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  1. MajorRawne

    Doom 64 Shotgun is lever action

    Well, it's definitely a better explanation than "the PSX does what Nintendon't!"
  2. Ha ha! I've FINALLY found something nobody else has ever mentioned!!! I watched Alien Resurrection the other night and about six minutes in, I nearly fell off my chair. Not at how terrible it is compared to Aliens, nor what a masterpiece it is compared to Alien 3, but because I heard some Playstation Doom music in it! Would you like to know more? Approximately six minutes in, when Ripley is examining her number 8 tattoo, you clearly hear part of PSX Doom's "The Catwalk" track playing. This is the most terrifying track in all of Final Doom, but for some reason they use only a brief moment of it. Then, another part of The Catwalk plays much later in the film, although I forgot to write this down, so it could be anywhere. Yes, Hodges scrounged and edited samples from various sound libraries just as Bobby Prince did - maybe his legendary Coke can wasn't as cruicial as he made out - but this is extremely cool. And you don't have to suffer through this film to hear it! Jump to 1 minute in - this is the tattoo scene music. I'd try to find the other clip myself, but unfortunately am desperate for a poo.
  3. Does anyone know the names of the instruments used by Aubrey Hodges in the PSX Doom OST? So far, the only instrument I can identify is a cello which seems to be used a lot and also seems to be pitch-shifted deeper than normal. Also, does anyone know which are the "coke can" sound effects Hodges claimed to have used? I am guessing one of the Imp activation sounds was caused by breathing over or blowing into an open can. As a music novice, any explanationa of the techniques Hodges used would be welcome.
  4. MajorRawne

    Just had a thought about PSX Doom

    A random thought just popped into my head about PSX Doom. If they'd cut out some of the animation frames and angles that we see monsters and objects from, could they have made a more faithful port? As in, one that includes the Arch-Viles, and didn't chop about 2,000 Barons out, and had more monster variety per level? Unfortunately we'd have ended up with an advanced version SNES Doom, where everyone is always facing you and incoming rockets fly arse-first. Would anyone have wanted that? Personally, I don't miss the Arch-Vile (or the unfortunate Barons) and think they did the best possible job they could at the time. But it's an interesting thought.
  5. MajorRawne

    Just had a thought about PSX Doom

    Some fascinating stuff here. Thanks everyone! So just to check my understanding, the PSX not only has a limit to what each map can contain, but how much of this content it can show (render) at once? So even if you manage to include a variety of monsters, you can still crash the game by rendering them all at once? And there is a separate limit to how many sprites can be displayed at once, even if they are the same monster type? This being due either to design limits or hardware limits?
  6. MajorRawne

    Instruments used in PSX Doom soundtrack?

    Let's hope. I am dying to know what the babbling sound is at the beginning of Toxin Refinery. Always imagine it to be a busy office with lots of people talking. And I also want to know who Danny is!
  7. MajorRawne

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases

    Without meaning to come across as attacking Doom 64 (again), what are the numbers for people who purchased/played it? Also, what are the numbers for people who played it to completion? The first few maps are a bit off-putting, and while the gameplay dramatically improves in later maps, it's hard to imagine too many modern players persisting with it. It doesn't seem strange that they aren't throwing time or money at it.
  8. MajorRawne

    nostalgic console port

    PSX Doom. That beautiful night sky texture with the Toxin Refinery music is an image straight from my childhood. I played PSX Doom most days for four years, then I couldn't stand to play it any more! To this day I get a suffocating, lonely, forlorn, creeped-out feeling when playing it. If you put the PSX Doom sountrack to any modern horror game, you elevate the game way beyond its origin. I couldn't have got through Outlast or Evil Within 2 if Aubrey Hodges had done the music.
  9. I must provide a thruppence of support for previous posters who suggested you incorporate the missing content into a complete edition of PSX Doom. Bear in mind that arguably the best maps already made it into the official PSX Doom - this is subjective, but I rarely play one of the "cut/rejected" maps and think "OMG, if only this had been in Playstation Doom it would have been so much better!" Look at it this way: what you're achieving is a dream for all PSX Doom fans, but on the other hand, you are planning to release a megawad made up of maps like Bad Dream, Titan Manor, The Chasm and Betray. EDIT: When I wrote this post, the fragging thread wasn't displaying properly, so I didn't realise this had been addressed.
  10. MajorRawne

    The man who destroyed id software.

