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  1. It's the GzDoom-only maps that I'm talking about for this very reason, since there appears to be not alternative other than to take on hoards of enemies at a handicapped performance. I'm happy to just forget they exist, I thought I may have just been missing a trick that was allowing people to enjoy these WADs - let alone consider them as Cacoward winners.
  2. I understand that, I've played more vanilla stuff like Sunlust no problem for years. It's only these GzDoom specific maps that boggle my mind how anyone can play them. I guess the answer is that most just cop the performance hit if they really want to persist with it.
  3. I mean, I've always understood that if you push Doom far enough, then performance will suffer. My confusion is over others being able to have positive experiences with these types of maps. Unless everyone raving about these maps are on 2080 Ti's, I'm not sure how people are enjoying playing Doom like this. Do people really play slaughter maps on an abysmal and inconsistent framerate? Maybe they do and I'm just totally ignorant, but I see almost no one ever making similar comments when I go searching the forums.
  4. I did try running Bastion of Chaos with and without Dynamic Lighting turned on. It made a noticeable difference but when the author and reviews have paid specific attention to the dynamic lighting, I feel it's kind of missing the point to turn it off. Besides, even when I had Dynamic Lighting "off", I still had an unstable framerate in almost every room on my machine, so I feel like it has to be something else, too.
  5. Hi All, I hope this is the right place to post this, but I've just taken a look at some of the Cacoward-winning WADs from this year and have tried playing both Ar Luminae and Bastion of Chaos. Both of these maps are borderline unplayable for me, my framerate is all over the place but mostly below 60 fps. I understand that in many cases PrBoom is better suited for larger maps, but both of these WADs are built for GzDoom - what am I missing here? I'm running a GTX 1060 and a Ryzen 3600, surely those are more than enough spec-wise to run GzDoom properly? Are there specific settings that I should be aiming for? Someone please fill me in, because I assume people aren't enjoying these beautiful maps with 100,000+ linedefs and coloured dynamic lighting if they're chugging at 25-50 fps.
  6. I looked up a playthrough to see where the rocket launcher was - I didn't think they'd put a rocket launcher tucked away in a corner like that so I missed it entirely. Can't really be bothered trying the level again, oh well.
  7. How did you manage the first fight in the main 3 keys arena? I used one of my BFG shots on the 4 Cyber-mancubi, but gave up and quit to desktop after 5-10 minutes of pumping shotgun sticky bombs and machine gun precision shots at the two pain elementals. It seriously felt like I should have had 4 or 5 weapons by that point but BFG-aside I essentially had two. On a more general note, this Classic Mode doesn't feel "classic" at all, more just a slapped-together artificial difficulty increase. The original Doom games were designed around pistol starts, so while it was more difficult, you typically had just enough firepower for each fight. This new Classic Mode doesn't seem to have any changes to balance out the shotgun-start like repurposing of ammo drops to fit your weapons. Seriously, why can't the masses of Plasma ammo have been changed to random ammo for the weapons you have available or something? It's a shame, as a few tweaks could make it really fun. I like the idea of having to only use weapons you've picked up, but the execution is off.
  8. I liked quite a few parts of this DLC, but the spirits totally ruined it for me in some areas. I had to turn down the difficulty to HMP on Holt due to the amount of times my Plasma Gun microwave beam locked on to a nearby enemy instead of the spirit after 3-4 minutes of fighting. Others don't seem to be having this issue, but I was floored that this passed playtesting - only one way of destroying a spirit and the game doesn't even prioritise the spirit when you use the microwave beam? Madness. There were definitely multiple instances where I aimed the beam at a spirit, only for it to target an enemy behind the spirit instead and allow the spirit to absorb that very same enemy. That aside, I really liked UAC Atlantica Facility and mostly liked Holt. The Blood Swamps was very hit and miss, though. The misty area with the empowered arachnotron, spectres and doomhunter I felt was extremely limiting to the player and not enjoyable at all. The large arena fight with the archvile popping up near the end was also a lowlight for me, an absolute slog of a fight in length and I still feel that the archvile has way too much health. It feels about twice as difficult to take down as it does in the original Doom 2, and it has way more impact on fights with its buffing/spawning ability. Seems I'm in the minority on that, too.
  9. I'm currently on the Urdak level of Ancient Gods and this is exactly how I feel. Doom Eternal's main campaign was great in most places, but it did make me feel that I could only play in mostly 1-2 hour bursts due to the nature of the "combat puzzle" gameplay. Now with Ancient Gods I almost have to psyche myself up to play. Usually I stop playing because I've attempted one fight 2-3 times and just don't have the energy or interest to attempt it again, not because I have to make dinner or get some sleep. The fights look fun and impressive, but I'm finding it much more difficult to actually enjoy them the same way. If I stray from the efficient way of dealing with each enemy then I'm either out of ammo for particular weapons (don't remind me of when I couldn't kill the spirit after a 5 minute fight), or I'm wounded to the point of no return. I can't think of a better word than "tedious" to describe the fights in this game. The continued emphasis of shooting enemies in certain weak spots doesn't make me feel clever or skilled, it makes me feel restricted and hamstrung. I actually think the revenants and mancubi are great in regards to weak spots - if you hit them, it feels like a bonus rather than a necessity. IMO they've gone too far with the new headshot-only enemy on Urdak and the turrets which can only be shot in the eye (for a limited time). I'd be very curious to know what percentage of people find these enemies fun to deal with, because I can only see them as being fun for those who found Nightmare a bit easy. TL;DR: The Ancient Gods fights are more tedious and exhausting than they are challenging and exciting.
  10. Mazze

