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  1. Mazze

    Exomoon Megawad [Director's Cut Release]

    I've been playing this over the last few weeks, so not sure what version it was. Just finished playing today, and I really liked it overall, and wouldn't be surprised to see it get a Cacoward. Please don't take my comments too much to heart or anything, there's just a few things below which bugged me a little and I think are holding it back from being a classic... The main reason I won't play through these maps again for fun is that almost every map had a "what did that switch do?" moment. I probably spent 1/3 of my play time just searching for where to go, especially after opening a new area or finding a new key. I'm not sure if this is just meant to be part of the adventure, since the maps are mostly quite open, but for me it made my playthrough feel like a drag at times. It's a shame because the maps have some very fun gameplay despite their size, and I haven't played a megawad (ish) through to its end since Bloodstain, I believe. I thought the mastermind replacement was interesting, but overused, especially on one map in particular where there were about 8 of them in an area with damaging floor and lots of open space. The Caco replacement was okay. The amount of ammo that you can churn through with the Rocket Launcher and BFG was very fun, and I didn't feel like I was overpowered. As others have said, there's probably just a few too many revenants/rocket firing enemies in one place, at times. Would like to have seen a few more hell knights (especially since no barons) thrown in instead. Last thing is the final boss. I managed to get to the final area with only a rocket launcher, but saw an abundance of cell packs lying around. I must have missed either a Plasma Gun or BFG. I don't know how I missed it, but I felt as though there was no real indication that I was going to the final area, so I felt a bit cheated when I was stuck in the final area with only a rocket launcher to shoot a bullet-sponge flying enemy. I'm personally not a fan of the little orbs that shoot revenant rockets/mancubus fireballs, and I feel that there should be a limit on how many the boss can spawn, but that's just my personal beef. Overall, really liked it for the most part, but just a few things holding it back. :)
  2. I've been searching for some decent sci-fi and generally silver-looking texture packs but have had no luck, is anyone aware of any wads out there which have some good sci-fi textures?
  3. I noticed in the documentation it mentions 'Active:' and 'Inactive:' apply to Hexen, does this mean my map has to be in 'Hexen ACS' format and not 'ZDoom ACS' format? I have a linedef which shares the same tag as my thing (using 'Activate Thing' in the linedef options), but the switch doesn't appear to change the behaviour. By the way, apologies because I know this must be pretty tiresome when I can't figure out basic stuff.
  4. Thank you for your reply! I'm quite a noob, and have never created a thing before. What I have so far is this... ACTOR Turret 3203 { Radius 20 Height 56 Activation THINGSPEC_Activate +SOLID +USESPECIAL -PUSHABLE Obituary "%o was splattered by the turret's rocket." MONSTER States { Spawn: MPOS A 5 A_Look Loop Active: Missile: MPOS F 5 MPOS G 13 A_CustomMissile("TurretShot",32,0,0,0,CMF_AIMDIRECTION) Loop } } At the moment my 'monster' just stands there and never carries out A_CustomMissile. The 'TurretShot' is just a copy and paste from a working monster in case you're wondering. Would love to know how to make the 'Active' code run.
  5. Been playing a bit of RoTT and gained the inspiration to make Doom maps with similar traps. Most specifically I want to be able to implement turrets or 'walls' that fire projectiles at a constant rate, and can be activated/deactivated by the player. All I've found are zDoom artillery strikes which is not what I want. Any ideas?
  6. I thought the game looked average because of how low my framerate was but I did notice the game wasn't very sharp even when still. I really hope the optimisation improves before release, I'm not sure I want to invest in a new graphics card just to play DOOM. The game seemed pretty fun from what I played but definitely not $300+ worth.
  7. I understand my PC isn't top of the line nowadays, but I'm pretty disappointed in how the game runs. I have a GTX 660 Ti and an i5-3570K and I'm barely getting 30 fps. No other game I've played has given me less than 60 fps (e.g. Far Cry 3). Does anyone have any performance tips and tricks? I'm pretty annoyed that the advanced settings are hidden.
  8. Mazze

    Bethesda's E3 2016 Showcase announcement poster

    Well since the game was said to be coming out in "spring", this would be a bit of a bummer if we were still being given more info about the game in June.
  9. Mazze


    Hey Crunchy! I hope you remember who I am (from youtube 08-10 mainly). Amazing to see you still going at maps and can't wait to have a go at it! I was about to make one map about a month ago but Doom Builder crashed after I made a room so I ragequit and never bothered to try again. Congrats on all your work!
  10. Mazze

    About Skills/Difficulty

    I think Doom would eliminate a lot of potential complaints if it includes multiple "slider" options for difficulties, or if not sliders, then just a few options for different aspects of the game. There would be preset difficulties that affect all options, but ideally the player could use the preset difficulties as a base on which they can edit the details of how the game plays. If there are options to basically let the player balance their own game as they wish, that would be fantastic. For example, increasing the hp of an imp from 0% - 200%, or being able to switch off cinematic "finishers" with a simple yes/no option. I think giving the player as many options as possible is the best way to make the game please everyone.
  11. Mazze

    Plutonia Revisited Community Project: Released!

    Ok, I'm interested. Starting my map now.
  12. Oh well, it looks like I'll have to go old school mapping style then.
  13. Hey it's mazzekaarts from youtube, Can the map be in Doom in Hexen format?