    To be fair to Sandy, he comes across really well in interviews - really thoughtful, passionate, knowledgeable. He'd be a pleasure to work with. Sandy Petersen, you are forgiven for The Chasm, The Pit and all the other ones that I think are crap. THEY ARE NOW MY FAVOURITE LEVELS!!! No.
  11. MajorRawne

    Could PSX Doom be remastered like Doom 64 was?

    The thing is though, PSX Doom can be rampaged through, but the low frame rate and heavy controls don't really lend themselves to that style of gameplay. Its pace feels slower, more deliberate. The music, darker maps, sound effects and ridiculously creepy new maps reinforce a slower pace of gameplay. The improved visual consistency (limited set of flats and textures per map) also creates a more mature feel, as if the maps had a visual overhaul, kind of like a primitive "1994 Tune-up Wad" (remember that?). It is the same game as PC Doom, but a totally different experience. This is subjective though as everyone will see it differently - some will see it as a "mirror universe" Doom, others as just a port with some cool features.
  12. MajorRawne

    The man who destroyed id software.

    The first few posts in this thread genuinely read like clickbait.
  13. MajorRawne

    Porting Disasters Thread

    I have played SH2 from the "collection" (still missing the first game) on PSNow. I think it's the version you reference. It plays like an inferior Resident Evil wannabe and the camera angles are often wretched, but it is creepy and interesting when it's working. If you want to talk about truly awful ports, a ton of ZX Spectrum games were ported directly to C64. Somehow despite the Commodore's vastly superior performance, the games ran much WORSE on C64. The Great Escape is a horrible experience compared to the Speccy version, the game runs at an absolute crawl. Alien Trilogy on the PC was meant to be a horrible port of the PSX game. Most ports I've played have good features to balance out the bad. For example, X-COM TFTD runs agonisingly slowly on PSX compared to PC, but has much better graphics and vastly improved music and sound effects, making it scarier. Ironically, these are the same traits I believe PSX Doom has...
  14. I've been playing older megawads, but really I think in terms of visuals, Alien Vendetta and Hell Revealed 2 are where things started getting more "modern" (less boxy Ultimate Doom inspired rooms with miles of empty corridors, less messy use of textures etc). Classic 90s megawads like HR, Requiem etc tried really hard and were miles better than the average fare of the day, but they look pretty bad now, lots of blank rooms, bare corridors etc. I think HR might be the only megawad of that era whose gameplay is as good today as it was back then. I'd say wads started to evolve when mappers stopped making crappy mazes!
  15. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The secret maps "Wolfenstein" and "Grosse" are well known as examples of a crossover done correctly. Their shortness and, some would say, pointlessness (though true Doomers know otherwise), combined with only using one Wolfenstein enemy and not really having anything special to do in the maps, puts them on par with the wonderful "Fortress of Mystery", winner of the Shit, the deadline's tomorrow, we need to make a map in five minutes award.
  16. That's good news, I never get far even with determined effort. I'll skip ahead to map 20 and see if things liven up. EDIT: I can't count, will skip to map 10. Innocence X is kind of Doom 64ish.
  17. MajorRawne

    Dance on the Water - five maps [update 18.12]

