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  1. einstein

    Killing Time weapons

    Killing Time is still one of my favorite games. It had great music, atmosphere, and some really unique enemies, although the levels themselves were really nothing more then mazes with bad wallpaper. But despite its flaws, I'll still always enjoy wandering around that mansion, watching the ghost movies, and fighting those strange enemies. Its good to see that others have an interest in this classic game too. I wish there was a way to view all of the game resources, but this is one nice way of seeing those old weapons again. Good luck, and tickle, tickle!
  2. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    It seems we were deceived with another misleading statement from Corbin. But the wordy followup is certainly entertaining and it's forced me into responding once again in this thread. Unfortunately Corbin, your mistakes were not only 8 years ago but they still continue today. You seem to have learned nothing at all from all that's happened, no matter how many times people try to explain things to you. How much controversy have you and your team caused in the Blood and DOOM communities in the past 2 years? How many lies have you and your team publicly told all over the internet? You attacked the Postmortem, you attacked Kurt's Blood 2 project and still you've learned nothing. You and your team still take whatever you want and claim that its yours. According to you, the Blood and DOOM communities, and Kurt, are the evil ones that are out to get you, and its everyone else's fault for misunderstanding you. Apparently everyone's been picking on you for no good reason for the past 10 years. How truly sad that must be. Did you ever think that maybe people might have legitimate reasons for being offended by you and the things that you do? Probably not, because otherwise you might have actually learned something in the past decade. There really is no point in my saying anymore in this thread because it simply wouldn't register in your brain anyway.
  3. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    I apologize for being blunt in my opinions, but they are still honest and valid. I agree though there's still much to discuss here, but I don't wish to be viewed as a troll so I will say no more on the subject. But please do carry on.
  4. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    I've also raised legitimate points and that certainly doesn't make me a troll. If someone posts something on the internet then they expect to receive a response, whether it be positive or negative. I will admit that I am not a fan of this project or its team members, but my opinions and concerns are still honest and valid to this discussion.
  5. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    Apparently you do need to be straightened out if you seriously believe that "Corbin is fine". But it makes little sense to complain about people's honest opinions of your project and it's leader, when you keep on posting these updates of yours on the internet. What do you expect people to say? Your whining over people being honest is what I call infantile, sad, and pathetic.
  6. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    Well, as Grazza said, Chu is a "congenital bullshitter". I also agree with everything zap610 said about him. So if you consider that to be fine, then we can judge for ourselves how reliable your word actually is. The fact is that you all seem to be masters of manipulation and lies, and you seem to have no problems whatsoever in taking other peoples work to promote yourselves.
  7. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    Fiend and his team never answer criticism. They either insult people or talk in circular logic. Aside from the new maps, almost everything else is taken directly from Blood, Blood 2, Transfusion, and other assorted DOOM mods. It looks like ZBlood to me, but its being promoted as a brand new game. That exclusive interview was actually self made propaganda created by Fiend and his team, and the hope was at one time to create a commercial sequel called Hypertension 2. The Hypertension team doesn't seem to want to talk about those commercial plans any more.
  8. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    You think that providing honest opinions is trolling? If you don't want to hear anything negative then don't post on the internet. It's funny that you can never deny anything negative, so you'll always insult anyone that doesn't support you, by calling them trolls or other names. I see a whole lot of other people's work in "your" project and I'll admit that I don't care for the fact that you keep promoting it all as a brand new game that you're creating. But that certainly doesn't make me a troll, and it doesn't change the fact that almost everything in your game is "borrowed" from somewhere else.
  9. einstein

    Hypertension [Trailer]

    Wow, you built some maps for ZBlood! Some people thought ZBlood was a bad imitation of Blood but you've managed to take it a step further by making a bad imitation of ZBlood! Is there any game or mod out there that you haven't taken ideas or resources from? You've taken Blood, ZBlood, Blood 2, Transfusion, and assorted DOOM mods, and thrown them all together while claiming that its a brand new game that you created! I'll admit that adding your own bugs to all of these "borrowed" resources is certainly impressive, but recording it all on videos and asking people to enjoy it is really asking a lot.
  10. If you didn't realize that you were using stolen textures and models, then you are Lost. We're all impressed that you added some exploding walls to this smorgasbord of ripped material. Maybe you can try to convince everyone that exploding walls are your very own creation as well. Good day to you too.
  11. einstein

    Beautiful screenshots

    I haven't played Hexen in a looooong time. I should play it again.
  12. Since everything he's shown is stolen work, can I steal the stolen sky? Blood textures, Quake 2 models, and Transfusion. Hide your work before he steals that too!