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Everything posted by zephyr

  1. zephyr

    Michael Jackson MMO in development

    I played it. It got tons of bad reviews that were brutal. It would have been a good joke wad had it been just a tad better quality
  2. zephyr

    Marijuana Decriminalized in Cali

    I made Nightmares of Loki 1999 while stoned. He's right lol I hate pot. I haven't touched it since 2003
  3. zephyr

    The Social Network

    if it hasn't been mentioned here yet, its been mentioned on tribalwar.com forums. the facebook movie is being called the next citizen kane
  4. zephyr

    Danger regarding DOOM 4's title

    If they call it doom they need to make it backwards compatible so that it loads wads and gives them a better updated look. I would seriously replay all the wads I've ever owned and downloaded if that's the case. At least the noteworthy ones or maybe the terrible ones.
  5. zephyr

    The Social Network

    i liked myspace better. more customizable and you don't have to manually like all the things you like, you can just type them so people know. you could have your own flash too, so you can make it look interesting. well, before spammers decided to use flash to spam you and they did away with it at least.
  6. zephyr

    My Doom Collection!

    id Anthology Book of id Doom comic id Anthology t-shirt dog tag poster cyberdemon statue and calling card Doom 3 for xbox Doom 3 collector's edition Doom the Movie (sucked) The Ultimate Doom PC Doom 2 PC Final Doom PC Doom PSX Final Doom PSX Doom 64 Master Levels for Doom II PC Doom Accessory Pack 1,2,3 Level Master II Book & CD Tricks of the Doom Gurus Book & CD 3D Game Alchemy Book & CD Demon Gate 666 Levels Demon Gate 6000 Levels D!Zone 1, 2, and D!Zone 3000 Gold H!Zone Levels for Heretic and Hexen Master Levels for Doom II Poster (Nice) Quake cd-rom Aftershock: Levels for Quake Quake II cd-rom Quake III Arena cd-rom Quake IV cd-rom Quake IV Xbox 360 Heretic - retail on floppies Hexen: Beyond Heretic - retail on floppies Hexen: Deathkings of the Dark Citadel cd-rom Strife (Rogue Entertainment) cd-rom Dark Forces (Star Wars) shareware cd Doom for Super NES I think that's it edit: i forgot Doom 3 Resurrection of Evil And Chex Quest, straight from the cereal box
  7. zephyr

    Music Software

    here's what i have so far http://www.jerrylehr.com/frame_music.html check out porcupine and aftermath, theme from there are a lot of placeholders for other music. this isn't music i haven't finished yet, but music i haven't found yet.
  8. zephyr


    is there a site where it is addressed or maps are stored? Doomworld seems to have stopped years ago
  9. zephyr

    Music Software

    to avoid confusion i must say me and jplstatic are the same person
  10. zephyr

    Music Software

    ugh... all a frail attempt to not have to buy an midi keyboard again. i downloaded reaper but i think i need one to use it. its alright i'll get around to it, i want to make doom music and its better to have midi then mp3 anyway when you're going that route.
  11. zephyr

    Building stairs made easy (preview)

    amazing! i want i want what I wonder is can you for a future release make it so stacked sectors are possible. as in an actual circle made into stairs with two-story sectors. just something crazy i thought i'd dream up. this plug-in is an awesome addition to the dooming community. I miss quick stairs from the original deu and was sad that doom builder no longer had that option. kudos to you!
  12. zephyr

    Pile of Lines

    I have a level I had left unedited for a couple of years that I came back to using Doom Builder 2. It plays just fine. No errors. But whenever I opened it up for editing its just a series of random lines. http://tinypic.com/r/rm38r7/5 <- Example Is there any way I can recover this level?
  13. zephyr

    Pile of Lines

    thanks you were right. i can't believe i didn't even think of that. been a while.