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  1. Thanks for the tips. I practiced SR40 on the first lvl of a new wad called Tyrant and was rewarded with my first successful jump over to an otherwise unattainable ledge... and a secret area that yielded a rocket launcher :D
  2. I've been playing Doom semi-regularly ever since its shareware days but only learned this month about straferunning. I always wondered how the fuck certain gaps in certain wads could be jumped. They seemed near-impossible (Water Spirit, I'm looking at you, junior!) then learned that straferunning increases your jumping distance by about 20%. Now if I could only learn how to do it with any semblance of effectiveness. I need to create some kind of macro so I can attain the highest level of that trick. Pressing 3-4 different keys at exactly the precise moment seems too hardcore and out there for me. Is there a Gzdoom mod or setting that allows this jumping distance by default? I know PrBoom+ has this setting, but once you go gzdoom you never go back to boom, unless you have to.
  3. I think I'll just wait for Delta Touch with the newer GZdoom builds and bug fixes.
  4. Though it was criticized by some for its reserved, unimaginative level design, I'd like to see a sequel to Sapphire Orbital Research. It's one of the best times i ever had playing a pwad, and it was so good looking that I'd make mad, passionate love to it.
  5. Hahaha. That's cute... and colorful :D It's like a night out at the local doomgayguy disco... it's, like... a rainbow! <insert old psychedelic Rolling Stones song here> We need to get more chicks in these wads lest all the other modding communities think we're really all a bunch of rainbow joyboys but with big bad guns. (official and mandatory disclaimer: not that there's anything wrong with that) lol. Now I've got to go and download this for my collection :D
  6. Ah, I thought there might have been some kind of software-based triac going on with the music beats and light show where it pulses to the sound no matter what song you played. But I guess it's safe to assume that this is beyond the capabilities of the otherwise miraculous and God-like doom engine. Thanks for clearing that up. Unfortunately, I'm sure I have no talent for wad-building and if I submitted something I fear y'all might lobby to bring back the Cacoaward for Worst Wad of the Year just for me ;)
  7. I would love to play community-created wads on my android device, but I wonder if I could ever get used to the touchscreen controls. I'm thinking some type of sensitive dual-stick emulation would be best for this. Maybe someone has come up with a touch screen control scheme that really is effective. My device is an Asus ZenPad 3S 6-core 10" tablet so hopefully it's got the juice to do some serious slaughter mappage. I'd happily pay for something like this when it hits the playstores. I bought Magic DOSBOX and that DS emulator not too long ago and don't regret it at all. Would love to have a quality gzdoom port for android.
  8. I think that's a good idea. The option to replace the music with your own. You could probably do it on your own with slade for personal use. I'd like to see some kind of followup to this or revision, or perhaps others taking Dragonfly's cue and creating a similar wad, where the pulsing-to-the-beat visual aspects are placed even more in the foreground. It's a gimmick, for sure, but it's a cool gimmick.
  9. I wanted to play this on the latest GZdoom 3.1.0 x64 with the new 32-bit true color software rendering mode to appreciate its bright, cheery world more but it crashes to desktop way too often in that mode. I even tried the latest gzdoom developer's builds as recommended by the author. Same result. I'm using the latest Even More Definitive Edition 1.4. Otherwise it's a very unique, unusual and compelling wad.
  10. The archies. No question about it. I even started a topic about it on Doomworld about 5 years ago.
  11. Since Magic Dosbox (an otherwise great android-based DosBox emulator) runs doom engine games like ass, even on a powerful phone or tablet, I'm hoping this Delta Touch is a good, fast app. I only wish the control scheme for First Person Shooters on phones and tablets wasn't abysmal compared to mouse/keyboard. You probably definitely don't want to be playing slaughtermaps on android.
  12. Speaking of saved games, I noticed that GZDoom (v3.1.0a) still leaves a bunch of zds files in my main gzdoom directory when loading individual config files from another folder even though I have assigned a main saved games subdirectory in the inis. It feels a bit redundant and since I like to keep my folders neat and organized, how can I prevent it from doing this?
  13. I can't remember. I was playing an old Doom (1) four (three?) episode replacement called Vengence and by the time I was into the 2nd or 3rd map of Ep2, I had already found myself in small rooms, no monsters, perhaps with a gun or ammo you could collect, where the door closed behind me and there was no exit. I don't know if its bugged, bad lvl design or something the author intended as just another trap that forces you to reload. It annoyed the fuck out of me. I don't remember if Id ever did this. I think there should always be a way out even you have to search for it. Here it just seemed pointless. I stopped playing the wad right after the second time it happened.
  14. That was the problem! Thank you! Really love the new true color software renderer, it looks great and is blazing fast, and this fix makes it pretty much the perfect choice for software mode doomheads ;) Thanks again.