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  1. MajorRawne

    GZDoom, Complex Doom, LCA and HEM

    Thanks for the replies chaps. I am using a Zdoom launcher at the moment. I've got Zandronum too but don't know how to make it all work together. Zandronum keeps asking for my Doom directory and won't accept anything I try to use. I also don't know how to edit the Decorate? My computer knowledge seems to have degraded by 2D10 points in recent years.
  2. MajorRawne

    GZDoom, Complex Doom, LCA and HEM

    Hi all. Not exactly sure where to post this, but since it relates to ZDoom, here it is. I've been following King G on Youtube and seen all the Complex Doom add-ons. I have been able to happily play Complex Doom using GZDoom with the Legendary Creatures Add-on and Dusted Add-on. However, the monster variety wasn't enough compared to what I've seen on Youtube (too many of the weakest versions spawn), so I tracked down HEM. Unfortunately it refuses to load up, giving me error message : Execution could not continue. Script error, "hem lca_v2.1.pk3:actors/spawner.txt" line 222: Script error, "hem lca_v2.1.pk3:actors/spawner.txt" line 222: Tried to define class 'Cybruiser2' more than twice in the same file. GZDoom version: Complex Doom version: v26a2 LCA version: v1.5.9.5 Dusted version: v1.6.1 HEM version: v2.1 King G and the gang don't explain how they got it all going. In fact one of the more potty-mouthed Youtubers actively refuses to do so. Can anyone help me?
  3. Doom 3 never happened as far as I'm concerned, it's a generic shooter with Hell Knights. Funny how they shitcanned Tom Hall then made his game anyway. New Doom took the best features of Doom 2 and Doom 3 and merged them. It improved in every possible way on what Doom 3 tried to do visually. It also retained the thrilling run and gun action of Doom 2. It seemed rather obvious that the references to a Slayer are references to the original Doom Marine, and the only confusion I can see comes from how they describe him, as they make a holy war out of what was basically one man looking for his keys.
  4. MajorRawne

    Those Pentagrams

    Doom 3 came out in the Great "Link-Up-With-Other-Soldiers-Whoops-they're-Dead" Era. It would have been fun to run and gun with other soldiers but Doom is about one man on his own against the legions of hell. It's a good theory that somehow violating a pentagram brought him to hell's attention but it was always going to happen. He was wrecking hell's shit every chance he got, they had to deal with him. "That human is running at a hundred miles an hour and punching Hell Knights to death! Deal with him!" Are pentagrams actually symbols of evil? Doom used popularised ideas of what was satanic without doing any research. For example, upside-down crosses are actually a Christian symbol representing St Peter. This means that morons who spray upside-down crosses on churches are actually contributing to the spiritual well-being of the Christian faith.
  5. MajorRawne

    The future of Doom...

    Thank you for those links. The Doom Community has changed a lot over the last two years! Pretty much for the better though, by the looks of things. Potential tard question here, but which of those two are the best for making PSX style maps? Can you implement coloured lighting easily?
  6. Ah, the early days of Doom, where PSX Doom looked a million times better than it did on many PCs. (EDIT: Well that's how it seemed anyway.) To answer your question: to the left, up the stairs. Those fuckers had my green armour.
  7. MajorRawne

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    Sunder is a total work of art. It seems like the spiritual successor to the Hell Revealed wads. I had a quick look on Youtube at slaughterwads and to be honest there are so many "run around with the BFG while getting monsters to infight" that it's pointless listing them. There are maps over an hour long where the only weapon used for at least 45 minutes is the BFG. Has there ever been a map where you don't just run up to a Spider Mastermind and one-shot it with a BFG?
  8. MajorRawne

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    You never played any Slaughterfest maps? I would like to know any slaughtermaps that don't give you a BFG and near-unlimited plasma cells. That would be really interesting to see.
  9. MajorRawne

    The future of Doom...

    I still remember Doom Legacy split-screen multiplayer. Oh, and those super-impressive megawads which never appeared. Wasn't one called Hell something-or-other and the first level was a prison colony? Those screenshots were objects of lust and devotion until they ended up releasing the unfinished megawad. (Do people still say megawad these days?) And then there was Doom Millennium or Doom 2000 or something? Equally coveted, equally unfinished? Ooh, and Mordeth, which everyone used to talk about but which, IIRC, was a house in a swamp. Doom Builder 2 is no more? What do people use to map these days then? If Doom was going to go away any time soon then it would have already happened. Doomworld seems to still be going as strong as ever, most of the old guard are still here and it seems there are new gold-standard megawads like Valiant. Doom hasn't died at all, it's evolved.
  10. MajorRawne

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    Agreed, many slaughtermaps come off as "who's best at circlestrafing and holding down the BFG trigger". And to save the passive butthurt replies, there are a number of brilliant slaughtermaps such as most of Sunder, all of Hell Revealed 1&2 and a couple of Alien Vendetta maps. Just because someone doesn't like playing all out slaughtermaps doesn't mean there's no enjoyment in watching Tatsurd destroying them on Youtube. (Yep, I'm old-school.) In fact, Hell Revealed probably doesn't even count as a slaughtermap any more. It's too much like a set of regular Doom maps with the difficulty turned up.
  11. Hold on. If this is the case, why is Nintendo's market share very far behind Sony and Microsoft year on year? The market share stats are a matter of record. How can it supposedly outsell the others and not have the higher market share?
  12. MajorRawne

    Why are slaughter maps looked down upon?

    I don't like slaughter maps (for the most part) because they're just the same fight repeated over and over. Often it's blocks of Knights and Imps that pop up. If not, a horde of Revenants with a couple of Arch-Viles hiding behind them. Or a swarm of chaingunners. Of course there is a BFG, five hundred energy cell packs and four invulnerabilities. It's not the challenge I'm looking for. It doesn't mean they don't make excellent stress release for other players.
  13. Because while I agree that many consoles are simply baby's first PC, Nintendo has been increasingly gimmicky and has relied on Mario to the point of absurdity. The NES was brilliant, the SNES also awesome but starting to become Mario-reliant and then we come to the Wii onwards. Regardless of the pros and cons of the Wii systems, they are so locked into a closed ecosystem of Mario games, and the Nintendo versions of popular non-Mario games were hobbled with inferior graphics, trick controllers etc. The other consoles feel more modern, more relevant, relying on actual features and modern games as opposed to gimmicks with comparatively limited appeal. If Nintendo's Wii generation consoles are not of limited appeal, why are they trailing home in last place every year? Edit: shit, quoted myself instead of Csonicgo.
  14. Considering swallowing my pride and working on a few PSX-style maps in the hope that I'll produce something good!

    1. Alter


      Never enough of PSX-style maps my friend. Never enough.

  15. Because some of us don't want to play games with Mario in them. And Nintendo have released enough Mario games for eight other systems.