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  1. Clonehunter

    Best Spider-Man theme song

    Raimi trilogy had an excellent score in general.
  2. Clonehunter

    What is the first fps game you have played?

    Dark Forces II, I think.
  3. Clonehunter

    Is Marathon Trilogy worth playing today?

    I never liked them, but they're important to the history of the genre, so give 'em a go.
  4. Clonehunter

    The classic Multiplayer is missing from Doom Eternal.

    The skins and stuff in D16 were cool, but I thought the entire customization thing was gutted by the whole "red vs blue" team play and the lack of a normal FFA, where distinguishable color schemes and armor patterns would have actually made sense. Snap map MP allowed for that, but the customization was separate and didn't carry over. Also that customizations reset they introduced after a while was a joke, too (I didn't read the prompt too closely when it gave me the option to reset, so now I'm just kinda sour on it). Not that it mattered, since I think in the FFA you were still red or blue, with your custom colors only appearing in those win screens.
  5. Clonehunter

    Doom: Annihilation update

    Saw it. Was mostly pretty stupid, with embarrassing production values. But the constant on the nose video game and Doom lore references were bit of a hoot. As it was written by its director, I think it may be fair to say that Tony Giglio is in fact a fan of Doom and was trying to put together something fun and in the style of the games. He's not a great director, but I feel that if he had a bigger budget he may have tried to do even more, and given the cliff hangar ending, maybe he's hoping to churn out sequels like the Death Race movies. We got BFG killing stuff, chainsaws, colored key cards, the hilariously named Captain Savage carrying an antique, exposed hammer 12 Ga. double barrel, characters named John Carmack, William Blaskowicz, and Sandy Peterson, etc.... I know the first movie had some similar references, but the Dr. Carmack and the Dr. Willits in that didn't feel quite as on the nose as these, probably because they had different first names. None of the characters really stood out in any way save for like a defining quirk, save for maybe Dr. Betruger, with actor Dominic Mafham having a pretty decent performance. The characters from the first Doom movie may have been cardboard cutouts of your Aliens-style grunts, but I still remember their names and minor character arcs. No one had that much of a defining character arc, not even Joan Dark I felt, although they at least tried to give her some depth and something that resembled a story arc, but I don't feel that it was particularly strong. The acting was never very strong either for the most part, save maybe for the Captain Savage, Bennet (the boy friend), and the aforementioned Mafham as Betruger. The first movie certainly had better actors, infamous Karl Urban/Rosamund Pike scene and Dwayne Johnson's incredibly forced swearing notwithstanding. Imp monster designs were alright, though the effort that it took to kill them seemed a bit ridiculous, but I suppose it's because it's the only demon monster in the movie aside from zombies. As such, they do come off as menacing when they appear, and characters that can die at any moment sort of keeps you on your feet, even if you can't surrender a real care about any one of them. But, with that said, this movie had shootouts throughout, fun references, actual demons and something that looked like Hell (although it looked ridiculously silly and fake, with the sudden change in Imp design being really jarring. Also that horrible looking shaky head cam for that one shot), so in a lot of ways the movie certainly was doing what it could to make up for the sins of the father. I think what needed to happen was to have this story be the one we got in 2005, with the 2005's production and cast being combined with it. The "future" guns looked even sillier and more awkward than the guns in the previous movie (See the gun that the linguist marine carries. Like, damn, does it look awkward and cumbersome). The eBay sourced airsoft military costumes in particular were hilariously awful and cheap looking. Overall I'll give it a 5/10, which for me means enjoyable enough and featuring some objectively good aspects and technical bits, but also still more or less a bad movie overall. Pure Direct to Video trash, but better than most of that trash, no doubt.
  6. Clonehunter

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    That would probably explain why I never saw him. Killed the Spider, heard the Cyber, and just started running around in the dark. Never saw him (And then accidentally walked into what turned out to be the exit portal).
  7. Clonehunter

