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  1. I don't have and it never crashed for me again.
  2. while lift going down can't jump. in dos version its possible uninterpolated sprite movements on lifts https://clips.twitch.tv/PiercingConsiderateCroquetteCoolStoryBro-kpsKc-hthPH5sH-9 not correct ceil collision https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudVivaciousKumquatMVGame-rhntcDaU94sufONw game crashed after recycling my self in episode 3 map 2 just once i think https://clips.twitch.tv/AmericanExquisiteDonutTBTacoRight--_oUM8xMm9EGgwRX
  3. There is no status after completion first level (status like in doom when you finish map, before new one) The dos version require's to visit more rooms than source port, it not confirmed but feels like in source port game has a less object to collect. stuck , sometimes after killing enemy their placement unpassable https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticAssiduousPigeonBCWarrior-LrGJ2eAQF3gF2FQK https://clips.twitch.tv/RealOddFrogPupper-ddK4NEDqUTS2nGSn flying blood https://clips.twitch.tv/DaintyInspiringHerbsImGlitch-qxtliTNFcN_3949V extra volume? https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxyEmpathicKuduAMPEnergy-ypwjbjXVghFJNYQF unkillable https://clips.twitch.tv/TangiblePolishedWatercressPastaThat-RKEN3-Nm5qiZlrBM
  4. Thank you very very much =)
  5. WhiteMagicRaven


  6. Next things i spot: 1. flowing items that spawns on spawn point can be smoothed i guess 2. various projectiles smooth 3. level 3 save/load cause disappear a big robot 4. crashed with level 3 link to stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1244909156 (1:18:00 to 1:18:30) 5. a intermission and briefing missing between levels
  7. Another ideas: Blood sprites animation can be smoothed? i mean falling down and flows on walls. and already you know but it looks funny =) if you save game on lift when it fully downed and load it the engine loads lift on top most state, and while you in bottom it start pushing you slowly up on top of lift, during this process you can see all sprites on this level on black background =)
  8. thank you) ! another founded bugs, while i played it: if you enter in quit of menu and press Y so quickly it will not quit , only need to wait while confirm box stop animate. Also nice ideas if possible is add character select and difficulty select when you use no intro checkbox, or do not start game and take me to main menu =) mouse looking by Y axis is not so responsible, X much better handled thanks god) Also i agree with ReaperAA about Jump on space and e for use. And don't forget to add in to do list : strafe and turn or mouse move blocks movement thank you very much ) i very liked this game now maybe also check box for autorun reproduce door bus - for example choose episode 2 , open first doors, wait while it fully opened, start new game - and you will see it closed - its okay - but when you come closer you can pass trough texture without opening them, i think here is good point to test save load also.
  9. Thank you very much!!! )) tested and can report: in launcger still can't save, maybe its my pc problem, anyone else can confirm? : hud size not saves skip intro not saves sfx not saves music not saves custom not saves in game itself: strafing is without bobbing its actually original dos game bug and probably "crusher" or lift that should smash you on ceiling or floor - does not kill you , but push you to view outside map, actually you can escape, its not confirmed in full version , but in demo it behaves that way. sometimes when you fall of edge you can view outside map.
  10. walls always bright - in dos versions its shaded by dark fog like in doom save load bug while opened door - also happens in dos version, when you save game with opened doors and load it back - you will see it closed, and you can reopen them or they can be stuck but you pass trough texture.
  11. I playing with pleasure, thank you very much! =) While in Cap Lock mode (always run on) pressing shift should inverse it back to walk. (minor) Slope that change their angle probably should be updated every tic as lifts (minor) Weapon bobbing choppy, maybe possible make smooth too? (minor) Walk and run bobbing like in demo version (minor)
  12. Thank you, will try =) I think this blocking movement by un-ability to turn and strafe at same time or mouse turn and strafe comes from Raven-Engine itself, this is also happens in shadowcaster. P.S. Hmm i think when it will be fixed in xGreed probably it can be fixed in ShadowCaste by hex-editing of difference between xGreed with that problem and without. Its like i done with Heretic 2 unofficial patch, i just compiled quake2 unmodified and save their files, and compiled modified. Compared unmodified binary with modified and found difference, thd difference by unmodified quake2 i found in heretic2 also, and just pasted it into a modified quake2 part, and it works =) Catch it =)? difficult sounds , but it easy. P.P.S it works a mouse hack =) thank you P.P.P.S hahah =) i found ControlMovement function and comment // check strafe so it probably bug somewhere near this
  13. pressing on keyboard strafe and turn arrow blocks moving . Did there is possible to turn off Y mouse looking completely? Thanks a very great source port. =))) thank you so much!!!
  14. oh my god that was so awesome. And i found other bug: strafing and mouse looking not possible at same time, starfe blocking mouse somehow