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  1. valhallaist

    Pet peeves in level design

    For damage floors, nukeage and lava should ALWAYS hurt, with no exceptions. I agree that blood floors should be consistent within a WAD as well as a megawad as to whether or not it takes damage. I usually make blood hurt, but I'm always a bit undecided about it. After all it's just blood, why should it even hurt? I guess ultimately it's because I love blood rivers as an atmospheric detail, but want to give it more personality by letting it play an active role. In one of my maps I made a puddle of water hurt, even though water didn't hurt in other areas of the map. This particular puddle leaks down from the ceiling and falls across a computer console before collecting on the floor. It's meant to be electrified water, lol.
  2. valhallaist

    Pet peeves in level design

    The torches fit in with hell's more primitive atmosphere. And personally, I always liked the contrast between the high-tech base levels and the more fantasy-based hell. Permit me to disagree.
  3. valhallaist

    if DOOM were base/tech/city/space only

    Hell added an extra dimension (pun intended) and creativity into the game. Without it, the game would be just another space marines vs aliens shooter. Hell is the creative element, and hell textures are the ones you can really be inventive with. Without it, the game would be bland.
  4. valhallaist

    Pet peeves in level design

    I personally love firewall myself. It's a great hellish texture plus gives you an excuse to add lighting. Bricklit is another one, but only if you like sandy brown textures (I certainly don't). The original Doom textures simply doesn't have good enough wall and ceiling light textures. Maybe the zdoom textures have some better ones.
  5. valhallaist

    Pet peeves in level design

    Cyber enhancements are one thing, but I can't think of a reason why demons would need electric lights at home. The enemies in Doom have always been able to attack you accurately in total darkness. Besides, it would totally mess with the decor, man. But OK, it may be possible to have electric lights in hell. The only trouble is, all the light bulb textures in doom are a little too ordinary looking. They just stick out too much to me, like pink curtains and a flowerpot at a jail cell window. If there are light bulbs in hell, it should be more aesthetically hellish. Remember, hell in Doom is a dark, twisted, surreal and alien dimension. The biggest issue is that I just can't think of a way to make electric lights look anything but ordinary.
  6. valhallaist

    Pet peeves in level design

    Torches are not "satisfying" for hellish designs......but tech base electric light bulbs are? Each to his own, I suppose.
  7. valhallaist

    Pet peeves in level design

    Tech base textures in hell. Consider E3M4: --------------- I especially hate electrical light bulbs in hell: ----------------- I understand that they were kind of going for hell mixed into base, but we had E2 for that. I think E3 should have been completely in hell.
  8. valhallaist

    Mapping block/procrastination

    Forget it. It takes weeks of blood, sweat and tears to make a map, only to have sneery, sarcastic reviews on newstuff chronicles and comments. :(
  9. valhallaist

    How do you make the perfect Hellish map?

    I on the other hand can't get enough of rockred and marbles. I think they, along with the other textures I've mentioned, are simply amazing at creating superb hellish atmosphere. I actually like the old fashioned fire and brimstone vision of hell. Also, the marble cathedrals make me think of the old European paintings of hell, which is I think what the original creators were going for. It may not be the most original, but I think it's the most effective. I like the strange architecture of the screencaps you've posted. I totally agree about the strangeness factor. I personally never use those textures for two reasons: A. I really hate the brown textures in Doom. Some people like them but I find them bland when used too much, and its overuse in Doom 2 put me off them even more. I especially don't see brown when it comes to hell. Also, for some reason I hate wooden textures in hell. I think hell should be rock, marble and metal. I only tolerate wood for the door textures, but each to his own. B. The lighting ceiling textures. It drives me crazy when I see electric lights in hell. I agree with your statement that hell should have some tech elements, but I think that texture is a little too "normal" looking to be in hell. I think tech elements in hell should be more twisted and foreboding. I think black metal textures such as Metal or Support3 are great for evil looking metallic architecture in hell. I personally limit the "tech" element in hell by making elevators with support3 textures. I wouldn't mind if the tech elements were taken further, though I do still prefer my medieval-lookig hell. Yeah, you'll find that I was being figurative with that word :) Thankfully, hell in Doom at least is free of pretentious pseudo-philosophy.
  10. Just looking for advice on the visual styles and gimmicks that can be used to make a great, atmospheric and scary hellish environment. Hell is my favourite type of map. In the maps that I've made I've tried to use various gimmicks that are sort of hit and miss. I truly envy massively immersive hell environments such as the ones in Deus Vult, Threshold Of Pain and many others. My favourite textures to use are rockred, snake, sp_hot and the marbles. I generally use rockred with one of the rrock textures, sp hot with floor6_1 and snake textures with skin2. My marble textures often come with streams of blood. So far I've totally failed to utilize the zdoom textures, but when I learn to do so I'm sure I'll have have many other favourites. I try to base my hells more directly from the religious texts. So basically it's a place where people are getting punished. I find the corpse textures very useful for simulating the look of tortured souls: I try to give my hell maps a certain "roundness". I remember listening to Guillermo del Torro's commentary for Hellboy: The Golden Army. He was talking about how he based the structures of the non-magical world in blues and straight lines, while the magical world was round with brown and red. I kind of used that inspiration for this map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amFspvUmng0 - I tried to give the blue base levels more straight lines while putting in circular pits in red hell. Some other examples: Hell should have a certain amount of "weirdness". I'm still struggling to utilize this. Here's my attempt at making weird structures: Finally, dark areas with glowing floors seem to work well: Show your own methods! Share your ideas on creating a hell that would make even Baphomet blush!
  11. valhallaist

    High resolution sprites

    Not bad at all, actually! Though something should probably be done to make their feet appear to be on the floor. Right now it looks like they're floating. This goes to show how sprites can still more real looking that their polygon counterparts.
  12. valhallaist

    More mspaint Doom art

    It's based on the "Hell Keep" level in Inferno as it appears on the map screen.
  13. valhallaist

    More mspaint Doom art

    Are those the demonic spirits of Bratz?
  14. valhallaist

    More mspaint Doom art

    It's Doomguy's plasma rifle :)
  15. valhallaist

    More mspaint Doom art

    Oh be nice, it's exploitation art :D http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2015/028/5/b/doom__reign_in_hell_by_starmansurfer-d8flolt.png http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2015/024/7/a/doom__join_the_marines__by_starmansurfer-d8f7jia.png http://www.deviantart.com/download/489055624/doom__someone_will_pay__by_starmansurfer-d8365qg.png?token=ca3072bb8305758fc68caafd3c44e0450c17b1dc&ts=1424127971 http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/185/6/e/doom__hell_keep_by_starmansurfer-d55y4ah.jpg