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  1. CleanShanchez

    what is in picture?

    I see an Arch Vile exposing itself.
  2. CleanShanchez

    Problem with ZanZan

    Tried running the AGP file but it still won't work. Which version Kristus? The one that came with the zip file?
  3. CleanShanchez

    After SUPER shotgun, why go back (some do)?

    Three words: Accuracy and Conservation.
  4. CleanShanchez

    Problem with ZanZan

    I'm trying to run ZanZan (the TC by ACE) but it won't even run. I've tried everything but it won't run on vista or XP. Any Ideas?
  5. CleanShanchez

    Joke wads where you didn't get the joke - BIG TIME

    There's one coomon joke in every Joke wad. The Joke? It's on you!
  6. CleanShanchez

    Who do you miss?

    LilWhiteMouse I wish she would visit Doomworld more often.
  7. That shall end in tears and whole loads of fallout. Does anyone remember the old game Terminator:Future Shock? I loved that game. Now my copy is lost in time and space.
  8. CleanShanchez

    God Damn You, Ubisoft

    It's not that sad. Sorry for my rash use of words. What I was going to do was play AC2 along with my father (Who has a doctorate in medieval history) and see how many times the game screwed up on the history. That and we really wanted to kill Pope Alexander VI with a flintlock while proclaiming "Hey Alex, why don't you eat these chestnuts!" I think I just told a joke that no one will get.
  9. CleanShanchez

    God Damn You, Ubisoft

    Damn you to hell! http://www.1up.com/do/newsStory?cId=3177996 What could make things worse? This. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/98927-Ubisoft-DRM-Authentication-Servers-Go-Down Now the only way I can get a copy of Assassin's Creed 2 is to pirate it. Thanks for fucking up my life Ubisoft.
  10. CleanShanchez


    Will you still make the jokewad? 'Cause I want in on that playtesting action.
  11. CleanShanchez

    Doom 4: Classic Doom in HD clothing

    Ah Alphas, always good for a laugh. Speaking of laughs, what the hell happened to the DoomFace? Looks like they tried using the same face art for Doom 3 and then decided, "Fuck it. It's an alpha. Let's just use MS paint for the hair."
  12. CleanShanchez

    Best Spyware Removal Program(s)?

    Yeah, until it reports the execute file for Half-Life 2 as a "malicious program." Have you tried using Avira? I use that. Keeps my P.C clean and happy.
  13. When you're done building the maps, I'll gladly beta test them for you.
  14. CleanShanchez

    What's your oppinion about "Harmony"?

    It reminded me of Hacx a lot. Don't remember why. The artwork was amazing and so were the clay figures used for sprites. I'd say this was eight years well spent.
  15. CleanShanchez

    Favorite Gameboy (Original) Game?

    Didn't get any better than Pokemon: Yellow. It was, what I consider, the toughest Pokemon game out there.