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  1. WhiteMagicRaven


    There is some works from my grandfather and my mother, they allow to use it in games. =) Preview https://yadi.sk/d/w6MTrQr0kDTUw Hi-resolution https://yadi.sk/d/Cyz8tlu4kDT9L If some have mood you can extract from these images a lot of good resources.
  2. WhiteMagicRaven


    Its my first attempt to making sprites. Will be good if it used in Zauberer or Blasphemer or somewhere else =)
  3. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    Having Zerker (or invite him) scripts (sorry i don't know either python & doom map format) can we convert ShadowCaster maps to lets say HeXen maps (because hubs, and polyobjects doors). Lets start from maps, and there is already many attempts to create, re-create shadowcaster monsters. We can't build it already as identetical, look at zblood (its poor Blood TC, but now its getting much more close to original Blood), lets start from something just. ruinsa.map-map(simple32x32 map fmt wolf3d) ruinsa.arc-(monster defenitions) - i think there is stored all infos about monsters ruinsa.crt-creatures(monsters) - monster placements on map ruinsa.dor-doors(teleports) ruinsa.itm-items(pickups) ruinsa.ojt-objects(obelisk) ruinsa.scr-script(music-actions on obelisk) i am trying to backport shadowcaster demo maps into shadowcaster cd, so with that i am understand some part of *.map files, if i discover more will post, also actors of monsters can be taken from manual, it has some numbers on how it speed, damage... etc the demo maps incompatible with cd version, does floopy and cd compatible to each other? There is demo from 11 October 1993 and from 15 October 1993, i have floppy and CD and PC-98 floppy, but not PC-98 CD, if something can be helpful i can post. PC-98 is not so far from DOS. Also you can edit RAVEN.EXE find ruinsa.map and ruinsa.MAP and replace it to any other map lets say temple.map and temple.MAP if map name is shorter than ruinsa.map dont forget to write 0x00 to terminate string with \0 so you can start game from other map. I have found cheat codes by using CheatEngine, i can upload *.CT files CheatTables, one cheat of them is GOD. I am still believe its possible because we have: RLE0 - Run Length Encoding Zero Based its described on internet in many places Great Progress at ShadowCaster Many peoples that is very talanted, i re-readed entire topic including previous too, that closed now. Doom source code, Rise of the triad (ROTT) source, Wolf3d source, In-Purist of Greed source code, there is many peoples who re-created doom:test,pre-alpha,alpha,beta versions for zdoom, so they know binary in details, some of doom old versions released just recently. Also there is russians\ukrainians who interested in this game at hexen-game.ru and here vk.com/shadowcaster If i discover something new\interesting will post...
  4. WhiteMagicRaven

    Chocolate Doom

    There is master server with chocolate-servers http://master.chocolate-doom.org/ I want to extend IDE to show these servers. What i should know? like master server IP, stuctures that sends from program and master servers. How is that all works. P.S. Also will be nice to do the same with Doomsday engine.
  5. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    Okay. Having Raven Engine that used in ShadowCaster, does it posible to find how resolution 320x200 coded and hack/patch shadowcaster to make this game use 640x400 resolution?
  6. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    There is just Empty game engine? ShadowCaster Engine (Engine For ShadowCaster) but not ShadowCaster Source Code Itself. But this is helpful? Did you used it somehow? Usable?
  7. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    WoWoWoW What i found please read carefully =0 https://archive.org/details/GreedSource The game used ShadowCaster Engine from Raven and its contain source code and RavenEngine source. What?
  8. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    I am also ripped PC-98 Version music of shadowcaster http://raven-05.narod.ru/ P.S. There is another Raven Software game resources
  9. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    Also something interesting i found. http://www.zerker.ca/zzone/2012/11/10/shadow-caster-maps/ If anyone wants manual it at https://archive.org/details/vgmuseum_origin_shadowcaster-cluebook http://www.zerker.ca/zzone/?s=shadowcaster
  10. WhiteMagicRaven

    Shadowcaster modding 2: the remoddening

    Hello, first of all i am sorry for bumping that. I still have some questions left: The CD-ROM Version have lumps that RLE0 Compressed, any one managed to uncompress? Does parts of source code helped that mentioned here? http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_source_code_files http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Rise_of_the_Triad The Wolf3D source code has RLE mentioned in file ID_CA.C And ROTT source has RLE to on RT_TED.C and HACKER.TXT Anyone has a ShadowCaster PC-98 CD-ROM version? I Have PC-98 floppy, the music is different there. I am have these resources at http://raven-05.narod.ru/ But i am still very interested what lies beyond RLE0 P.S. About another Raven Games. Black Crypt, ripped images trough UAE Save states, any one know how to rip them directly from bcdf? files. Edit: Searched in game files, found: Googled RLE0 found many things: Some of themhttp://compressions.sourceforge.net/Auxilary.html
  11. WhiteMagicRaven

    Black Crypt Resources

  12. WhiteMagicRaven

    Heretic III / HeXen III

  13. WhiteMagicRaven

    Hexen Beta Resources

    If anyone interest in hexen resources that never seen before go look here http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=28369
  14. WhiteMagicRaven

    Hexen : Curse of the demon lord. (A sequel)

    You can browse Hexen Beta resources, you will find some new graphic element that never seen before. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=28369 Awesome Project
  15. WhiteMagicRaven

    Hexen and Heretic, what are they like?

    I am huge fan of all Heretic's and HeXen's games. Love them ^.^