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  1. Listen to this! I've been having a crap time lately cos of some so-called friends, right, so I was happy when things seemed to be turning around this afternoon.

    I got a Facebook friend request from a gorgeous girl who said we used to know each other 13 years ago, and she's been trying to get back in touch ever since. She said she used to find me attractive and never thought she had a chance with me. (Considering we live about 100 miles apart, she might be right.)

    So we were chatting and she was properly gushing about how excited she was to be back in touch with me etc. You can imagine what a boost this is, after all women don't usually bother to do stuff like this, especially the pretty ones. It's normally down to the bloke to do the donkey work. (That's equal rights for you!)

    So I was looking through her photos and I was "You're really pretty", and she said I looked "Sweet" in my pics. I made a joke: "Uh-oh, sweet, that's girl speak for unattractive!"

    It turns out I was right. Her reply was "I don't think you're ugly." And then she told me she thought I was gay.

    I hit the "Remove from friends" button so hard my laptop imploded and formed a miniature black hole.

    So that's how my self esteem was stepped on this weekend. Tune in next week, when I become an emo kid and write some dark poetry!

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    2. geo


      May 31st is National Delete Facebook Day.

    3. Craigs


      Hellbent said:

      dude, what is your problem?

      faggots like you obviously and all the other faggots on this forum.

    4. MajorRawne


      It is getting a bit toilet-oriented. The initial problem in the thread has been sorted out.

      Oh and as for the real-life friends I mentioned that I was having trouble with, one of them is ok now and we are back to almost normal. The other one was a total wanker and his girlfriend is quite literally his bitch. I'll explain further tomorrow when I can be bothered.