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  1. CybArwen

    Most recent movie you saw

    Color of Night. Not a great movie, but I’ve seen far worse.
  2. Hello everyone. I have returned and have decided to change my name. See you all on the forums!

  3. CybArwen

    This probably SHOULD be said...

    USMC’s gear is always a solid color. They may have camo uniforms, but their gear, armor, etc. are always olive drab green or coyote tan depending on where they’re stationed. It’s always a solid color though. The reason for this is solid colors tend to work better in more than one environment as camouflage than a camo pattern does, so they won’t have to change gear over and over to fit their new camo uniform. This is the choice of the marine corps, the other branches don’t all follow the same exact protocols, as the army for example, when they change uniform camo pattern, their gear will have the same camo pattern change too. So maybe the bright green is just out of Doomguy’s control. It’s what was issued to him.
  4. Dairy Queen has an entire menu very similar to others like Wendy’s or Hardee’s. They don’t just serve ice cream, so they’re just like any fast food chain. They just are more well known for their ice cream.
  5. CybArwen

    Do you agree that Doom is becoming a "cute" game?

    While I can see the connection between Halo’s art style that you mentioned, I wouldn’t say it has become “cute” or kid friendly. Then again, when I first played the original Doom from 1993 back in the late 90s (it was among some of the first games I played), it was a very frightening game to me at the time. When I heard people didn’t see it that way, and looked at it as a power trip, I was a bit surprised by that, and as I got older I could see what they meant by that, but initially, it was a very scary and realistic game for me. The new games, I think their art style could’ve been slightly better for sure, but it does what it needs to. It still has a bit of both elements, the horror and the power trip stuff, but I’d say it leans more on the power trip while the originals stayed somewhat neutral throughout (or at least in my experience, it was more up for interpretation by the player). Doom 3 sort of did the opposite. Focused on the horror side until the very end of the game, which turned a lot of people off. I think if Doom 2016 or DE had been the games I was introduced to first, I would’ve had a very similar reaction to them as I had with the first Doom. I would’ve thought the game was quite scary but it would’ve been why I’d keep pushing on to complete. Since I was much, much older when 2016 came out compared to Doom 1993, I felt the horror aspects were somewhat tame, but it’s still quite unsettling, especially in the hell areas of the new games. The blood and gore is also much more than the originals.
  6. Well, a joke is supposed to be funny. If this is just a joke; then what exactly is the point in this thread? Did you want advice on mapping or level generating software, or is this just to waste a little time out of our days? I’m all for jokes but there are pretentious people in the world that truly feel just like the OP, not wanting to put any effort into anything but want all the credit for themselves, so it’s a very real thing.
  7. This would be fine, right up until you said you wanted to do this so you could pass it off as your own work. That isn’t cool and nobody would fall for it anyhow, at least one person will know and they will analyze every sector piece by piece and ridicule you into the ground for claiming it as work of your own, making you wish you had just attempted to make the levels on your own in the first place. So just don’t do that honestly.
  8. CybArwen

    The original spider-man trilogy ¿Trash or Pass?

    I like them, but also had the chance to see each one in theaters, so that might make me biased, but they’re still my favorite of all the spider-man films.
  9. CybArwen

    Are you vaccinated against COVID 19?

    Yes, I have been fully vaccinated for a while now. I am tired of wearing the masks and wanted to get this shit over with ASAP. First shot, I felt soreness near the injection area for a few hours. Second shot, I felt sick for about 2 days, but tolerated it. I don't regret it, and don't care about the politics and concerns behind it. If an injection were to cause my death, that's a quicker and easier way of going out than to suffer from a virus.
  10. CybArwen

    What'dya Prefer? MP3s or Midis in Maps

    I prefer midi in single player WADs, but prefer muted music in multiplayer. In single player, music can help pump me up and play better, and when midi music sounds really good or fits the level it can be quite impressive. OGGs or MP3s are nice, especially when it is something new from the author and not just copyrighted music, but they can take up a lot of space. I tend to prefer when people add the OGG/MP3 music as an optional downloadable add-on for their WAD, so that it reduces file size of their WAD and people won’t have to waste time downloading all that music if they don’t want it. In multiplayer the music gets distracting for me. I get far more “into” the game with the music off in deathmatch. It helps you pick up on sounds better that you might miss with the music blaring in the background, at least for me anyways.
  11. CybArwen

    Why Was The Combat Shotgun Absent?

    Doom 3 actually doesn’t have all the classic monsters. It has most of them, as well as some new ones, but there are quite a few demons that were from Doom and Doom II that were missing in Doom 3. I feel these omissions were deliberate. It’s not like they forgot about them or ran out of time to add them and the SSG (there’s concept art out there for the Doom 3 spider mastermind that was cut), but they had reasons they decided not to include all that. Maybe they wanted to make it feel slightly more like the first Doom by not including the SSG or they had already anticipated expansion packs coming out that would include this weapon. I think the SSG would’ve been a great addition to Doom 3 originally, but I feel the basic shotgun should’ve been a bit better as well. It feels very nerfed.
  12. CybArwen

    Is there any reason not to always run?

    In DM there are some instances where switching between walking and running is useful from a tactical standpoint, but in SP it seems walking is usually reserved for platforming moments or when slower mouse control is needed for certain movements. It's hard to put into words what I'm talking about with DM, but basically it can be useful to have the slightly slower mouse control that walk mode gives you, even if it's for a split second or two, and the reduced speed can throw other players off, especially when things are very close combat in nature. I tend to play SP this way too now anyhow, but used to always use autorun until I started playing DM a lot more. Now, I usually bind mouse 2 as the walk/run key.
  13. CybArwen

    Thoughts on DOOM's protagonist

    Doomguy is cool. I don’t really care for the name Doom Slayer. I think they could’ve come up with something FAR more creative if they were really that adamant about changing the name. I prefer the Doomguy that’s just a marine, where the player gets to interpret far more for themselves than how it was done in 2016/DE. I know some prefer having characters with names, stats, and whatnot but I’ve never felt that Doom didn’t have a lot of interesting characters from the start. All of the demons are fascinating in their own right. I just don’t get people that want to tie everything together as some multiverse universe ultraverse thing where all the games are connected and Doomguy has to have a name and a father and mother and family lineage dating back to wolfenstein and blah blah blah (and before anyone thinks to reply to point out that Id mentioned this and that there’s a relation to Commander Keen, I think we can piece it together that they were not being serious). Just seems sort of silly to me at least. I like it more simple myself. He’s a marine stuck in the worst possible situation imaginable. Live or die. That’s what I mean, that’s why I like how it was before in terms of a loose story and main protagonist being nameless. There was more to the story and characters that would be from your own thoughts and imagination, not set in stone lore that is canon that you have no control over besides to simply ignore it. These aren’t complaints about the new games, this is just my opinion on why I prefer Doomguy and the way the character was handled prior to Doom 3.