    Whoops, completely forgot I promised to playtest this. Downloading now. EDIT: Right, after just a couple of minutes I can tell you this definitely isn't for me. The new textures are absolutely gorgeous and the music is awesome, so I'll most likely play through the maps with cheats enabled, but yeah. This is Sunder with gimmicks. It's too stressful and annoying for me to enjoy. No doubt it will be extremely popular with slaughter wad fans, it seems very well thought out in terms of being as hard and oppressive as possible and I mentioned Sunder for a reason, this is definitely up there in creative terms. Budding map makers should download it just to see the incredibly beautiful environments. Musically this goes toe-to-toe with the best; visually, the same.
  18. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    John Romero made you his bitch.
  19. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The colour scheme for Doom 2 was inspired by a piece of two month old pizza they found down the back of Adrian Carmack's chair.
  20. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    John Romero said about weapons design that they strove to balance each gun so that no weapon made any others obsolete. So for example, we can choose to use the pistol for crowd control instead of the chaingun, and the pistol itself is no better than the fist. Of course, then someone just went "fuck it" and added the super shotgun.
  21. After many years I have decided to try Doom mapping again, but will be starting cold. So much time has gone by I can barely remember how to open Doom Builder. A couple of questions: Q. How do I add a custom close combat attack to a new monster? I'm wanting to add the Cyberdemon with two hands (instead of a missile launcher hand) from the Doom Bestiary, but for some reason, this weaponless monster does not have a melee attack! I want him to be totally immune to pain, move a bit faster than standard and deal significant damage up close, even if this means no attack animation - we can assume he is trampling on your head. Q. How do I lift custom music from a Doom map? I want to use Beast Island's music from AV. The music doesn't belong to that wad, it's Huline Temple from IIRC Land of the Lost or something like that. Cheers.
  22. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    That music though. Makes me think of Post Hell. Bring back Post Hell! It was the best part of the forum.
  23. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Avoid installing Doom on your system to prevent the government instaling a virtual microchip on your computer. You are very special and the government is falling over itself to watch your every move. The real microchips in your mobile phone, computer, laptop, games console, TV, microwave, car engine, etc, are all fine.
  24. MajorRawne

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The music for E1M1 was recently voted "*1 piece of music we'd like to hear again" in Galloping Diarrhea magazine. I used a star instead of a hash as my keyboard doesn't appear to have a hash key. Very handy in 2021.
  25. MajorRawne

    YOUR SHORT REVIEW of a map/mapset you played?

    KAMA SUTRA Spiritual successor to the Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta megawads, regarded by many with huge affection. Map 30 is infamous, with many white knights declaring their outrage that the boss shooter happens to be a spread pair of women's legs. These same white knights presumably fall silent when they find out Geri Halliwell used this as the background for her live tour. Music: It's ok, better than HR2 at least. Pretty sure a lot of tracks are also used in HR, HR2 and AV, so there is huge nostalgia factor. Map design: Most of the maps are short and nicely designed with plenty of cool vistas. I did find that I got stuck on various jutting walls, especially in narrow areas when trying to collect keys, and monsters are sometimes placed awkwardly so you struggle to run past them. The longer maps can be a bit confusing as missing a key can have you running in circles, and even after collecting a key or hitting a switch, it is occasionally not obvious where to go - map 18, which is a riff on AV's Hillside Siege, is horrible for this, I missed the blue key (which some would say is obvious, but it was behind a Cyberdemon, so) and ended up clipping around to find my way. This isn't the only map I had this problem with. Positives: the maps are hugely nostalgic and play like real Doom maps, as opposed to just a big slaughter arena. Make no mistake though, this is definitely a slaughter wad. Monster deployment: Lots of super-shotgunning Cyberdemons, but these are actual playable Doom maps with progression through an environment, not over-styled boxes the size of cathedrals. While monster numbers usually aren't that high (a number of maps only have a couple of hundred), they're densely deployed among crammed terrain and you'll usually be surrounded. It's not as ridiculous as the Slaughterfest wads and relies on providing a clever challenge rather than waves of Revenants, though this does still happen. Difficulty level: It's fairly tough to start on UV but difficulty takes a huge spike around map 10. Some of the difficulty comes from being surrounded by Chaingunners, which I personally find cheap, or from having multiple Cybers roaming freely. Difficulty is up and down between maps with the harder ones starting you surrounded or hiding vital weapons like the super shotty, which I also hate. It's much harder than HR2 due to monster density and these nasty little tricks, but would make an excellent post-HR2 trainer for building up to the Slaughterfests and eventually ESP. Is it worth playing: Kama Sutra is probably the best megawad for me personally to train, as it's just that bit too hard for me on UV while probably being within my grasp if I keep at it. It's nostalgic and will have a wider appeal than pure arena slaughter wads, while providing good training for them. Weirdly, there's something about it that makes me feel like it's not my cup of tea which is weird as it's the kind of megawad I've been looking for. I think it's because you never know what you'll get when a map loads - will it be a fun, small-scale challenge, or will you just be gunned down instantly by a horde? Chances are, you'll love Kama Sutra as most people do.