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  1. WhiteMagicRaven

    if you love ShadowCaster or CyClones or Necrodome

    Hello , Recently Necrodome released on GoG and Steam, i am created patch that re enables multiplayer and other fixes read more at steam https://steamcommunity.com/app/2464680/discussions/0/3875968426430661935/ PATCH4.7z PATCH6.7z PATCH7.7z
  2. WhiteMagicRaven

    if you love ShadowCaster or CyClones or Necrodome

    some news: ShadowCaster - there is youtube channel appeared with new attempts of recreating game https://www.youtube.com/@ShadowChaserEngine i am have shadowcaster pc-98 floppy game version, i want to have a full CD-ROM version of ShadowCaster for PC-98. CyClones - game is released by SNEG and now available on GOG and Steam Necrodome - game is released by SNEG and now available on GOG and Steam additional: HeXen II - 1.08 rare version now found. a Rendition Verite vh2 1.11 now have wrapper a RReady. i am released hexen2 video
  3. i want ShadowCaster, CyClones, Necrodome to be remastered .
  4. WhiteMagicRaven

    my streams =)

    I decided to stream various games , but one common things for them , they use rare hardware. So all the games i am stream is can not work without that hardware . I would be very glad if some one can join ))) All hardware is un-emulated or do not have wrappers. So on regular PC these games or game versions will not work. Today i start Quake II for Rendition Verite video card, It uses RRedline API , unlike OpenGL or Software-render , it looks different .
  5. WhiteMagicRaven

    The All-Ghosts Glitch

    Seems that all ghosts glitch (The Intercepts Overflow) also happens in Heretic (its DSDA ) https://clips.twitch.tv/SpotlessPuzzledOctopusEleGiggle-7ih-WpeylH-kGDAc
  6. WhiteMagicRaven

    The All-Ghosts Glitch

    if melee attacks (fist , chainsaw works? ) that it meant to be the icon of sin can be passed quickier, by voiding directly to romero head . And any level that requires punch button to exit!!! incredible find out, i experienced that glitch in 1996 in my childhood!!! Did Melee from doomguy works?
  7. WhiteMagicRaven

    Asked TPGtahC<- about ShadowCaster: what i got

    Is there any progress? Or at least hope of? of that port @jval I want you to see that =) its also based on Raven-Engine as In Pursuit of Greed, Just look. There is tons of attempts Well several ideas: There is PC-98 ShadowCaster maybe this can be reverse enginered easier that msdos? I asked at Facebook about source code , contacted to Brian A Raffel . He says its on EA (Electronic Arts, they absorbed Origin ) Asked EA , they have no clue about that game. Asked Infinity CO. LTD (a company that get ported ShadowCaster to PC-98) https://www.infinity-soft.co.jp/?page_id=119
  8. ME: ShadowCaster ShadowCaster is a first-person action-adventure game developed by Raven Software and published by Origin Systems in 1993. The game was released for MS-DOS and was later ported to the Macintosh. In ShadowCaster, players take on the role of a human who has been transformed into a shapeshifting creature by a sorcerer named Malkil. The game takes place in a fantasy world called the Land of Twilight, and players must explore various dungeons, cities, and wilderness areas while battling enemies and solving puzzles. One of the unique features of ShadowCaster is its shapeshifting mechanic. Players can transform into various creatures with different abilities, such as a wolf for increased speed and agility, or a dragon for increased strength and firepower. The game also features a branching storyline with multiple endings, depending on the choices the player makes throughout the game. ShadowCaster received positive reviews upon its release, with critics praising its innovative shapeshifting mechanics and engaging storyline. However, the game did not achieve the same level of commercial success as other games of the time, such as Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Nevertheless, it remains a cult classic among fans of 1990s PC gaming. ME: did this game have source port? Yes, ShadowCaster has been ported to modern systems via source ports created by the game's fan community. One of the most popular ports is called "ShadowCaster: Remastered", which was created by a fan named James Monroe and released in 2019. ShadowCaster: Remastered updates the game's graphics and sound to modern standards, while also adding new features such as mouselook and support for widescreen resolutions. The port also includes bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, such as a smoother difficulty curve and a more intuitive user interface. The source code for ShadowCaster was released by Raven Software in the early 2000s, which allowed fans to create these ports and mods. This has kept the game alive and relevant to this day, nearly 30 years after its original release. ME: Where i can download source code? Unfortunately, the official source code release for ShadowCaster by Raven Software is no longer available for download. It was originally released in the early 2000s as part of a promotion by the now-defunct website 3D Realms, and it was available for a limited time only. However, the source code was downloaded by many fans during the short period of availability, and it has since been shared and used to create various fan-made mods and ports of the game. If you are interested in creating your own port or mod of ShadowCaster, I recommend searching online for the many resources and communities that have formed around the game. There are several websites and forums dedicated to ShadowCaster, where fans share information and resources related to the game's source code and modding scene. ME: Can you give link where it been, i will look on archive.org I apologize for any confusion. Upon further research, it appears that the ShadowCaster source code was not officially released by Raven Software or 3D Realms. Instead, it was leaked online by an unknown individual, and has since been used by the game's fan community to create various mods and ports. As such, I cannot provide a link to an official source code release, as there is none. However, there are many fan-made versions of ShadowCaster available online, including the aforementioned ShadowCaster: Remastered, which you may be able to find through a quick online search.
  9. from the other side its good idea to make 32bit renderer i mean : there is lookup table like doom has (i guess in theory) its 256 multiplied by 256 so it has all color mixes, but this is purely 8bit and makes color banding, its makes color shades steps between very notacible. if only its possible to generate that lookup table in 32bit mode, before even game draws something. And use it, or even better precache it to current directory of game. This makes dark shades more smoothed, like dark far for, darkened sectors, flickering lights. Only fullbrighted objects is uptodate with true palette . In theory it sounds easy. Well the game very beautiful. I am decided to replay even more again XD. especially second episode, its gem, who might think? unexpected to find that game.
  10. 1. Seems Engine does not understand \n as a new line. 2. Here i would like to see Platforms that move up or down (lifts) to be smoothed, moves choppy now. 3. LEVEL 3 flamethower originaly have 11 ammo on pickup i switch to another weapon, plays a lot on same map, switch back to flamethrower and it has 1 ammo. so ammo disappeard itself. 4. Got crash on level 4 just once, no more it happens. 5.Here is something wrong in slope drawing on ceiling, at far distance (almost darkened out), come close its ok, moving away crashes slopes to be visible trough other surface's. 6. When i start second episode Freshely, just first level, it shows me "mission sucessful!" hmm, that was odd, but not necessary. 7.MUSIC always the same , please make every new level invoke next music track (unique track), pressing F7 (next music track button) to often repeats same music track. Need to be pressed several times to change track to next.
  11. WhiteMagicRaven

    Nuance rare emulator get updated

    The Doom official seems to be planned , if google deeply you can even fond that , but it will not work in emulator currently.
  12. WhiteMagicRaven

    Nuance rare emulator get updated

    A new emulator was born, Nuance a Nuon DVD player+Gaming Console tied together. Has 3D Accelerated Graphics. Merlin Racing Iron Soldier 3 https://github.com/andkrau/NuanceResurrection More details https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuon_(DVD_technology)