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  1. SmiteMeister

    Ultimate Doom E1M4 Speedruns

    I wasn't implying that anyone was cheating, nor was I aware that it was not a TAS. I didn't say it was not 'legit'. Didn't mean for you to misunderstand. I'm not here to discredit anyone. I'm here because Doom is fun. Also: I have to reupload these (no text file description this time). I accidentally deleted my web directories tonight :/ an unfortunate mistake. Luckily (and I say that with chagrin), only my doom page was lost.... it's the same couple demos... e1m4 demos.zip
  2. SmiteMeister

    Ultimate Doom E1M4 Speedruns

    oh, wow. that's not a bad start. I think the lowest time I've gotten is 15 or 16 seconds. There's a speed run where that level is done in 12 seconds, but I heard that it was TAS.... so it's not a fair comparison to a speedrun done by an actual player. Just out of curiosity, which binary (.exe) version do you use? If you can jump, you might be able to save yourself some time. You can see that I had pre-calculated exactly when and where I could jump over the demon to save myself time and damage points. I just ran the speedrun over and over and over until I got a good time, and then kept that demo, and then kept trying it again and again. when you practice in succession, you make better progress. You will eventually get to a plateau which you can not exceed in that session of speed running. It is best to take a break for a while when this happens. You can only get so lucky before you begin achieving fewer results, or get bored. I personally like using a script or batch file to expedite how quickly I can re-run and copy my good demos to a separate file demo file, as to not over-record a time-breaker. I don't always use this approach. I sometimes just manually re-copy my demos if I break my target time.
  3. SmiteMeister

    Ultimate Doom E1M4 Speedruns

    second attatchment. -sm e1m416secondssmite.zip
  4. Here are a couple speedrun demos I did for e1m4 (Command Center). Done in 16 and 17 seconds. The 17 second demo was completed with no harm taken, and above 100% health at the end of the speedrun. enjoy! e1m417secondsnoharmsmite.zip
  5. SmiteMeister

    Text files

    I like the included text files which get right down to the point about the details of the map/demo. 1. Which Doom/Hexen/Heretic/etc Episode, and mission/level (I think these can all go on one line) 2. Skill level(s) - pluralized, if there are additional difficulty settings. 3 Single player, deathmatch, co-op. Only which ones apply. etc.. Just the important stuff. No filler or B.S. No editorials are really needed if they do not in some way relate to the WAD/demo. Whoa..that makes me think about one I wrote today. And short, plot-based stories are good too include, too, if there is a "plot" or "backdrop" to the level(s). A little bit of comedy, or dramatic background don't hurt anything to sensationalize your first impressions even prior to playing a map for the first time. I like plot-based games, but not plot-DRIVEN games. If I have to read Moby Dick before playing "Moby Dick: The Video Game", it falls short of my attention span, and I toss it, and find something else.
  6. My system specs are pretty bad, it seems, for converting demos to .avi and other such formats. My pc does a horrible job of recording demo playbacks. I was wondering if anyone would like to assist me in recording my demos. I do a bunch of modding and level design for doom/zdaemon, so maybe, if you want, we can even collaborate on some stuff, and I can reciprocate my knowledge and what skills I might have. Thanks.
  7. SmiteMeister

    Multi-player Cheat codes enabled through hex editing?

    That's easy, but different from what I had in mind, which was to allow *all users* to use the cheat codes in multiplayer mode for testing purposes. Understand something, folks. A lot of times, cheat codes are added into games as 'test codes', and then left in for the purpose of one's own (single player) entertainment. That's why these multi-player "checks and balances" are put into play. The long-winded hype of multi-player cheating on whatever server was besides the point. Thanks for the answers..and the hysteria.
  8. SmiteMeister

    Anyone else think that... [hell maps]

    Level 28 (The Spirit World) is one of my favorite levels. It sort of combines adventure with slaughter & adrenaline on any skill level - especially "Ultraviolence" and "Nightmare". It has that huge cave-like appearance and is, in my opinion, fun for cooperative multiplayer, single player, and single player speed running. it would probably be fairly decent for DM as well. I've never played DM on that level. I hate "Underhalls" as a single-player with respawn, although it's fun any other time. Now that I think about it, it could be fun even as a s single-player with respawn, if you can keep your keys. The levels I kind of hate as a co-op MP (unless there are a lot of people) are Monster Condo, Circle of Destruction (might've said that name wrong) and Citadel (because it takes too long to finish, usually, because no one knows where they are going) and any other levels with tons of platforms and narrow walkways to knock people off of. The idea of combining a level like The Citadel and a cave-like structure.
  9. SmiteMeister

