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  1. Redeemer812

    Bethesda Resurrects Doom for XBLA

    From the official Bethesda Blog: We're pleased to announce that id Software's FPS classic, DOOM, has returned to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace worldwide. This even includes Germany, where the the game was de-listed from a banned list last year. The game costs only 400 Microsoft points this time around, so if you missed the chance to grab it the last time it was available, now would be the time to do so.
  2. Redeemer812

    Bethesda Resurrects Doom for XBLA

    From the official Bethesda Blog: The game costs only 400 Microsoft points this time around, so if you missed the chance to grab it the last time it was available, now would be the time to do so.
  3. Redeemer812

    DOOM 3's (aka id tech 4) source code has been released!

    Too bad John had to rip out some of the cool, innovative bits for the sake of a few lousy patents. Anyway, it will be interesting to watch and see what kinds of things people manage to do with this.
  4. Redeemer812

    Alpha Shotgun Mod?

    The Alpha Mod didn't include any of the original models from the real alpha, just some sounds, maps, and textures. The reason is pretty simple, too: the md5 format is completely different from what it was during the alpha's lifetime and there are no compatible tools or converters for the old format. It's kind of sad, because I also think the old shotgun looked better than the newer one.
  5. Redeemer812

    Don't you wish we had DoomEd?

    If DoomED were actually released to the public then it would be more of an interesting artifact to explore than a usable tool. Doom Builder 2 is the best doom editor that has ever been created.
  6. Redeemer812

    Your Sandy Petersen Design Theories

    These are some amazing insights both into the art of level design and Sandy Peterson's character. Thanks for posting these, guys!
  7. Redeemer812

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Both pistols are semi-automatic, unless you're talking about how the doom pistol will keep firing as long as you hold down the fire button. But how does that make it worse than the wolf pistol? At any rate, you're right, the Doom pistol is a pea shooter. That's hardly a confession, though, 'cause everyone knows that.
  8. Redeemer812

    180 movie - reminding you that pro-choicers are Nazis

    Don't worry about it kristus. Creaphis deliberately took a contrary position just for the sake of writing an incredibly long argument. (in all seriousness though I agree with the things he said)
  9. Redeemer812

    Expectations of engine improvements

    @Xeros: I should be a bit more clear. Your jokes are really not funny, they sound more like bitter complaints than anything. Frankly, if you have something to say, you can say it without acting like an whining 12 year old. Honestly, many times you just come off as a really irritable guy. Oh yeah, about the "prejudice" thing: I wasn't referring just to your earlier post in this thread but many others you've made across these forums. More often than not when someone disagrees with you you tend to argue your points almost violently to them.
  10. Redeemer812

    Expectations of engine improvements

    Yes, but not the NPCs in Wellspring (as far as I know; they just look a little weird).
  11. Redeemer812

    Expectations of engine improvements

    In combination with Megatexture and the wide open game environments, this could kill even some of the beefiest cards. It would undoubtedly look really good, but I personally don't think dynamic lighting is a very important feature in many games. Rage's lighting looked good enough to me. Actually I kind of like this feature. You can turn it off in Doom3 anyway. I agree with this. The animation needed a bit more work. Part of the problem is that unlike Quake 4, Rage didn't use any motion capturing. I read a news article several months ago that said Doom4 would use motion capturing, so that's a good sign. I can't say I agree with this - and if you don't mind me saying it's clear that you've got extreme prejudices against those with opinions that differ from those of yours. I don't want to offend, but you really should calm down and reign in the attitude. I'm not sure if you know this, but there are two factors that determine texture detail. The first is the texture filter, which translates the texture data to the renderer in such a way as to reduce aliasing and approximate real-world details. Rage apparently uses a simple filter to improve performance but this makes the textures look grainy: the quality of the textures could thus be mildly improved pretty easily by changing the filter out for a better one. But the second factor is the resolution of the texture data itself, and this is where the real hard limits come in. Even when Rage used serious compression techniques and thinned out texture data for hidden/shadowed polygons, the entire game still took up a whopping 25 gigabytes. Constrast that number to the uncompressed internal builds of the game, which took up three terabytes of space. My point is that the biggest limit here is simply storage space.
  12. Redeemer812

    Textbook Graffiti

    Did it all the time. I liked writing captions for the illustrations in my Latin textbook. "Uh oh, looks like Marcus wants to hang himself."
  13. Redeemer812

    RAGE is apparently a very solid game!

    Don't get me wrong. While you're playing the game, it is very fun. Rage does have some spectacular moments: the escape from the shrouded hideout is quite entertaining, the dead city is cool, and the blue line subway is great fun. But one of the two biggest problems with Rage is the fact that it tops itself too soon. One of the biggest boss fights you have is in the Dead City in the first half of the game. From that point on, everything kind of just goes downhill. The second big problem with Rage really is that it's plot raises many questions, provides few answers, and overall gives you little reason to continue plowing through the game. The game ends at the climax of the story, so nothing is really resolved by the time the credits start rolling. Basically, while Rage is quite fun, the plot development is an absolute mess and the latter half of the game just feels rushed. Playing Rage is like getting out exactly ten potato chips for yourself; each chip is fun while it lasts, but the chips do little to keep you eating and the "meal" doesn't end in any satisfying way. I still hold hope for the game, though - although I've basically completely played it through (both multiplayer wise and singleplayer wise) no extra DLC has been made yet, and it's quite likely that it could add some very enjoyable bite sized chunks to the game.
  14. Redeemer812

    RAGE is apparently a very solid game!

    Ok, I just beat Rage. I don't want to spoil anything, but the "boss fight" is worse than a cop out. I won't hide the fact that I am disappointed. I can't recall any boss fights after the point when I got to Subway town, and I never met the Scorcher clan in person. The Jackal clan was cool, but they show up late and only once in their own base. Considering how quickly the second half of the game blew over, I think id felt bad after having the game in development for seven years and hyping it all the way, so they decided to rush the game out the door as soon as they could. With the little leftover time they had they were barely able to fit in the required singleplayer content, let alone much multiplayer content. There are only two multiplayer missions that take place in the second half of the game world, and they are both simple modifications of levels that can already be played in Singleplayer.
  15. The Team Fortress series started with Quake. There was never a Doom/DoomII fortress. Dr. Durr is suggesting that since every id game developed completely in-house since Quake has had a Fortress mod built for it, Doom 3 will follow in this tradition with the release of its source code. But as I said, if Doom3 Fortress were going to happen, it would've happened already.