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  1. Eye del Cul

    Floating Buildings v1.1

    Interesting, but I'm not a fan of hidden buttons and convoluted gameplay.
  2. Eye del Cul

    Does anybody make ENDOOM screens anymore?

    I really like to see ENDOOM screens. Have a small collection of them, sometimes you found great ANSI art... I also used to made them, but I'm not really good at it.
  3. Eye del Cul

    What does the boss say in Garrulismo Map30?

    Currently not :(. My last attempt was a Duke Nukem map that didn't go very far. Maybe in 2018...
  4. Eye del Cul


    Small, fast. Not bad, but also not really interesting: you fight some monsters, and then a cyberdemon with the rocket launcher. Harder than the original E2M8 because there are no obstacles and the area is relatively small.
  5. Eye del Cul

    What does the boss say in Garrulismo Map30?

    Hi all. Better late than never... Chiquito de la Calzada is an Spanish comedian, and was really big here in the 90s. Part of his humour was in what we could call "chiquitospeak": he invented new words and used others in a non-sensical way. So "torpedo" in Spanish means exactly that, an offensive naval weapon, but in Chiquitospeak was something like "this random dude involved in the joke I'm telling". Keyboard_Doomer got it right.
  6. Eye del Cul

    Hall of Marble 1.1

    I liked it, it's a really pretty map: well aligned textures, good lighting. The gameplay is slow, maybe too easy. And my biggest objection: you must find secrets to reach the exit, never a good idea.
  7. Eye del Cul

    Jerry's Kids: Take #969 (version 2 'd')

    I don't understand the new graphics and sounds ­-love the meowing cat, though­-, but I liked this map. As a good as house level can be.
  8. Eye del Cul


    Maybe it would have been better as a shorter map, because the dark gray textures and monotonous music/noises turn dull after a while. But it's a good map, I liked it. Why the HOM at the end?
  9. Eye del Cul

    Jupiter Carnage 2: To Hell And Beyond!

    I liked it. A rough work, maybe, like it was made quickly in 1996, but fun and interesting, with some original ideas.
  10. Eye del Cul

    Cabro's legacy

    This is significant for the Spanish-speaking Doom community. There are some good maps unpublished here (example: the ones from Ventor Tormentor/Mojon Man).
  11. Eye del Cul

    Hall of The Mountain King (HALLMONT.WAD)

    Some interesting effects --lights and shadows, rising stairs--, but the map itself is dull.
  12. Eye del Cul

    Map 1 of Duke3D

    The basic layout has some resemblances with the Duke Nukem 3D's original, but the map is ugly and lazy. -- 2/5
  13. Eye del Cul


    Two small deathmatch maps for two to four players. Modest but effective, with pleasing aesthtics. Of course I love the text file :). If you're using Unix, you can see it with all of its "swag" in an unicode terminal, issuing a command like "iconv -f cp850 -t utf-8 quake.txt". Here appears confused because it uses special chars from the old DOS encoding. Of course its not much more legible in the correct encoding...
  14. Eye del Cul


    Three courtyards with small square buildings in them, narrow dark corridors around them. Not that bad for a 1995 wad, but little interesting. In singleplayer, worst ending ever: two long HURTING hallways with arch-viles. -- 2/5
  15. Eye del Cul


    Awesome aesthetics. The gameplay has its defects --maybe a little repetitive--, but its also pretty good. 2 stars? Come on, guys! This isn't a troll wad. -- 4/5.