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  1. djvero

    How do you personally play doom?

    ZDoom. Continuous. Always on UV, no exceptions. I do save in between (not in between monster fighting), but on every occasion. Even when I got out of a fight with only 3% hp or 1 rocket (or both) left; it gives my gameplay extra pressure (or frustration).
  2. djvero

    What was your first DOOM experience?

    Back in the 90s when I was 8 or something I played Doom II in the attic where my dad had installed a few computers. Later that night I remember having terrible nightmares about Imps trying to get to me; it was so real that I still remember that 25 years later. My parents had to stay up all night to watch over me and I wasn't allowed to play that game until I was at least a few years older.
  3. djvero

    Various plugins

    Oh wow, I honestly had no idea those were around. But then again, I've mastered DB2 if I may say so myself, so why change a winning team hehe. Same reason why I stick to Doom1/2 and not the new(er) games. Anyway, thanks for the link!
  4. djvero

    Various plugins

    Does anyone have a link or a copy of and willing to share the draw circle plugin for Doom Builder 2? I also had a plugin to bend lines in DB2, but I can't remember what it was called. Does anyone know of which plugin I'm talking about? I formatted my PC today, forgot to save these two plugins before I deleted all my files and now I can't really find them anymore. Thanks.
  5. Sometimes when I play various WADs I take screenshots of certain areas I really like or when I come across cool looking screenshots here or somewhere else I save them on my PC. When I lack inspiration for mapping I sometimes look at these screenshots to try to recreate (parts of) it. Of course I alter certain parts, textures or the general looks of it to make sure it's not a 1-on-1 copy. In the past I've also recreated whole levels from various WADs, but this is a long time ago and I haven't done that since. My question is however, how bad is it to do this? Is it acceptable or do people think it is a no go?
  6. djvero

    MegaWADs to play

    Thanks for the replies already!!
  7. Hello, I've just recently got back to playing/mapping. Now for the playing part I'm looking for awesome megaWADs (32 levels). I've already done: - Scythe (all 3); which is my number one favorite megaWAD - Alien Vendetta - Cchest IV - Jenesis - Reverie - Original Doom games of course, including TNT Evilution Which other megaWADs are a must-play? ps. Sorry if the question has been asked before; linking me to a topic like that is fine as well. Thanks in advance
  8. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    Yea well I'm not too keen on posting unfinished work. Not that anybody would copy or steal my junk, but still lol. Besides, my problem seems to be fixed now. What I could do however, is to copy my material to a new WAD, call it "test" and then upload it for you to take a look at.
  9. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    OK I figured it out!! I added some new monsters to my WAD and one of them, the Archon Of Hell, is listed in the DECORATE file as "ACTOR ArchonOfHell : BaronOfHell". So it probably conflicts with the baron of hell because when I remove the Archon the Icon wakes up and starts spawning monsters. Thanks to everyone who tried to help though
  10. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    No that's not it, because it does work when I open up a new map and copy-paste it to there. It just doesn't work in my megaWAD...
  11. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    Yea I know. I studied Map30 (doom2.wad) thoroughly, but it still doesn't wake up in my megaWAD. I can kill it - meaning I can shoot the Romero head so that it screams - but it doesn't wake up and spawn any monsters. The strange thing is that it does work when I copy-paste the whole thing to any newly named WAD
  12. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    Hmm....I just figured out it doesn't work on any map in my megaWAD, not even Map30....
  13. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    Lump editor? Anyway, it's not like I want to copy-paste everything to a different level, I just did that to try and see if what I built in Map17 worked on Map30. And then I came to the conclusion it worked on Map30, but NOT on map17, in which I initially built the Icon of Sin structure.
  14. djvero

    Icon of sin in different level

    Well, it's part of a megaWAD I'm working on, but when I copy-paste it to MAP17 in a newly named WAD (test for example) for you to take a look at it it somehow works. However, in the megaWAD it doesn't, weird ???