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  1. rchowrc

    Chaingun-Pistol Sound in ZDoom

    I tried importing and renaming the pistol sound lump into zdoom.wad and then a sound pwad but it doesn't work. Can you tell me exactly how to do it?
  2. Can someone tell me how I can change the chaingun sound of chaingunners to that of the pistol? I read that ZDoom supports this feature. Thanks.
  3. rchowrc

    Who here likes PSX doom?

    Did you know that when playing the PSX DOOM level "Sever the Wicked", the game can crash? I managed to reproduce this bug many times. Here is how I did it: At the start, run towards the invunerability item (take it) and then drop down from the platform. Now keep firing your weapon and the screen may turn black with an overflow error message. The only way to get back to the game would be to press the reset button. This bug is probably due to the fact that there are just too many sprites in the level. This is the only level that this had happened to me.
  4. rchowrc

    Joysticks with PrBoom2.2.3

    Could anyone get gamepads to work in the latest version? I enabled joystick support in the menus and it doesn't do it.
  5. rchowrc

    Changing Sounds

    Maybe someone should go over to Romero's new DOOM Forum and ask him about the chaingun-pistol sound issue. If anyone has the correct answer, please post back here.
  6. rchowrc

    Changing Sounds

    I used the CHAINGUN.DEH file to change the sound, but the sound heard at the end of the game during the enemy introduction sequences is the same old one. I know this is a minor thing, but, is there a way to modify the deh file to fix this?
  7. rchowrc

    Changing Sounds

    I listened to the firing sound of chaingunners again and discovered that they use the shotgun sound instead of the pistol one. The player's chaingun uses the pistol sound, but not the chaingunners. I don't know why this is the case.
  8. rchowrc

    Changing Sounds

    I have a pwad called psxsnds.wad which contains only new sounds. I want to import these sounds into the doom2 IWAD. In the DeePsea lumps import dialog box, I selected the doom2 IWAD as my target and the psxsnds.wad as my source. I used the Import All Files button to replace the sounds. When I exit the import dialog box, the editor shows an error message saying that the IWAD is not valid anymore. So, how do I import all these sounds into a wad?
  9. rchowrc

    Changing Sounds

    Can someone tell me how I can use DeePsea to change the firing sound that chaingunners make? I want to use the pistol sound as the new one.
  10. rchowrc

    Editing Features, Editors, and ACS

    So, how do I edit the DeePsea OPT files to add new editing features?
  11. I have a question I would like to ask. I like to use DeePsea v10.20c and WadAuthor v1.3. If a new version of a source port, say ZDoom, is released which includes new editing features, do I have to get new versions of the editors and the ACS compiler before I can use the features? For example, these editor versions are released long before slopes are being invented. Can I create slopes with them? Can editing features be created using scripts? Thanks for any help.
  12. rchowrc

    Windows vs. DOS Editors

    Hello. Is it true that you can't create big maps with DOS level editors? Does Windows editors have any limits? How large can I construct a map using DOS editors?