    Parkour Doom (Free-style Speed Running)

    To be perfectly honest, and not to slam that mod, cause it looks pretty awesome -- it looks like that's got more of a focus on enhanced weaponry, plus some gravity modifications, and correct me if I am wrong in saying that. My emphasis would be more on running, jumping and dodging obstacles (even perhaps, monsters, where applicable) than weapon modding or combat. That looks pretty cool, though. Wish I could find a screen recording program that would work well. I've had some problems trying to screen record with PrBoom, GLBoom, Zdoom and the like. I thought that maybe I could run Zdoom through DOSbox and record my game play, but Zdoom is more of a windows port. I think I shall try CamStudio here in just a few minutes. Thanks for showing me that other mod. It seems cool.
  10. I've made a level mod for ZDoom Doom II. It is based on level 14 "The Inmost Dens". Fun stuff. You can actually run through it, straight to the end, in almost no time -- hopping fences and stuff, with ZDoom. You can also jump around the entire level without needing any keys. It's pretty fun. Even with monsters. My edited version was made with Doom Builder 2, and has the monsters, keys, weapons, ammo, power-ups and generally everything removed. I think my best record on this version is 8 seconds -- and that was only one time. It does make it easier to not having monsters running around, but it's a good example of how levels can be beaten in ZDoom and ZDoom-like ports without needing so many (or any) items and keys, or switches turned. Level 15 (Industrial Zone) and a lot of the other "City" levels are like this. I will upload it when I get a chance. Also, I'd like to make an entire series of brand-new, custom-designed levels based on this premise of "Parkour" running and obstacle dodging. If anyone is interesting in helping, you are more than welcome to share idea and to show me what you can come up with. -SM
  11. SmiteMeister

    Multi-player Cheat codes enabled through hex editing?

    Okay, for clarification of my intent, the purpose would be to enable game cheats for *all players* to knowingly use. I did derive a few good answers from the crowd. The first one is that one person cheating might throw the game out of whack, even with the same binary. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with game inconsistencies. The other good answer being that some ports might already allow this. I, myself, do not cheat on multi-player games like ZDaemon or any of those public ports. The purpose was more for modification & testing purposes - mostly for group modding and testing purposes. As to why it would attract bans from a moderator on an area of a forum particular to Doom editing, is beyond me. I do feel it is a somewhat fair initial reaction -- although, it deserves a further questioning of the intent of the player(s) and game modder(s) involved. "Internet drama" is easily ignored, as such. Consider the Internet another form of media. It's often based on sensation rather than quest for knowledge. As a more "seasoned" Internet user, and a more "mature" Doom player (in terms of years, I suppose, having begun playing Doom in 1996), I could expect these kind of questions and comments would surface. They did not take me by surprise. Safe to say, my question was not ill-intended. [edited for grammar and punctuation, the best I could, since I posted my reply at nearly 4 AM EDT.
  12. I was wondering if there is a way to edit the binary doom2.exe (or doom.exe or..) and enable cheat codes for multi-player games. Obviously if different versions of the exe are used per-player, doom2 will exit with a "consistency error". I'd be using the same executable file for all players, so that all players could use the cheat codes (IDDQD, IDFA, IDKFA, etc). I'm pretty sure most binary doom editors (such as DeHackED) don't allow you to do this. Correct me if I'm wrong. If I were to hex edit the executable doom2 file, any clue as to what I would look for or change to modify this function?
  13. SmiteMeister

    Demo (.LMP) conversions.

    I'm looking for software to convert a Doom II demo (.LMP) to a common video format (such as .avi, .wmv, .mp4). I cannot screen record demos through any 3rd party software as I play them back or screen record as I play, due to low memory. My preferred Doom II version would be the original (DOS) Doom II. I've messed with PRBoom a bit, but I can't figure out how to do it through PRBoom either.