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Got the big box namely because the artwork and the Romero head were too good to pass up. Overall I'd give it a 7/10, I think. I liked the mix between detail and the lack of overt details like the original Doom. John seems to have an eye for making stuff look red and evil in all the right ways. The big light up pentagrams and the lightning cracks in the sky on levels like E5M5 were great atmospheric touches. I actually thought the gameplay (On UV) was pretty interesting. There does seem to be a lack of ammo in some cases, but at the same time I never really ran out of ammo to the point I had to run or improvise. Like, I was always on the edge, but there was just enough given back to get through. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but I liked it. I didn't go for 100% completion stats since for a first run through I really don't think that's important in the slightest. There were a couple of hiccup spots: Health was sparse, and a lot of things seemed trial and error. E5M6 or 7, I forget, with the two Barons behind the door was fuckin' pitiful. Especially since you get put through the strainer right before that. Killing them was easy enough afterwards, but the afaik inescapable lava pit around those thin as hell stairs was mind-grating. Just awful, really. E5M5 was annoying. After a couple of tries I was able to get to the telefragging part with a pretty good bit of health, but the fact you can't move right away after teleporting onto the Cyberdemons was very annoying, given how you got thrown onto a damage sector. If the Cyberdemons were gonna be confined to small invisible wall rooms so you could telefrag them, I feel like they should have been on small platforms or something. A lot of Cacodemons. I understand the reasoning of this level set being for Ultimate Doom, being a fifth episode, and why it's set in Hell, and oddly enough...I think the limited Doom 1 bestiary is actually more diverse than I thought. A lot of neat encounters and monster combinations, I didn't feel like the lack of Doom 2 monsters hurt it in anyway, and actually felt refreshing. Some areas were a bit dark (Nowhere near as dark as Gman put it, something must have been up with his monitor or game settings), but I felt like there was a good use of spectres here. Annoying, yes, but satisfying to kill them. The music...Oh man, the music. Fuckin' knocked it out of the park. No reason to say more. I played with the version that had the non-midi versions of the music, and it was atmospheric as hell, and really fit with the levels. The midi versions, which I listened to later, were good too. Great music. Buckethead is awesome. I also liked the new menu pics, and the artwork for the whole package is phenomal and fitting of the whole "This level pack is fuckin' evil" theme they were all going for. So, yah, about 7/10 for the level pack in all. Pretty fun, some really grating parts I felt were a bit poorly executed as far as being a challenge is concerned, and great set-pieces throughout. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
  8. Clonehunter

    Retro FPS - What would you want in it

    Guns and things to shoot at with them with some psychedelic maps that vaguely look like possible locations but are more built around gameplay than looking like real places. I guess.
  9. Clonehunter

    Why did D'sparil build his fortresses underwater?

    He was a fan of that Jonas Brothers song from 2008ish.
  10. Clonehunter

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    I doubt it will be revealed until after release, though I'm not sure if that's how it normally goes. I'm guessing the budget assumptions come from the fact that's it's Direct-to-video, which are usually seen as low-budget (Even if they always aren't).
  11. Made? Like completed? Maybe six or eight. Released? None from what I remember. Nothing official that wasn't a beta or "Someone play this and tell me what you think" type gunk from 2010. Wish I had, though. Someday, maybe. Someday.
  12. Clonehunter

    DOOM: Annihilation - the new Doom movie

    I generally like to reserve judgement for movies that are just trailers. Given all the OP behind the scenes stuff, cast and crew do look excited to be in on the project, and I usually take that as a good thing. The director's track record is...well, not good. But that doesn't necessarily mean much, cuz y'never know. Some of the props look alright. The dressed up AR in the OP post has a neat Quake II vibe too it (Actually, most of it too me had a Quake vibe too it). But man, that teaser. Everything from line delivery to the lighting. Sure, a lot of it might not be final, but I can't say it looks promising. Will I watch it and likely buy it regardless? Yah, probably. The last time I saw a franchise movie with the subtitle "Annihilation" I thought it was beyond terrible. But hey, that doesn't mean anything either.
  13. Clonehunter

    Sooo... Nostalgia Critic's "review" of the Doom movie.

    I didn't care much for the review itself given a few factually incorrect bits, willful ignorance of plot points, and some bad jokes...but I can't say I disliked it enough to make a raging hate boner thread about Doug himself. It's a scripted comedy series that occasionally makes good points, but with over a hundred episodes under his team's belt, not everything is gonna be a hit. It's not like the movie was that great to begin with, and as such, past a few things here and there this isn't really a movie worth defending to the bone. This whole thread seems pointlessly mean and childish. Mind you, this is coming from someone who didn't hate the film, either. Hahaaa oh geez, what?
  14. Yah but the "CoD sux haha all of 'em rite??///" bandwagon is very easy to jump onto. Objective thoughts, criticisms, and praises take time and effort y'know.
  15. Clonehunter

    Most recent movie you saw

    Solo It was okay, I enjoyed most of it. Wasn't like, great or stand out in anyway, which is pretty much how I expected it. Despite all the hype/controversy around Alden's casting, I actually had more of an issue with Woody Harrelson, whose delivery was rather flat at times. Glover encapsulated Lando Calrissian, though. Perhaps not as sauve as Billy Dee, but he was on his way there. Film overall reminded me of the 1980s and 1990s Han Solo novels by Crispin and Daly. Probably because the film made use of some those books' Han backstories. Couple weird technical things too, like the lighting was really flat or dull or just done really poorly at times, which is something I've noticed in other Ron Howard directed films. I'm not sure what scenes were his and what was heldover from Lord/Miller.