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  1. the_lurker

    Christina Aguilera has gone Gaga

    I find the Gaga culture extremely interesting. I have several friends of whom have adopted bizarre styles and love to talk about how unique, powerful and artistic her style is. I being, a child of the late 80's and a victim of the 90's pop culture, remember when pop music such as nsync and Brittany Spears was popular (too old for madonna unfortunately.) My group of friends tends to be much younger than I (I am old enough to drink in the US, they are old enough to smoke in the US) are just far enough behind me to ask "Britanny who?" To illustrate a point I showed them a Madonna video (at least two who had never heard of her), and claimed it was a new artist who wanted to be the next gaga. Their immediate response was to suggest that she was a rip-off, a phony, terrible at her style and entirely unoriginal. This thread is hillarious because most of ya'll seem to insist that things were better back then when music wasnt spoilt by all this newfangled hip-hop and gagapop. I'm not to keen on this sort of music because I prefer more rock-like things (see: Airbourne, Wolfmother) Considering this is a forum for a 16 year old game I ought not to be surprised. Consider that your parents probably didn't like all that Motley Crue you listened to when you were 16, but they insisted that the Beatles is better music. Styles change I suppose. My only beef with this gogapop is that I'm really hoping we see something new, and to be fair, this is still in the Madonna paradigm of music (Techno-eque pop music, blonde superstars, strange music videos) I would truly like to see something new added to the pop genre. like a new Elvis or something.
  2. the_lurker

    Online banking

    I keep all my money in a safe under my bed.
  3. the_lurker

    What Game do you think should be made into a movie?

    Yes. The book really has nothing at all to do with the movie, maybe a few similarities.
  4. the_lurker

    What Game do you think should be made into a movie?

    I'd think Mirror's Edge would translate into a decent movie, think of the Nike Product placement opportunities! Max Payne had such potential if it more closely followed the game's plot than that crap they made into the movie. The MGS series doesn't need a movie. Quake 2 and Halo are basically Starship Troopers.
  5. the_lurker

    Last Doom Wad you played

    Back to the Basics - Espi
  6. the_lurker

    Last Doom Wad you played

    Last Wad: TUTNT - Torm667 Current Wad: TCotD: A - Torm667 I've been on a ZDoom binge this month....
  7. the_lurker

    Last Doom Wad you played

    CCIII - Various + SMWGuns Weapon Mod
  8. the_lurker

    Why is the player immune?

    It's simple really. Some people have DNA that makes them inherently good, and others, well, they have DNA that makes them bad. And when they get infected, the bad ones become the demons, and the good ones get superhuman abilities.
  9. the_lurker

    Beautiful screenshots

  10. the_lurker

    Adam Savage on god and religion.

    who? this didnt have any real interesting stuff in it at all.... this didn't make any kind of compelling argument for anything really and felt like an ad for apple
  11. the_lurker

    Blood Mod - Download v1.0 - no gibs

    I was looking at my anatomy book and I felt like drawing organs. So I did. Next on the menu: bones 'n flesh...
  12. I've never fully understood religion. I come from an area concentrated with southern baptists, and frankly, they're loopy. I've had a very intelligent guy explain to me about how the government is supressing information and that Dinosaurs are still alive in Africa, and claim that fossils are less than 4000 years old. I've had a girl explain to me that why gays should be killed by the state, and why it's not murder. I know southern baptists don't necessarily reflect all Christians, because surprisingly enough, the most open minded Christians I've met here on campus are the Catholics, who choose to make their own interpretations for the Bible. Yet they still think they're eating Jesus every Sunday.

    I wouldn't say I hate Christians, because hating a group of people for their beliefs and/or convictions would be no less than another form of bigotry. I'm not here to bash Christians, but I am here to hear amusing stories. Who here has talked with a fundamentalist and heard what they believe? Have they told you any crazy stories? What is the most absurd thing you've heard from followers? I really want to know that Southern Baptist crazy is the worst and know that it's really not that bad elsewhere.

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    2. Creaphis


      By the same logic all conversation is redundant. It just so happens that internet conversations stick around longer, letting their similarity become obvious.

      So screw you.

    3. Mr. T

      Mr. T

      Creaphis said:

      So screw you.


    4. ReFracture


      My parents (mother, more specifically) tried to raise me as a morman.. but I never really stuck with it.. as I grew older I questioned so many things and tried to apply rationale to the explanations given.. by the time I was 14 I realized I was an atheist.

      I'm just glad my parents allowed me to think for my own and not continue to push it on me.

  13. the_lurker

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Chu, that doesnt even look like Doom anymore! And ArmoredBlood, that looks like Quake. I dont even know what to say about rf's stuff... there is some badass stuff in this thread
  14. the_lurker

    Last Doom Wad you played

    Zen Dynamics
  15. the_lurker

    Is TF2 really that good?

    wtf you guys talking about. fucking epic. play now.