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  1. Maybe it'll be fast paced or have better recreations of the original weapons and monsters. I would love to see that.
  2. Nah. We'll have JarJar singing " mesa gungan style". But seriously, a new star wars film would be cool if it covered the yuuzhan vhong war. Also, did you know Jacen Solo gets killed by his own sister after becoming a with lord?
  3. deepthought

    favorite multiplayer maps?

    What are the funnest maps you've played multi player on ( any game, any mode) For me; Dm on Plutonia map04 caged Ctf Ut99 facing worlds Dm Anything on heretic Ctf on Ut99 cybrosis
  4. deepthought

    Quake 1 Reboot?

    Get American McGee back, and all will be fine.
  5. Non boring levels. Cough... DOOM3 cough...
  6. deepthought

    Protecting Children from Internet Pornography Bill

    free webcams in monitors can always be coverer with duct tape...
  7. deepthought

    do YOU have an epic gameplay song?

    I usually don't listen to external music while playing single-player unless i need an extra boost, but it definitely helps on multiplayer.
  8. deepthought

    do YOU have an epic gameplay song?

    OK so i've noticed that some music just totally ramps up my skill for soe reason. my epic gameplay songs are: Basshunter: Dota, Boten Anna, Camilla (kind of), and All i Ever wanted, in her eyes, i miss you Skid Row: 18 and life (no idea why. don't ask) Metallica: Day that never comes, the struggle within, Holier than thou (kind of) Christia schneider: ich bin dein gummibar tune up: bounce,raver's fantasy DJ splash: Flying high DJ mangoo: Eurodancer some Cascada, i'm still experimenting with that. Anybody else have any epic gameplay songs? any idea why they increase your performance?
  9. deepthought

    skulltag translocator

    would it be possible to make a mod for skulltag that would add something similar to the translocator from unreal tournament? one of my friends and i had so much fun doing translocator jousting trying to telefrag each other in UT, and want to do it in doom. of course it would look a bit more hellish looking.
  10. deepthought

    why can't i pick up my weapon?

    i am such a dipshit. i was using noclip to get to an outside area to spawn the weapon for debugging, and forgot to take it off.
  11. deepthought

    why can't i pick up my weapon?

    i've created a flamethrower with DECORATE script, but when i run over it i can't pick it up. here's the code. actor dbflamethrower : DoomWeapon replaces grenadelauncher 3080 { Game Doom Weapon.SlotNumber 5 +Weapon.dontbob Weapon.SlotPriority 2 spawnid 255 Weapon.selectionorder 500 Weapon.AmmoUse1 2 Weapon.AmmoUse2 3 Weapon.ammotype1 "gascanister" Weapon.ammotype2 "gascanister" Weapon.AmmoGive 50 Obituary"flamed" +WEAPON.NOAUTOAIM states { Spawn: FLTR B -1 stop Ready: FLTR A 1 A_WeaponReady loop Deselect: FLTR A 1 A_Lower loop Select: FLTR A 1 A_Raise loop Fire: FLTR a 3 A_FireCustomMissile("burningnapalm",0,true,10,10,0) //FLTR a 1 A_FireCustomMissile("fakenapalm",0,false,10,10,0) //FLTR a 1 A_FireCustomMissile("fakenapalm",0,false,10,10,0) FLTR A 0 a_refire goto Ready AltFire: FLTR A 3 A_FireCustomMissile("napalmball",0,true,10,10,0) FLTR A 0 a_refire Goto Ready } } what's wrong here! thanks!
  12. deepthought

    monster targeting problems

    I created a new version of the mancubus. here is the missile code: Missile: FATT G 20 a_facetarget FATT A 0 a_jump(128,"fireball") Goto wet fireball: Fatt H 2 a_custommissile("burningnapalm",30,10) Fatt I 2 Fatt H 2 a_custommissile("burningnapalm",30,-10) Fatt I 2 Goto See wet: FATT G GGGGGGGGGGGGGG 5 a_custommissile("napalmball",35,0,0) FATT H 2 FATT I 3 a_custommissile("burningnapalm",30,10) goto see the problem is, when it jumps to wet, the mancubus turns with me whenever i fire, instead of continuing to fire where i was. why is that?
  13. deepthought

    help [trying to make my own weapons and sprites]

    you just have info for everything, don't you, Gez? i didn't know that about the shift key. @yellowmadness54: go with gimp. it's free, it's simpler, it runs faster, and it's just plain BETTER.
  14. deepthought

    grenades bouncing

    how would i use DECORATE to make a grenade or other bouncing actor spawn something whenever it bounces.
  15. deepthought

    projectiles spawning projectiles

    for some reason just normal spawnitem worked. how would i get a grenade to do something, like leave a fire when it bounces?