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  1. Is the error message you're receiving: ?
  2. hell yes... I love The System. So underrated yet they inspired so many artist that would become more popular than them. You can also see where MJ got his look for BAD.
  3. I’m not saying it’s the best song ever made, but it sure as hell is my favorite song ever made:
  4. Gerolf

    The Varginha Incident Remake?

    It isn’t that it can’t be done with GZDoom. It certainly could, but as far as I can tell it would require someone to essentially remake the entire game from the ground up. I don’t know of any level editor or map viewer program for this game, I don’t think there’s a way to export the art and sound either. So it would take a lot more effort than it’s worth right now.
  5. Gerolf

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    Yes... this 100%!
  6. Gerolf

    The Varginha Incident Remake?

    I thought this game came out earlier than that, but still. It’s more advanced than vanilla Doom. The engine looks to be more akin to the BUILD engine. Obviously, it isn’t more advanced than HL, but it is more advanced than just being able to rip the assets and maps and plop it into GZDoom and call it a day. It will take a lot more work to make a carbon copy of this game onto a different engine than that, hence why I said a mod inspired by the game is a better approach.
  7. Gerolf

    The Varginha Incident Remake?

    I think that it would be too challenging. That game is fairly advanced for its time, even if it’s underrated. I think you’d be better off trying to make a mod that is inspired by this game, not a full blown remake, and I would much rather see a reverse engineered source port of this game than for it to just be a mod. Edit: With that said, take a look at the old ZOMBIES TC from the late 90s for Doom II. Yeah, it’s old as hell and probably not the best example, but if it was possible for a small German team of friends to essentially make a Dawn of the Dead video game on their own, then there’s no reason you couldn’t get something like this game done as a big mod. It will be hard and take a lot of work. I don’t think it’s worth making a mod that is a carbon copy of the game though. I think the engine used is part of what makes that game interesting, but reverse engineering a source port of your own goes way beyond making a mod. Just think about it. If you’re truly passionate about this, don’t let anyone stop you.
  8. Gerolf

    How do you get someone to play test your WADs?

    This is just my opinion. Others have made good points already. What I suggest is to make a text file. It is not an outdated way of explaining what your WAD contains, and it takes about 5 minutes to fill out the WADTemplate text file. People need to be able to see what they’re getting themselves into other than just “hey guys check out my wad” on a thread. It also ensures that if your file spreads, the text file usually will come with it, especially if it is being hosted on another site. Unless it’s a big mod project, so if it’s just a new level or two, the forum post where the file is shared publicly, in my opinion, should be reserved for after you’ve gotten it play tested. If too many people download it to play test, they may not play the WAD again or even notice you’ve made changes since then. So I suggest asking people to PM you if they’re interested in play testing and show screenshots and the text file, THEN publicly share your WAD (With text file) once playtesting is finished and any last minute touches are added in. Playtesting isn’t just about playing the level, though. You will need to play test for 100% ratios yourself before letting others play. Usually, you will discover any texture issues or enemy placement issues when doing this, and so the only thing playtesters will need to do is double check for you. I don’t suggest asking local friends to play test unless they are avid players of the game. If they aren’t Doom players, their advice may not be as good because they don’t know the technical details of map design, plus, your friends might not want to tell you if they had an issue or not because they might think it will hurt your feelings. While most people are nice here on DW, usually, they are going to be honest about your level. with that said, I’d be happy to play test anything you’ve got to share.
  9. Gerolf

    Things about Doom you just found out

    You’re right. I see this quite often, but to be fair this happens in just about any hobby in my experience. There’s people that think you have to play Golf a certain way. There’s people that think you have to load a certain shell into your hunting rifle to be accurate. There are people that think you can only drive a Chevy, and there’s others that will say Ford. Most of it is harmless opinions that often lead to interesting conversations, but there are people that can’t take other opinions without their ego feeling attacked, and sadly, there are people like that in gaming communities, too, and Doom is no exception.
  10. Nobody is cancelling anybody here. GMan will be fine. Look at that tweet and that should be enough proof for everyone.
  11. Ok... I’m just gonna say it.. you are calling it quits because you have no argument.
  12. So what do you suggest deepthaw? Ignoring misinformation when it might hurt someone’s ego? That’s just silly. Nothing about the video was offensive or an attack. Oh heaven forbid he made a wtf counter omg so offensive I might cry- oh wait it’s just the onion I cut.
  13. Gerolf

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This isn’t really something I just found out, but it is something that maybe some might find interesting. Doomguy uses his pistol left handed and punches with his left hand, but uses his other guns right handed. While we could say Doomguy is a southpaw, there was something I was told by a Game Warden during my hunter safety course when I was a teen. He said that he is a right handed person but is left eye dominant. With rifles and shotguns, he just has to squint one eye, but with handguns, the weapon he will have on him all the time, he keeps both eyes open, and by having it on the left side, where his left eye can naturally line up with the sights, he is able to make accurate shots and feels more accurate this way than with the right hand. Having both eyes open allows you to see better, you don’t lose your peripheral vision. not saying that Doomguy isn’t left handed, but I found what the warden said to be interesting. Maybe Doomguy is left handed and left eye dominant, uses the other guns right handed because they aren’t lefty friendly weapons.