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  1. A couple of months ago, I came across this Duke Nukem 3D Code Review and it was a real eye-opener. A rather entertaining read too (author's footnotes are especially hilarious). Before I couldn't even imagine what a mess of a game engine the Build is. I'd like to say I am not a fan of the Build games and rarely ever play them today, but I played a lot of Duke and Blood and Redneck Rampage in the nineties when I was a kid, and the games always felt relatively bug-free, but still somehow glitchy in many ways, like the physics, aiming system, controls, etc. I think my biggest gripe was being squished by a swinging door.
  2. MrrCaliber

    Are there any good graphics mod for Quake?

    Come on. Simply get yourself some decent source port and make sure to enable model interpolation. If you didn't know, the vanilla engine animates all stuff at lowly 10fps.
  3. MrrCaliber

    Another Blood thread

    Yep, Blood visuals look cartoonish and pretty dismal. The graphics seemingly have a pronounced hand-drawn characteristic to them, exacerbated even more by a horrible washed-up palette. I would go further and say that when compared to Blood, Duke3d conveys a certain, almost photographic crispness to me, with its much more saturated colors. Doom palette is also superior in this respect. A couple of words on topic. All vanilla Build engine games have pretty funky mouse input code, in particular being unable to sample both axes' movement simultaneously. Also, with default settings you may find vertical sensitivity being lower than horisontal and overall more clunky. Here you can download a custom mouse driver to alleviate these faults to some degree. (warning: the page might cause your eyes bleed :) )
  4. MrrCaliber

    Gain/loss pattern in some idtech engines

    IIRC Quake sprites are masked and paletted pretty much like Doom ones. Air bubbles, explosions, sprite torches (optionally), and those weird balls in E4M6. I don't get how all you people haven't noticed any of those. Also note that Quake's playsim code almost entirely resides outside of the engine binary in the form of precompiled QC library. A remarkable feature for those days, it made mod coding extremely easy, but in the end QC proved too slow for Carmack's standards and it was dropped in Q2.
  5. MrrCaliber

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Is it possible to do anything with my music being too quiet? I'm using fluidsynth, and the music volume slider seemingly ceases to increase volume when it's being set past around 70%, and at this setting the music volume is audibly lower than sfx's while the latter is set at the same level.
  6. I mostly lurk around here, but this has been bugging me for some time. In almost every lmp, you can see the player flapping their fist incessantly when monster infights are in progress. Frankly, I don't have a slightest idea of what practical use that could be: I mean, in order to provoke a bunch of monsters, one needs to press attack only once. Still, the weird thing about it is that I do it too all the time. It just looks cool, maybe that would be the explanation? :)
  7. MrrCaliber

    What do you think the Mancubus is saying?

    To me it sounds like "mancubah" (with accent on the last syllable, not really sure about spelling though). I think that sound is some kind of reversed and slowed down pig squeal.
  8. MrrCaliber

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Doom's level geometry is perfectly static - vertices do not move, z coordinate notwithstanding - it's not really there, as you may know. This simplicity is the epitome of its efficiency. They would have to tear down and rewrite everything to make those wolf3d doors work. Thus, "abandoned in the mists of time". And polybjects were nothing more than another hack, albeit a very elegant one. Indeed you were ironizing, but talking about Quake, it's weird how they had left out rotatable objects. The majority of Quake's levels are medieval castles and dungeons - and not a single goddamn hinged door. Besides, it was very easy to do in QC - as hipnotic's first mission pak did.
  9. MrrCaliber

    mmm boy

    And where do you find this Jim dude?
  10. MrrCaliber

    Games that utilize different hitscan sizes

    FYI, projectiles and hitscans are (usually) totally different mechanics. And your suggestion seems to violate the very purpose of hit detection in videogames.
  11. MrrCaliber

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Scypek2: these strings appear when you send a "private" chat message to yourself in deathmatch or coop.
  12. MrrCaliber

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Hi there. Is there any way to stop sounds and music from playing while the prboom window is inactive? zDoom for example does it.