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  1. Greetings! Just wondered if anyone else finds the latest range of Nokia phones strokes their emotional wangulum.

    There are a ton of features missing in WP8 compared to Android. I hate people who complain about those who request a notification bar. Why should people spend ages trying to track down what just happened on their phone when we're living in the age of convenience? Notification menus should be mandatory for every OS.

    It's nice to actually own a solid, heavy phone, rather than the lighter-than-air stuff everyone else is shovelling onto the market. There's something reassuring about my 820. Also you get to change the case whenever you want, which adds a surprising amount of mileage.

    Being able to change the gorgeous Live Tiles to suit your mood is a nice touch. I just keep looking at my yellow 820 with its yellow tiles and thinking that I've never actually been in love with a phone before. Even my One X was missing something compared to this.

    With Windows 8 getting a couple of updates in the next 6 months, and Android offering such a range of features, it's almost impossible to see why people still buy Apple. I sell phones for a living and I cannot think of a single reason why you should get an iPhone 5 in a world of Lumia 1020s, Galaxy Note 2s and HTC Ones.