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  1. E_O


    I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.
  2. E_O

    Doom Training

    I'm currently practicing my keyboarding skills by playing some Doom95 UD on Nightmare. No saves. It's pretty fun.
  3. E_O

    Chocolate Strife Beta 1 now available

    Odd. Chocolate Doom has no graphical problems running on my Win7 x64 machine (with a NVidia card), but Chocolate Strife does. EDIT: clarified
  4. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12438355 Yeah, so I guess the military is stepping in until elections in September, unless they decide to change the date or something. Thoughts?
  5. E_O

    Chocolate Strife Beta 1 now available

    Finally! I'll play it in the morning and post my thoughts. Kudos to Quasar, fraggle, and whoever else worked on this project. Keep up the hard work, guys!
  6. E_O

    Favorite Doom Music

    The 3DO music is badass. PSX/Doom64 gets a honorable mention, but the music and sounds are much more suited to Doom64 than UD.
  7. E_O

    Doom Builder 2.1.0 released

    Great. Downloading right now. Also, I'm glad that stair builder plugin is finally finished. Haven't been following it for a while. But hey, now I can make awesome spiral-y staircases with ease!
  8. E_O

    OBLIGE 3.57 Released

    Pretty awesome release. Just generated a good episode 1 replacement. It's mostly techbase style rooms with sections going across the planet's surface. I like how it keeps a constant theme throughout. The only problems were that secrets don't seem to work and the boss maps aren't randomly generated. Are you going to work on a bigger variety of boss maps for the next release? EDIT: Apparently, I generated an entire three episodes with that last one. I'll play it and put it up for download if it's good.
  9. E_O

    Character battle! Vote for your fave!

    Pffft, everyone knows that curly bracket is the supreme character.
  10. E_O

    Pokemon Black - Creepy edition

    What are you talking about? *googles* Well I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyway
  11. Hey Hellbent, can you make this into a avatar? Thanks.
  12. E_O is short for "electric otter", which is sort of a inside joke between me and a couple friends, and is also a phrase meaning "drug induced, or having to do with drugs". Plus, the underscore makes it cooler. The avatar... well, I like Fallout 2. So yeah. (I might get a better one when someone uploads Avatar from Ultima. Heh. Avatar avatar.
  13. E_O

    Memorable Game Characters

    X and Cheeseball - Exile III Jazz Jackrabbit - Jazz Jackrabbit 1 and 2 Barzhal - Geneforge 2 Jools - Cannon Fodder JC Denton - Deus Ex
  14. E_O

    Skill level 6 speculation

    Pretty fun. Lasted until about halfway through MAP02 when I got rocketed by a Imp in the damned dark area with all the barrels. I think it could have gone a step further and made all the enemy Shotgun Guys.