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  2. Since I'm the author of CS, I now claim this thread! No, nothing doom-related at all I'm afraid :(
  3. I'm fine thank you! And you? Sorry for hijacking thread
  4. I approve. Snyggt :)
  5. Happy Birthday 🎂💀

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      ♪Happy birthday too you♫

      ♫Happy birthday dear danne♪

      ♪Happy birthday♫




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      Oh neat I didn't know it was your birthday. Happy birthday, ya crazy Swede.



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      How do you know all birthdays oz?

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      Thanks fellas! :D Heartwarming

  6. I like likes. Like this post plz
  7. When I read the thread title I thought the question was aimed at people posting in "everything else". I have wondered on several occasions why some people who never post anything doom related seem to love arguing about Trump or whatever in this rather boring part of the forum which is located in a DOOM forum.
  8. Congrats to all the winners!
  9. Map 07 max in 1:05 vg07-105.zip
  10. I highly approve of this demo
  11. Enjoyed map01 a lot. Great fun map02 was also good but it got hard really fast thanks to viles and just ssg. The last vile ambush felt cheap :(
  12. I just had a quick run through with idfa and iddqd since I got stuck on map01. Played with latest glboom+ Issues I stumbled upon. Could be way more though, so look thouroughly: map01: Door that leads out from base to the mountains has a w1 trigger just 16 pixels infront of the door, causing both triggers to not function. Door wont open and w1 line won't be crossed. I also got stuck behind the crate with an ammo box on top of it. map02: The lift at the the end of the curved corridor doesn't work because there's no tag on the linedef with the sr lift lower/raise function. map03: The first lift won't work because... I don't know really. Maybe the round platform with tag number 2 needs some dummy sectors as reference as where to go. Liking what I see here so far. It needs a lot of polishing and testing to work with multiple ports though, but it comes with time. Not a very big fan of the library theme and the wild color scheme in it. Something just rubbed me the wrong way about it. Map06 felt very dull and brown with not much happening thematically. That labyrinth with some spectres and a chaingun felt very 1994. Map07 started out good with the first vistas, but the deeper I went into the map the more cluttered it felt with all that warning tape textures and it's overall darkness and not much going on with lighting details. Map04 was cool as hell. Love the wacky curves and the small wfall textures everywhere. Final fight was badass and the setup was pretty ominous! GJ
  13. :]
  14. Here's three songs from my EP https://soundcloud.com/ddrspace/sets/weekend-cassette-ep Live in Zagreb at Inmusic festival: