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  1. MajorRawne

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Why not publish it? You can't get more authentic old-school than that!
  2. Every few months I get nostalgic and check out the progress of GEC Master Doom. Would love to add a new map but it means re-learning everything from scratch! EDIT: Thrilled to see Crossing Acheron now has the Toxin Refinery theme.
  3. MajorRawne

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    I'd love to watch Youtube playthroughs comparing each level. Recently started watching old Doom videos was wast struck by pangs of nostalgia for Requiem, Memento Mori and Hell Revealed type maps.
  4. Is there any kind of analysis of the PSX Doom engine available? Preferably a side by side comparison to the original game engine?
  5. Things I've noticed throughout this pandemic: * Media focus is entirely on disaster. Italy and Spain starting to see progress with their new infections? Death rates starting to drop in the hardest-hit parts of Europe? UK not looking to be the nightmare zone they expected? Better post dozens of articles about how the EU is going to collapse, Italy is going to riot, nurses are being murdered, Italy's deaths are at their highest level (even though that happened two days ago). By the same token the media seems to be warmongering. This is NOT the time to be talking about sanctions and judgement, this is a time for fighting the virus. We are NOT going to go straight into a world war after this pandemic is stopped. * Media articles are consistently being updated to make yesterday's news look like it happened today. * Every time a new country starts getting hit, the articles start about how the death rate is under-reported, etc. This happened in China, happened in Italy, now it's starting to happen in the UK. * Worldometers is little more than a panic site. It gives up to date infections, up to date deaths, but makes it hard to calculate the number of recoveries each day. I have only seen recoveries specifically mentioned once, yesterday, where it mentioned Italy had 1500+ new recoveries, its most in a single day. Recoveries currently seem to be outpacing deaths per day, but their death rate is showing 18%. * Many, many people seem to have already had Covid-19 around the Christmas period. I know elderly people, and vulnerable people, and healthy people, who I am 99% sure recovered from Covid-19, most of them without medical assistance. My sister and my best mate's sister appear to have had Covid-19 in December to January. My sister recently had to have her appendix out, the doctors said it was the nastiest-looking appendix they've ever seen but could not explain how it got like that and could not find evidence that it was linked to her underlying health condition. My mate's sister has kidney problems, and after she recovered from the Covid-like illness, doctors found her kidneys had decreased in function by a further 25% but couldn't find a reason why. My physiotherapist recently recovered from bronchitis which "came out of nowhere" and an 80 year old relative said he recovered from "some kind of pneumonia" which he has never experienced before.
  6. MajorRawne

    New Picard trailer just dropped

    I tried to watch the new Picard but it failed on every level I was expecting it to. And I've thought this may be expectation bias, but the show kept getting worse. It's grim and depressing, with swearing and graphic violence. What an enlightened society, they regressed 200 years since Nemesis. Every single person in an important position is female, with the men blundering about making situations worse. This isn't gender equality, this is Femme Trek. Picard looks like Albert Steptoe. He's become a ruined and bitter man. Seven has become a ruthless killer (guess all those social lessions from the EMH and Janeway, and Seven's romance with Chakotay, didn't penetrate her neural cortex). Modern audiences clamour for more of this "mirror universe" style Star Trek, stating that Trek has moved on since the 90s. In saying this, they don't seem to realise that modern Trek has ejected almost everything that made it the greatest sci-fi franchise. Problems are now solved with violence and bad language; the characters are either bland stereotypes, or bear little resemblance to who they are supposed to be (Irish Romulans living on Earth as Picard's servants? WTF?). The storyline is crap too. This is the story we've waited 20 years for: there are suddenly hundreds of androids so advanced they make Data look like a commodore 64, meanwhile the Romulans capture a Borg cube and allow everyone in the galaxy to come aboard?? No exposition about the aftermath of the Dominion war. No sign of cool new starships. No knowledge of how most TNG, DS9 and VOY characters are doing. (I stopped watching at episode 4 so I may have missed these things.) TNG and VOY, and even ENT, did the Borg far better; TOS did the Romulans better; this is literally the only time I have ever wished for Bermaga back. Yeah they only every had two ideas between them, but it was better than this. FFS. Rant over.
  7. My opinion is that this is a crisis which should have been taken more seriously much sooner by world governments and the world population. Covid-19 is a very nasty virus which attacks the weak and overwhelms health systems. The latter point is the real threat from the virus. If we all stick to lockdown and social distancing restrictions we will lessen the burden on our health services which WILL save lives, possibly thousands or tens of thousands of lives. (Covid-19 isn't the only illness in the world.) Of course, with humans having been encouraged to become the "Me First" generation, we are making the pandemic ten times worse than it needs to be. We have seen supermarkets stripped almost entirely, we've seen people going to pubs and restaurants as the crisis worsened, we all know people who chose to fly out to countries struggling with the virus, we all know people who are supposed to self isolate but haven't because their own needs come first. The virus which has frightened the world is the least of our worries. If we start acting intelligently we will limit the virus and eventually beat it as some countries appear to be doing already.
  8. MajorRawne

    Playstation and Switch Doom

    I played Doom on the Commodore 64 in 1990. It wasn't the Doom, and now I think about it, it wasn't called Doom either. It was Bloodwych. Baldrick the Dung has gained a level
  9. Sorry if I've asked this in years gone by: Is there a straightforward, fool-proof (and it'll need to be foolproof if I'm using it) guide to: * Converting an existing PC map to run on the PlayStation? * Building a new PSX map from scratch? I'm especially interested in learning how to load popular user-made maps from PC Doom, so I can figure out how to make them run on PSX.
  10. MajorRawne

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Wow, it sounds like Doom 64 packed a ton of hidden content that we probably missed back in the day. I had no idea that certain levels were skipped during play and had to be unlocked. Playing D64 gives you a great deal of respect for the deviousness of the designers. It would be interesting to see rhese maps recreated in GEC Master Doom in some form. The scripting would have to go and this would require a certain genius to still make the map work in the manner intended by the D64 team. This in itself is a tribute to the original game: Doom 64 is a powerhouse of intelligent design. I honestly think a reduction in scripting would improve gameplay a bit.
  11. MajorRawne

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Damn... looks like I got shafted then. A super-secret exit on the first map of the game? The final boss is much harder to kill without all the super secret levels, right? The gameplay is not difficult so far but can best be described as "a mean-spirited evolution of PSX Doom". There are traps you can't avoid the first time and the secrets are insane. Missing these secrets detracts from your experience, so you go through every map wondering if you just screwed yourself. You need to know everything in advance. Terraria has a riff on this where you get into a loop of having to kill a superboss to get the weapon to kill that superboss.
  12. MajorRawne

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Thanks for the heads up. Was that the tall pillars leading to a red doorway? I couldn't get in there and the automap has been revised since PSX Doom - it didn't show a doorway or anything, just a normal blank wall.
  13. MajorRawne

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    Having now played several more maps, you're right, Doom 64 definitely has its own style and that style is scaring the crap out of you. The graphics must have been done by the X-Com Apocalypse art team which is a shame as it puts people off a good game. I can't recognise the weapons before picking them up and the Lost Souls seem to be horse heads for no reason. Are they meant to be Baron skulls or something? They remind me of the Gurning Man. The scripting is impressive and the use of light and colour is superb. By map 5 it was starting to wear how every single room is scripted, so let's hope this calms down a bit, and some of the crusher traps were mean. The first time playing through each map is what my driving instructor would no doubt call "creep and peep" - very scary, definitely better with the lights off. This game seems intent on proving that "It's not your father's Doom".
  14. MajorRawne

    Early and unused DOOM 64 Level Designs

    @kmxexii: I'm reading your writeup as I play through Doom 64 EX. Thanks for including a link to where it can be downloaded. I just finished the first map and now cannot explain why it used to frustrate me: the switches were clearly marked. Maybe I just didn't have autorun enabled. Initial opinions are that the gameplay is slower than the PSX version in every way: turning speed, movement speed, weapon reload etc. Autorun is mandatory. It's quite irritating using the mouse as I had to crank sensitivity up to turn at a useful speed and it seems twitchy when turning and strafing at the same time. This is with the patch installed - thanks for mentioning the patch btw. Graphics are a big step back from classic Doom. It's like when the Honda Prelude changed from the 1995 model to the '96 facelift. The opening map is ugly and bland in the style of Tom Hall's alphas. The Pink Demons don't look as bad as I remember but the zombiemen are nearly impossible to tell apart and the walls are like two colours, brown and grey, for the whole map. The weapons are truly ugly too and should not have been redesigned IMO. Gameplay is meh, it's slow paced but feels like someone cast Slow on you. The lack of shotgun reload animation is weird and confusing, and there are way too many Pink Demons. While the lack of pixellating is refreshing, to be honest I think I'd prefer it if things were blurrier! Well this is only map one, the game has yet to open up and I'm yet to adapt to its style. Hyde and the team absolutely adored Doom 64 so let's press on and find out what the fuss is about...
  15. MajorRawne

    PSX Doom - a discussion, in some depth, just sayin'

    I can't wait for this bible. Thanks very much for the link! Fascinating stuff, I'll be a nerd in no time. But I haven't even started Doom 64 yet or even opened PSX Doom Builder again due to real life commitments. The perils of suddenly being popular for no reason that you can fathom! Don't worry, my maps are coming, and these won't be shit!