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  1. Hi all, I am starting medication for ADHD this week, most likely Strattera. I have struggled all my life with severe anxiety, racing speech, racing thoughts, inability to focus or concentrate, outbursts of energy with accompanying weird/immature behaviour, etc etc.

    Well now it's been given a label, and I'm glad of that, because it has helped me to make sense of a lot of things. Labels can be extremely helpful at times.

    In the past I've been variously diagnosed with depression, dysthymia, general anxiety disorder, attachment disorder and so on. But none of it seemed realistic: I had no reason to be any of these things, and when I started treatment for them, they tended to clear up straight away (except for anxiety, which has been severe and lifelong).

    My executive functioning (how my brain works) is impaired to a level normally seen in people with brain damage.

    I've been told that ADHD medication will clear up much of my anxiety, make me feel comfortable in my own skin and massively improve my concentration, confidence, productivity and ability to hold down relationships. It could reduce my cognitive impairment by such a degree that I will no longer even be classed as impaired (quite an improvement from "brain damaged"). I've also been told the improvements usually start from day one.

    Unfortunately, I am dreading the potential side effects. In fairness, people who abuse it, which I won't, tend to get the really bad ones. My therapist is convinced I won't have any, or they won't be severe. I guess this is anxiety's last throw of the dice, hoping to scare me off before I take a medication that will destroy its hold on me.

    So on Thursday morning I will take my Strattera, and it will either help me to realise my dreams, or it won't.

    Wish me luck.

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    2. SYS


      Yeah wasn't suggesting it as such. Strattera puts emphasis on reuptaking the Norepinephrine.

      Speaking of 5-HTP, that one is great with L-theanine and melatonin. Webber Naturals has these wicked super sleep tabs that combine all three. 5-HTP is also popular amongst the raver/EDM crowd to treat post-ecstasy serotonin burnout. It will uninhibit serotonin but it won't regenerate the damaged neurons.

    3. Cupboard


      Yeah you're right about 5-htp on all counts. You can use it as a supplement to recover your mood and body's circadian rhythm after a night of MDMA or whatever research chemicals they peddle as "ecstasy"/"molly" nowadays. You can also take 5-htp a day or two in advance of a serotonergic "trip" like LSD or DXM, perhaps 2-3 doses per day increases the amount of neurotransmitters relevant to producing hallucination.

      Of course caution needs to be taken. It's gone wrong once you begin overheating, heart beating fast, you might sweat. Also nausea possible. St. John's Wort is another that causes nausea when you overdose it. I would say the wort is 3/4 the strength or equally comparable to the effect of an antidepressant medication.

    4. MajorRawne


      Evening gents, once again I started a thread then bloody forgot it.

      I was wrongly diagnosed with depression in the past and suffered severely with side effects from citalopram and sertraline, both SSRI medications. I will be avoiding that class of medication forever.

      EDIT: I think St John's Wort is similar in effect to an SSRI and you certainly must never combine SJW with any medication which works on serotonin.

      I'm now on day 11 of strattera. Week 1 was at 10mg, week 2 is 18mg. I can definitely tell you that the strattera is starting to show benefits.

      The improvements were minor on 10mg, but there were so many little things that the medication tinkered with. The medication has treated my brain and body like a series of interconnected systems, so there is far less of a "disconnect" between them now (I also attribute this to the lack of negative effects).

      I would compare it to giving my brain a thorough stage 1 tune, as opposed to simply sticking a stage 3 turbo in there. Anyone who's played Forza or worked on a car in real life will know that a raft of minor enhancements can work better in the long run than a single large improvement, and it certainly brings greater efficiency and stability. Anyone who's played Gran Turismo will know how shitty a car can behave if you simply increase it to max power without upgrading anything else.

      18mg is having a more noticeable impact, levelling my moods out and leaping to muzzle those intrusive thoughts. Getting to my age (35) with aspergers and ADHD, without receiving any kind of help or diagnosis, means that I've got a lot of entrenched thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. Strattera is the first indication that I can overcome these completely. It will just take time and hard work.