous Hollywood movie, and went on.

      Chris however couldn't take the criticism and didn't like people making fun of it. Instead of opening up he shut down and lashed out, turning himself into one of those bitter creators who can't take people mangling their "art." He then goes on to blame his mental diagnosis, although really it's just him and his apparent ego. It only achieved further enemies and threw him into the sad state he's in.

    3. Blastfrog


      It's spelled Wiseau.

      Also, his dad was a bigot and didn't raise him right at all. Same applies to his mom, probably more so.

      And I feel very bad for Chris and consider him somewhat innocent despite his poor behavior; it's largely his parents' fault for instilling bad values. I feel that most people feel the same way about him. If Chris would accept his internet clown status and embrace it, I feel he might be happier. Still, he's quite set in his ways.

    4. Clonehunter


      I know how it's spelled, but the real fun is pronouncing it (Seeing that I've heard him say it different ways).

      I didn't know Chris' dad was any sort of foul. I never saw his videos, though, so who knows. I always figured it was mainly his mom who acted as his source of... Uh, inspiration? But I suppose it could just land on the parents. Eh, who knows. Maybe he has some time ahead of him to get better somehow.