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Fluffy Tedster

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  1. Fluffy Tedster

    I want to set up a zdaemon server - need help!

    I use that ancient old fart DOS quite alot considering im an old fashioned boy who plays ancient games alot *8-> Some of the batch files ive created are gloriously complex. Matt u ol fossil, aint seen u in a while do u play on zdaemon now? His Flufiness the Tedster.
  2. Fluffy Tedster

    Anyone know where i can get a full md2 model pack for legacy gldoom?

    Thanks rellik u ol tart ;-)
  3. Fluffy Tedster

    Anyone know where i can get a full md2 model pack for legacy gldoom?

    oh right ok. Will it be doing soon?
  4. Where can i get a full md2 model pack for gldoom legacy? Thats the sky,monsters,objects,everything. Help appreciated. A link would be great. His Flufiness the Tedster.
  5. Fluffy Tedster

    zdaemon problems galore

    going to settings and wad directories setup in zdaemon, my path reads C:\program files\doom ii for windows 95\ is that ok?
  6. Fluffy Tedster

    IDE 3.5 released

    matt yu ol tart aint seen u in a while where u bin hidin? Im on csdoom or zdamon lop old skool server alot. Sorry for the off topic post :)
  7. Fluffy Tedster

    zdaemon problems galore

    yep its that size. What now?
  8. Fluffy Tedster

    zdaemon problems galore

    OK, every server i go into, except for the old school LOP server, is seriously pissed up. What i mean is, every server running a WAD such as d5 or whatever, leaves me with a messed up screen,if not that, then i can walk thru walls and stuff and its horendously lagged,if not that, then itll be on map 30 or some shit of original doom when the server is running a d5 wad.Also every server, except for old school lop, is appalingly lagged up(but i register 170 ping when it feels more like 600) The plasma is horribly stuttery, there can be 1 second OR MORE fire delay on some servers. The list is endless. What is going on?!?? I know im in UK and most servers are US based, but with old zdaemon, i had no problems at all. Could anyone please tell me what the hell is wrong with it, i find it bizarre that there are so mny errors, surely it cant be bugged up so much. Help please. His Flufiness, the Tedster.
  9. Fluffy Tedster


    Im a die hard keyboardist, and im pretty good, i can easy win a game with a whole load of mousers. Still use old school keys too, dont like mouse control in doom, never have.
  10. Fluffy Tedster

    When is zdoom 2.0 released?

    Oh ok then. And for your information ultra, im not a fucking newbie
  11. Fluffy Tedster

    When is zdoom 2.0 released?

    So when is zdoom 2.0 released? Ive heard biffy mention it.Let me know biffster or anyone else. Oh yeh, ho ho fluffy Christmas and all that. Hmm, im off to devour my 10th pot of honey!
  12. Fluffy Tedster

    Your opinion on ZDaemon 1.02

    Well if it wasnt so god damn laggy! EVERY server is lagged up baaaaaaad. Get it fcking sorted. Im in UK, but even so, on old zdaemon i had no lag. The pings shown are bollocks, i ping as 170 and it feels like im pinging 400 plus, and the plasma is stuttery and lagged up with a second or so fire delay. The damage inflicted on you doesnt seem as it did before, yu seem to take more damage easily. Some players move so fast they pop up from nowhere in front of you when they were miles behind. Its pissed up in my opinion. Get it bloody sorted. And before anyone says, its not my connection, cause on old zdaemon my games were smooth as a babys bum with no lag/slowdown.Go back to CSdoom and i get a decent game. Anyone else having error message trying to run old zdaemon? Or is that cos servers only supporting the new version? So, for me, zdaemon 1.2 disappointing so far. Get the abysmally lagged up servers sorted, then ill be happy. And some UK servers would be appreciated.
  13. Fluffy Tedster

    Playing doom online. is it fun?

    Course its bloody fun. Jeez what a stupid question. It gets this teddy all fuzzy and excited. Fun? Mate, just get yur ass in front of yur pc and enjoy the sexiness of doom. Tedster rocks Tedsville!
  14. Fluffy Tedster

    Dont tell me csdoom is down again...

    Umm, insomniac us UK doomers who ping like 370-400 plus on zdaemon NEED csdoom if we want a low pinging 171 game. So yeh, us Uk doomers, like matt and me, need csdoom to be alive and kicking.
  15. Fluffy Tedster

    Hexen/heretic DM+coop levels

    So insomniac whats the date for the release of this zdaemon with support for hexen and heretic?