    What's the best megawad you've ever played and why?

    So hard to pick one, but Valiant hasn't been mentioned here and I thought it was fantastic when I played it. Honourable mentions to Eviternity, Sunlust, Hellbound, and Speed of Doom.
  11. Played MAP01 and MAP02 so far - both of which were quite good and made me want to play more. But... PLEASE! Fix the hud (to eliminate the black bar) and, more importantly, remove the speed nerf when below 50% HP! The hud is a minor but unnecessary inconvenience, whereas the speed nerf just completely destroys the flow of Doom. Plus, how is the player ever meant to complete any potential run-jumps when they are restricted to walking pace? Not to mention, it makes the rest of the dodging of projectiles and general combat patterns redundant. I don't see how that could be fun. I know I could just go and follow others' advice and edit the DECORATE file, but I don't want more people to have to have their experience with this mapset ruined by this unnecessary mechanic. Please make a quick update on this, it could make all the difference.
  12. Mazze

    Exomoon Megawad [Director's Cut Release]

    I've been playing this over the last few weeks, so not sure what version it was. Just finished playing today, and I really liked it overall, and wouldn't be surprised to see it get a Cacoward. Please don't take my comments too much to heart or anything, there's just a few things below which bugged me a little and I think are holding it back from being a classic... The main reason I won't play through these maps again for fun is that almost every map had a "what did that switch do?" moment. I probably spent 1/3 of my play time just searching for where to go, especially after opening a new area or finding a new key. I'm not sure if this is just meant to be part of the adventure, since the maps are mostly quite open, but for me it made my playthrough feel like a drag at times. It's a shame because the maps have some very fun gameplay despite their size, and I haven't played a megawad (ish) through to its end since Bloodstain, I believe. I thought the mastermind replacement was interesting, but overused, especially on one map in particular where there were about 8 of them in an area with damaging floor and lots of open space. The Caco replacement was okay. The amount of ammo that you can churn through with the Rocket Launcher and BFG was very fun, and I didn't feel like I was overpowered. As others have said, there's probably just a few too many revenants/rocket firing enemies in one place, at times. Would like to have seen a few more hell knights (especially since no barons) thrown in instead. Last thing is the final boss. I managed to get to the final area with only a rocket launcher, but saw an abundance of cell packs lying around. I must have missed either a Plasma Gun or BFG. I don't know how I missed it, but I felt as though there was no real indication that I was going to the final area, so I felt a bit cheated when I was stuck in the final area with only a rocket launcher to shoot a bullet-sponge flying enemy. I'm personally not a fan of the little orbs that shoot revenant rockets/mancubus fireballs, and I feel that there should be a limit on how many the boss can spawn, but that's just my personal beef. Overall, really liked it for the most part, but just a few things holding it back. :)
  13. I've been searching for some decent sci-fi and generally silver-looking texture packs but have had no luck, is anyone aware of any wads out there which have some good sci-fi textures?
  14. I noticed in the documentation it mentions 'Active:' and 'Inactive:' apply to Hexen, does this mean my map has to be in 'Hexen ACS' format and not 'ZDoom ACS' format? I have a linedef which shares the same tag as my thing (using 'Activate Thing' in the linedef options), but the switch doesn't appear to change the behaviour. By the way, apologies because I know this must be pretty tiresome when I can't figure out basic stuff.
  15. Thank you for your reply! I'm quite a noob, and have never created a thing before. What I have so far is this... ACTOR Turret 3203 { Radius 20 Height 56 Activation THINGSPEC_Activate +SOLID +USESPECIAL -PUSHABLE Obituary "%o was splattered by the turret's rocket." MONSTER States { Spawn: MPOS A 5 A_Look Loop Active: Missile: MPOS F 5 MPOS G 13 A_CustomMissile("TurretShot",32,0,0,0,CMF_AIMDIRECTION) Loop } } At the moment my 'monster' just stands there and never carries out A_CustomMissile. The 'TurretShot' is just a copy and paste from a working monster in case you're wondering. Would love to know how to make the 'Active' code run.