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  1. qwerqsar

    Doom 1 Megawad Project - Calling Mappers

    Well, that was the idea per se, but I have been having trouble with the zdaemon. Luckily I am connected right now... By the way, I would like to be able to comunicate to others on this chat in any case a reunion starts, so... should we exchange usernames or how would it work? (btw, mine is the same as here). On the other hand, a forum doesn't oblige you to appear at one specific moment of the day. I don't know if we could arrange a meeting over the chat, since 9 persons have to get together at the sime time, everyone form a differetn part of the world :S .
  2. qwerqsar

    Doom 1 Megawad Project - Calling Mappers

    Ok, even though it's going slow (as predicted), my map is coming along. I just came to say that I haven't been able to log in into zDaemon (something about not connecting to a master server), so I just don't know how to contact the team (btw, shouldn't we get a space for the intercommunications? I don't know who all the members of the proyect are... :S )
  3. qwerqsar

    Doom 1 Megawad Project - Calling Mappers

    not precisely: you may choose levle 3 on ep 1, level 5 on ep 2, boss fight on ep 3 and secret level on ep 4. As an example. Let's see what EmZee712 says...
  4. qwerqsar

    Doom 1 Megawad Project - Calling Mappers

    As far as I understood, each one does one for each episode. I think what we should agree on is what level of each episode you want (I'll take any that are not boss levels :P )
  5. qwerqsar

    Doom 1 Megawad Project - Calling Mappers

    Ok then, message sent, hope you accept it ;)
  6. qwerqsar

    Doom 1 Megawad Project - Calling Mappers

    To be honest, I like the idea of the proyect a lot, but sadly I am right now at finals, so my time is limited for this month. But if there is a farther deadline, I wouldn't mind working on it...
  7. qwerqsar

    Idea for a community wad

    I know there was a proyect with "largest map" I only played once without finishing. Although I can't remember how it was called...
  8. qwerqsar

    Will there ever be a wad like this?

    I would love to see a TC based on the original game... I even think it is highly possible to convert it into 2.5D :P . As for the games, they tend to have different stories with the base idea of rescuing the princess. Granted they are not exessively creative, there is always something nice to see in each game (speciall since de SNES era). Zelda has, after all, a cool gameplay, my favourite being the SNES version, but also the WII one is really good :D . Pockemon, on the other hand... I like the idea of collecting monsters, but I must say it is a bit poorly implemented. And yeah, the story won't go farther from Team Rocket/resurrection... at least I think, since I only played the first two generation (the last one last year!). Doom implements those thing too, I think. The chest may not appear from nothing, but really, a solid wall shows you a key to open a door? I think it is just the focus of the game. Also, I have seen some wads that specifically work on the exploring side. Plus, considering Hexen as a Doom based game, there the exploring is the same as Zelda, just with another look.
  9. qwerqsar

    Where are the Doom Novels?

    Jus' a matter of looking good. Having the first issue of Superman (DC) just makes many people look. I would never buy for 500$ though...
  10. qwerqsar

    Idea for a community wad

    Love the idea! Count me in :D
  11. qwerqsar

    Gamer Guy thead

    Gamer, but haven't had much time to paly lately. I used to play Magic and D&D.
  12. E2M8 Having the freakin' Cyberdemon behind me the first day with the Barons hung up (this means, he was worse than the barons at E1M8 :S )at the start just kinda scared me immediately.
  13. qwerqsar

    Community Project: ANNIHILATOR

    Wow! Looks good so far. Plus, I liked the idea of the proyect. I hope I can take a spin at the second round to map. :D (and yes, just pistol and saw against so manu demons is insane...)