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  1. MajorRawne

    Doom 3 in 2023

    Thanks, I'll download the original version (been told BFG edition is not as good for various reasons) and the HD textures mod. I remember when Doom 3 was astonishingly good-looking, possibly the best-looking game ever, and nobody's PC could run it. Can't wait to see how it's held up :)
  2. MajorRawne

    What are you playing now?

    Quite a few people have said the second is worse than the first. In terms of visuals the second one is better and I think the first half of HR2 (with the odd exception) is much better than the second half. I can honestly barely remember a single map of HR2 maps 20-30. EDIT: Except Beyond the Sea. *Shudder* We don't talk about that one. In gameplay terms the first has this raw edge, it like was at the frontier of Doom mapping and it still feels like that today. And unlike some newer megawads, it actually plays like Doom. It's not just four set-piece arenas per map and you rarely repeat the same scenarios.
  3. MajorRawne

    Doom 3 in 2023

    Evening all. Having finished both Evil Within games, I'm looking for a horror shooter that's got the shocks and gore of EW1, with the fun factor and firepower of EW2. Back in the day I was so disappointed with Doom 3. I mean it was good, no question, but I was shocked that after firing Tom Hall, they went ahead and made his game anyway (anyone know his opinions about this?). I remember turgid mazes of identical-looking labs and a boring monorail section, but I also remember some fierce battles, a scary walk through the dark where your only light comes from a friendly robot, the monsters are all scary and of course Hell was magnificent when we finally, fiiiiinally got there (after ten years). Is it worth blasting through it again after all these years, and what are the best mods if any?
  4. MajorRawne

    Let's find out doom 3 weapon inspirations

    The pistol is so hilariously awkward-looking, it wouldn't have been out of place in X-Com Apocalypse. It doesn't look like any real-life firearm I've ever seen. Maybe an attempt to reinvent the wheel, or in this case, peashooter, to make it look high tech? The BFG vaguely reminds me of the curved, flattened head of the "flying machines" from the original War of the Worlds film in the 1950s*. The ones they shoot those heat rays out of. *Fun fact: that's the only adaptation where the alien machines aren't tripods. Except they still are: at one point, very briefly, you can see three shimmers projecting from the bottom of one. They're waves of electromagnetic force which act like "legs".
  5. This is a fantastic idea. Let's hope we see future megawads honouring the other classic megawads like Alien Vendetta, Hell Revealed, Requiem, Memento Mori...
  6. MajorRawne

    How did Adrian Carmack come up with FIREBLU???

    Can't remember if someone did this in some megawad or other... the mental image of Imps and Lost Souls coming out of a firewall texture in a hell map is strong. Haven't played that version, but it would be interesting to see what they replaced it with. I thought the SNES maps were actually closer to the originals than the PSX maps.
  7. MajorRawne

    Sandy Petersen, a retrospective of his Doom maps

    Whoops, that honestly never occurred, edited the title!
  8. MajorRawne

    What are you playing now?

    Now THAT is a proper list, gonna have to steal it! Vilecore! Fragport! Cleimos 2! The nostalgia is real. But you forgot Biowar!
  9. I used to be vocally critical about the contributions made to Doom and Doom 2 by poor old Sandy. But as time has worn on, I've started to appreciate a ton of things about classic Doom that used to bug me. For example, the random, unrecognisable geometry of the maps, with none of them resembling a real place: now I see that in Romero's design philosophy, gameplay trumps realism. You can also headcanon the weird, twisted map layouts to be the corrupting effect of hell. It renders geometry as we know it meaningless. Another thing is, although I still maintain that the worst classic maps tend to be Sandy's, a lot of my absolute favourites are his too. In the Playstation version, a lot of his maps are ****ing terrifying. His Doom 2 maps come the closest to making you feel you're in a place that might actually exist (The Factory, The Suburbs, The Citadel). Nirvana gets a lot of flak but I love its weird dreamlike quality and it's nice to play a short, violent map amid a run of longer maps. Sandy Petersen was always trying something new with his maps. He was inventive, creative, fiendish at times. So, after all these years: I'm sorry Sandy, your contribution to Doom was immense and it wouldn't have been the same without you!
  10. MajorRawne

    How did Adrian Carmack come up with FIREBLU???

    Personally, I've always found FIREBLU to be hideous, but it certainly wouldn't be Doom without it. Well PC Doom anyway, I don't think this texture made it onto the PSX version. I always had a cool idea of having linedefs with a "player cannot cross" flag and FIREBLU as the middle texture, then deploying Imps behind them as if they're simply walking out of the flames, summoned straight from hell. The inspiration comes from very old games like Pac-Man and the C16 games Tutti Frutti and Exorcist, which gave the enemies a safe space to spawn in and retreat too that they player can't access.
  11. MajorRawne

    Rarely talked about Doom things you like

    I like it when the demons. Also I like the orange sky texture, and the grey sky with the rocks, and the cityscape sky. I like it very much when Aubrey Hodges does his thang.
  12. MajorRawne

    Doom 64 Shotgun is lever action

    Well, it's definitely a better explanation than "the PSX does what Nintendon't!"
  13. Ha ha! I've FINALLY found something nobody else has ever mentioned!!! I watched Alien Resurrection the other night and about six minutes in, I nearly fell off my chair. Not at how terrible it is compared to Aliens, nor what a masterpiece it is compared to Alien 3, but because I heard some Playstation Doom music in it! Would you like to know more? Approximately six minutes in, when Ripley is examining her number 8 tattoo, you clearly hear part of PSX Doom's "The Catwalk" track playing. This is the most terrifying track in all of Final Doom, but for some reason they use only a brief moment of it. Then, another part of The Catwalk plays much later in the film, although I forgot to write this down, so it could be anywhere. Yes, Hodges scrounged and edited samples from various sound libraries just as Bobby Prince did - maybe his legendary Coke can wasn't as cruicial as he made out - but this is extremely cool. And you don't have to suffer through this film to hear it! Jump to 1 minute in - this is the tattoo scene music. I'd try to find the other clip myself, but unfortunately am desperate for a poo.
  14. MajorRawne

    Just had a thought about PSX Doom

    Some fascinating stuff here. Thanks everyone! So just to check my understanding, the PSX not only has a limit to what each map can contain, but how much of this content it can show (render) at once? So even if you manage to include a variety of monsters, you can still crash the game by rendering them all at once? And there is a separate limit to how many sprites can be displayed at once, even if they are the same monster type? This being due either to design limits or hardware limits?
  15. MajorRawne

    Instruments used in PSX Doom soundtrack?

    Let's hope. I am dying to know what the babbling sound is at the beginning of Toxin Refinery. Always imagine it to be a busy office with lots of people talking. And I also want to know who Danny is!