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  1. How are you gentlemen!

    My ex and I split up by mutual agreement without bad feelings. Unfortunately, over the weeks, I came to realise all the things about her that I really missed. She's called me a few times just to talk (not about getting back). But she's got together with someone else.

    She tried to hide it from me. She says it was a respectful period after we split but I reckon it must have been pretty soon afterwards. He is her male best friend and she never talked about him with any affection - I once got mad with her over it, as he did a lot for her and she barely noticed - and she described him as "a weird trainspotter".

    Why would she hide it from me, and (possibly) pretend it happened later than it did? Why does she keep calling me just to talk about random things? Is she on the rebound, or am I being taken for a mug? Or is this what women do, and she's genuinely treating me as a friend?

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    2. geo


      printz said:

      I hate this. Why should I cut all ties to someone, just because I was in a relationship with her? I'm not enemies with her.

      Oh LOL. I used to be that way and it only gathered a heap of female friends and that looks bad when going into a new relationship. Oh you're friends with your ex huh?

      Apparently you don't want a new relationship, because we're here talking about it. Its cool though.

      You've gotta cut those ties even if she's your only friend. You'll rebuild.

    3. printz


      Meh. Maybe you're right, but I still value networking more than my past feelings.

    4. geo


      Networking like a profit thing or she can get you somewhere?

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