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Status Updates posted by Gerolf

  1. “Sorry, you don’t have permission to view this content.”



  2. I wrote a DN3D CON file editing tutorial for beginners on ZDoom Forums a while back and forgot to share it here, so here it is. It is aimed at total novices/non-programmers, so it doesn’t assume you know or understand even the littlest things until you get further into it. Also on Duke4 (slightly different but mostly the same) here.

  3. yay or nay? The guard was originally the only one who would bleed when they were in their damage frames. I added gore to the SS and Officer’s pain frames since they didn’t have any originally. I tried to make it look like what I’d imagine Id would’ve made it look like had they remembered to add in the gore to these pain images. 

    1. Gerolf


      Didn’t add to mutant because the way his pain frames look, he looks like he’s sort of “absorbing” the attack and that makes him look more menacing in my opinion than if he bled while taking damage. 

    2. Doomkid


      I like this, it's a cool change

  4. I contributed two maps to this! Uses the latest version of LZWolf. Download (Moddb).