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  1. As title says =) There is mac os classic Pangea Software games , get ported to Windows , Linux, Mac OSX The games are: Nanosaur Bugdom MightyMike OttoMatic CroMagRally BillyFrontier https://github.com/jorio/ And there is also Enigmo Deluxe Edition - which is also a port of Enigmo to Windows i forget where i found it the file name "Enigmo_Deluxe_Windows.zip" Jorio is done very top quality work on it, thanks. The games is beautiful, and enjoyable =)
  2. WhiteMagicRaven

    Console exclusive levels?

    Great conversion , thank you <3
  3. WhiteMagicRaven

    Console exclusive levels?

    oh wow thanks, from wiki i found xbox maps so it seems then left unconverted is: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/MAP16:_Tower_of_Babel_(Console_Doom) p.s. ah it a same map as hell gate
  4. WhiteMagicRaven

    Console exclusive levels?

    I find out this https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Category:Console_exclusive_levels I found GBA Maps converted to PC doom, is there another one ? Did they all converted or some else is left exclusive? Can you point me to right topic?
  5. WhiteMagicRaven

    if you love ShadowCaster or CyClones or Necrodome

    I also find out "DOSBOX Staging" it gives us fast performance, so games like Desperabis and Chasm works almost on full speed, if only DOSBOX Staging with glide support we have somewhere? it would be epic that allows Pyl to be played with much more FPS. This Staging version also fixes Corridor 7 palette cycling animations , making palette cycling works on constant speed. I find dosbox staging because there is chasm portable edition on moddb and it includes this staging version with right settings in conf file, it even can be a little bit faster if you set cycles to "max 105%" in conf file. the right settings are: core=dynamic cputype=auto cycles=max 105% cycleup=10 cycledown=20
  6. WhiteMagicRaven

    if you love ShadowCaster or CyClones or Necrodome

    Dust/Pył - most heavy dos game from Poland and only in Polish language its considered for Poland only and never released/advertised/sells in other countries , that makes this game unknown/and obscured by time as no one noticed, the English patch is on vogons, it uses 3dfx voodoo glide heavily under dos with lens flare/ optical distortion/ detailed textures/ particles - this is like Unreal, sadly this not know. And game play is enjoyable (if you have native dos powerful machine!, or uses qemu 3dfx passtrough approach) Original developer wanted to port it to windows (in our modern times) but abandoned, sad, that was really a good game that should make return. And had second chance with several language adaptations and easy to use.
  7. WhiteMagicRaven

    if you love ShadowCaster or CyClones or Necrodome

    I find out that there is Hovertank 3D and Corridor 7 is also attractive games, ah if they have source port would be epic. also found german old freeware dos game Desperabis also very cool looking game , and it heavy on system resources as Chasm and Pyl.
  8. WhiteMagicRaven

    What are you listening to?

    Within Temptation, Yello, Enigma
  9. WhiteMagicRaven

    Hexen - ELV Project (high quality 3D mod for Doomsday)

    Love very much that project =) Excellent work
  10. This video also features a many other weird Total Conversions. I wanted to ask either for helps: Is there exist somewhere Heretic GP32 fixed version? The original WAD has problems like invisible stairs, and some level is extremely hard to finish, it has a down town with many buildings and one buld have crack trough which you can go to get key. this crack covered by same texture above as rest textures of this build. This makes this conversion imposible to finish. Or someone can fix this wad? and even more include a next level going on this video a wad herhexen.wad and HereticGP32.wad needed to be fixed.
  11. WhiteMagicRaven

    HeXen various official port additions

    For over years i tried to extract resources from various official hexen ports like macintosh, nintendo 64, playstation, sege saturn, etc. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yRu3cbs81bsdFuNxdhxd-209XSEGk6Tk The mod Hexen64Text_V1.pk3 which shows N64 intro text between levels is not my development , i have Hexen64Text_V1-sega-patch.pk3 this adds animated chaos sphere background from sega saturn to N64 in between level texts. usage gzdoom -file Hexen64Text_V1.pk3 Hexen64Text_V1-sega-patch.pk3 I have HeXen 64 Trees, leafs, Title Screen. Macintosh music, yes mac version sounds different. Sega saturn two sounds that different - Glass and Bell.
  12. WhiteMagicRaven

    Fake bilinear texture filtering

    I developed Reshade shader that will emit (mimic) bilinear texture filtering look https://github.com/WhiteMagicRaven/fakebilinear2 this is for pixelated games to make them look like it have texture filtering https://postimg.cc/Yv60CMgT https://postimg.cc/mhTg80vS https://postimg.cc/w3rn7NQs
  13. Translation done. Engines for this game is called 'T3D' http://www.vr3d.net/ Actually 3D Hero can be played in First Person mode, just press F10 several times, no hud gun just. As i spot a T3D engine partially based on Doom & Heretic disassembled o reverse engineered code. A lot of Heretic data inside of main exe's of all games. As Heretic/HeXen lover i would like to see this game to be much closer to heretic or/and hexen, if they whenever will be ported/re-created engine, like mars3d hope @jval can do it whenever in future. P.S. Miracle i have good luck today, whole free time and no electricity shutdowns in Ukraine today, letted me to finish it =) Tao.7z The 3D Hero indeed have much better artistic and level design, but to be honest i like both very much, just love fantasy =)
  14. WhiteMagicRaven

    Story behind your nickname?

    i have a very weird nick XD. Story: first time i had PC on 96 (i was 10 years old, before i played on Dendy a NES clone) me and my friend start playing Heroes of Might and Magic 1 he named himself Medic and i was stuck here, i wanted to use nickname 'Crow' (because i very like a film CROW - Brandon Lee), but this is too gothic and i think wearing that nick will be magnet for bad things. And i used an 'Art' nickname then (as Ukrainian i didn't know English very well), and ART because i like to draw , i draw monsters from Corridor 7, mazes , animals, and new levels for Lode Runner (util 2002, i lost my house with all my Art's, and nick became unrelated). In 2002 i had disk cd-rom with HeXen game, and i quickly realized that Crow can be replaced with Raven. I used 'RaVeN' nickname to be funky of each big letter exactly , played a lot of Quake 3 , and i been just crazy with that. in 2006 i connected to internet for first time XD. And what i wanted is to find out is there HeXeN lovers here? i find site hexen.clan.su now a hexen-game.ru i had nostalgia of hexen for this time so strong. I registered as RaVeN. After i start realizing that i have difficulties to register as RaVeN on other forums (nickname was used before me) i start use 'RaVeN-05' nickname, but its looks aweful. I didn't like it. I like number 5 - V in middle of nick is 5 =) I wanted to use 'BlackMagicRaven', but again i think its just obvious (and by hype of Gothic sub-culture can be used by someone), i find out White-Gothic sub culture, and i trough lets change to White, and White is good side, and to be honest i lovely and friendly person so that is best fit to me. and now i 'WhiteMagicRaven'