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  1. Anthe

    Searching for NM runs

    Thank you. I was finally able to watch some rather old nm runs. kind regards Andi
  2. Hi folks, since competn.doom2.net is down for quite a while and I dont find any *older* nm runs I wanted to ask if anybody could tell me where I can get a more or less complete history of nm runs on doom2. normal speed and 100% secrets speed. Thank you !
  3. Hm, record again :-), I bet you wouldnt. However I found some tiny improvements in stx' ( a truely GREAT player ) e1m7-uv (1:15) speed recording, but I am not able to record it. If anyone ( Henning :-) ? ) is interested, I have 3 different 1:12 demos, heavily cheated... they still look good in prboom+ with smooth demo on :-) I nowadays dont have too much time for serious recording, also I dont see where it should lead me to ... I m married , have 3 sons, am running a sw company, so I m rather busy ... but still, if I wouldnt be VERY careful I could easily lose myself again in this or another game... Piano and guitar are better :-) ( 4 me ) But finally , a BIG Thank you all to all for the nice greetings ! FD Demos... I still remember pl09-nm ... a nasty thing @ that time, noone knew anything about those levels on nm ( if they are possible at all ... )
  4. @Kristian Hello 2, the word "educated" is a small problem for me :-) @GhostlyDeath I d say I always did rather bad in CompetN compared to other things I did :-) I have never been a patient enough speedrunner. 1st of all I didnt like the "seconds only" end screen - problem ( quite annoying in let s say d2 map 01, isnt it ), 2nd the longer I played the more I wanted to stop or if I play "enjoy it". Which brings me to @skogsto I m rather sure you know a little bit more since your post since I ve had some longer mails with Anders in the meantime. So I can give my compliments directly here. Great unofficial run ! Great movement, great precision and yes at a acertain point I had to explain all my ( ex- ;-) ) friends that my "still playing it" is some kind of self-expression ( = art ) for me. Of course evth develops with time, routes geht shorter, one tries this, another sth else, new tricks, mind breakthroughs ( yon can also do this that way ) and so on ... I however smelt and felt the/my limit of the game and my personal will to devote sth to it. Then the "slowmo" facts ... However every person is different, everybody must go his own way. In other ( famous ) words: we live as we die, alone. ( except when you re in a coop run :-) hehe ) Take care guys Last question: Has there ever been a well known female player ? haha ... And another PS: Funny, that noone said a word about the song-link. Im quite sure some of you could easily sign Sarah's text ...
  5. "Nothing" might be too much. After having seen the latest Winterfeldt/Girlich entries ( f.e. episode runs for doom2 ) I decided to not record any speed demos anymore. But I kept contact to Simon and the others... Maybe you know that I had a "deep" ( afap ) relationship to Peo. We had very similiar interests and thoughts about many things. At that time I even thought about leaving Vienna and going to Baliu :-) ( must still laugh for that crazy thoughts ) However it never came to a point where we made concrete plans. ------ I also had a ot of contact to Yonatan ( aged sth like 15 at that time ) . I however was never interested in wad-building or testing ( @bruce, danke nein. ). the problem was that I was not a kid anymore and had a girlfriend ( who I almosat lost at that time ), a very intensive job ( SW developer ) and it went to a point where I fell asleep while thinking about a certain problem at work ... fortunately I was always good at work, so I kept my work. But on the weekends I played all day and night long for years. At a certain point this scared me. I got emails from boys saying "hey, you are my hero, I am 6 years old and play all day long" . Then you see massacre A in school B in TV saying I also had every "normal" sign of addiction. But iit wasnt easy to leave ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyiexOV3Id0#t=1m05s I took only one thing with me from that rather senseless ( in a bigger context ) time. If I *really* try I can *really* be good at ... Yes as I said, I realized that when I had my first tries with xor.exe I recorded some lmps and suddenly got the "Winterfeldt" effect in my movements. "Stuck on the floor" , like a race car ..., evth was rounder than round. Steffen never answered ( we had some contact ... ) to the sent lmps from me ... I understand all this, also my (school) friend "GodFather" Zlatko always said: I dont care if they are assisted somehoe, they are simply good to watch, but I think it s different when you are at the level Daniel and me were. He with speed , me with nm. I remember that his world seem to fall into pieces when he heard about xor.exe. Honestly I cant remember too much. I played less and less and unfortunately the two hdd s I had stored in my "sentimental" box both dont work anymore. ( When I told ryback@youtube some days ago that I found them, I was a little more "optimistic" ) I am sure that I had tons of h2h recordings which I never showed to anyone. These maps where a really good training for dm. Maybe I get the HDs working again, maybe .... mayber I have a lmps.zip somewhere, not sure ... With 30nm I think I didnt train it correctly because I always tried again and again, not the way I was normally training ( 1st savegames, slowmo etc ). I didnt have too much time each day as it was before ... I dont think I made e4m6 but I am not sure, I surely had some tries making e4m1 and e4m2 but I didnt try the whole thing for too long( its very annoying as you know :-)). I would have to check the txts of my uploads when my civil service started ( it lasted for 1 year ). This year was the negative highlight in heavy abuse of myself. After that year I had to run the company for which I was working half a year, so I had almost no time for nth. Then I only played daywise. Someone asked "can you please do this" and if I got it within some hours or days I recorded it. I was hoping to find the mails we sent to each other appr. 1 year ago, but it seems I deleted them. ( I was only writing silly stuff, maybe thats why ). I however found him via normal google searches in Excel expert forum ... maybe he is still active there... ( gl ! ) Ok, must do some work, too :-) ! If you dont find Peo, I will try to help you, I however couldnt find a pm button at your post ?
  6. Ha, years after dropping out I accidently found a page where a guy claimed several different .lmps from even different guys as "being played by him". His motivation ?
  7. Thank you ! Ok that s the other way to understand the post. Since I write a lot in German (music) forums ( in German of course ! ) I know that there are a lot of misunderstandings even when writing in mother tongue. However I just had some silly UV E1M1 tries with prboom and think as a serious guitar player you cant play doom :D .. Too much hard skin on the fingers, haha I also understand that our demos more than 10 years ago are really things for kids now. We felt the same with f.e. Jonathan Hunter or other H2h heroes... The demos I just watched ( ep1 uv and nm ) are really very impressive and good. Great precision, some new much shorter routes. But still I think one can never be sure that evth has been recorded correctly. Or is this a theme which is tabu here ? Than sorry. For me the simple possibility *that* there is a poss. to cheat was enough to steal my last motivation to record anything. ( But probably I would have stopped anyway ) How are you guys dealing with that ?
  8. wosn do los ? ;-) mia kennen uns ? @VinceDSS Think I remember you, you were part of a fdoom collection recording team, right ? @Kristus: If I understand you right, you probably understood me wrong.
  9. Hoi folks, I just found all this when I accidently found a demo of mine on you tube. Fuck :-D really ... I *never* would have thought that *anybody* still plays that damn game ... haha Take care guys. And remember: *Never* change your route ... a "steffen" tip ;-)