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  1. From googling on internet i have found that there is Acorn Archimedes versions of these games released as Towers of Darkness: Heretic, Hexen & Beyond Interesting Details: Released as bundle of on CDROM and/or 3 Floppy discs: https://picclick.co.uk/Acorn-Risc-Os-Archimedes-Heretic-Bbc-Micro-Master-133532812850.html The Heretic probably has own CD-Audio tacks , but i really doubt, chances for this are extremaly low. https://web.archive.org/web/20090106160431/https://www.acornarcade.com/articles/Heretic_upgrades/index1179.html Here are some screenshots with and without texture filtering (as only preview images available i can't say where exactly it present or not. Here even official patch for Acorn Heretic Available to download https://www.acornarcade.com/downloads/ https://www.acornarcade.com/articles/News_archive_February_1999/index1189.html https://www.rcomp.co.uk/leisure/dload/dload.htm Here is review, from what we can see more Acorn Heretic or HeXen details http://www.acorn-gaming.org.uk/index.php3?p=Reviews/HH/index texture filtering enabled settings menu hexen Even more screenshots: http://www.ruffnecks.co.uk/reviews/commercial/h_and_h/ Interesting notes: not only hud can be optionally scaled , but also weapons, i like this idea of small in view weapon =) Antialiasing on map mode is also cool =) Fog and Dark fade looks like in QZDoom software mode in 24bpp. Also Acorn version can work on 8bpp and 24bpp graphical modes. For this link i mirror images in next post http://gerph.org/riscos/ramble/heretichexen.html
  2. WhiteMagicRaven

    Heretic and HeXen for Risc Acorn 32 bit computer

    or mirror http://raven-05.narod.ru/acorn/hexen-firstlevel-animated.gif
  3. Tested new version and i can say its great release. With raising limit i didn't take a crash. And controls gone more responsive , it not stacks on moving strafe with same direction on holding opositive key, a previous bug. (reported by Kinsie) tested on E for Episodes L for Levels e1l1 e1l2 e1l3 e2l1 e3l1 Class Dominatrix Skill Brainless For now an extensive testing neede. Thank you Jval and all the testers , helpers)
  4. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: xGreed.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 2a425e19 Fault Module Name: xGreed.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 2a425e19 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 000074af OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 8784 Additional Information 2: 878436044496082df4027a847df46309 Additional Information 3: 4c13 Additional Information 4: 4c13be2252fbc8cd07b06fff5c9f16af Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: xGreed.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 2a425e19 Fault Module Name: xGreed.exe Fault Module Version: Fault Module Timestamp: 2a425e19 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 000074af OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: ea49 Additional Information 2: ea49ec313c94cbeb9a35eddd051cc40a Additional Information 3: dfdb Additional Information 4: dfdb5accfae8e08a4bc4c0eb958d2862 Read our privacy statement online: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=104288&clcid=0x0409 If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline: C:\Windows\system32\en-US\erofflps.txt
  5. A great Thank you from Ukraine with love
  6. the one major problem is unability to use strafing with mouse movement at same time. mouse turning blocks keyboard strafing
  7. WhiteMagicRaven

    hexen reverse engineering resources

    Here i want look into hexen various versions deeply, and hope someone can help Apple Macintosh Mac OS HeXen - very interested in music Nintendo 64 HeXen 64 - in general there is everything i get but by using various emulators and plugins. Also wanted to dig into files in digital way, maybe something hidden can be founded. Kaiser if he willing can help extracting hexen 64 data i think, the wad itself i founded. Sony Playstation HeXen - in general there is nothing interesting , maybe except one or two sprites that look different, anyway interesting in digging in files itself, Vit Comapny is a russian pirate translators, they translated hexen to russian on playstation, i contacted to them unfortunatelly they told me "we lost app and source for reading writting files", previously able to read *.img files. there is PsyDoom developer(s) they i think can help if willing on extracting this files, convert to readable format. Kaiser also can help here if he willing. Sega Saturn HeXen - very interested in some sounds, they different to PC. Sega Saturn HeXen files: SND_DRV.BIN bin files seems to be executable files on saturn, from name of file this is sound driver, inside we have interesting string: "ADPCM SFX driver for SEGA SATURN. Written by Virtually Unreal Ltd. for Probe Entertainment Ltd.Copyright 1996 - Virtually Unreal Ltd.Produced for use in Die Hard Trilogy and Alien Trilogy ONLY!" which is point us to ADPCM is might be compression codec, on other side, later on sega appears codec 'SEGA CRI ADX ADPCM' can it be evolution of previous? For now , opening *.TRN files in cool edit or in audacity as raw with '6000hz 8bit mono signed' makes it hearable in better way than other attempts, weird, they still distorted. SDDRV.TSK string inside that file doesn't even get any clue what is might be. Probably related to audio driver also. "SEGA" "`@ver1.29i95/03/13SATURN(S) sampleNao V0.00i Kas V0.00b ." FMV.BIN from file name it appears to be a video player program, this is related to sound also somehow, strings mention to us a 'CPK' and CPK is video files. "SDDRV.TSK" "BOOTSND.MAP" "`CPK system is initialized. " "CPK system is not running." MAP04.LMP "001" "FireDemonAttack" "001" "Switch1" "SwitchOtherLevel" "_OL2" "_OL3" "_OL4" "_OL5" "ONE HALF OF THE PUZZLE HAS BEEN SOLVED" "ON THE SEVEN PORTALS" "STAIRS HAVE BUILT ON THE SEVEN PORTALS" "_EL2" "_EL3" "_EL4" "_EL5" "Ambient9" "LavaMove" "Ambient10" "ABADONE" "[2BLANK" "0! D_END2" "D_FIRE" "FIRE01" "FIRE02" "566" "FIRE03" "566" "FIRE04" "566" "FIRE05" "FIRE06" "FIRE08" "FIRE11" "FIRE12" "FIRE14" "566" "PLAT01" "PLAT02" "SKY4" "STEEL01" "SW_EL1" "##%#)'" "%%4'" "SW_EL2" "%%%%%%" "SW_EL3" "SW_EL4" "SW_EL5" "SW_OL1" "SW_OL2" "SW_OL3" "SW_OL4" "SW_OL5" "T2_STEP" "TPORT1" "GTPORT2" "PTPORT3" "&TPORT4" "TPORT5" "rTPORT6" "TPORT7" ""TPORT8" "\TPORT9" "WASTE03" "X_FIRE01" "X_FIRE02" "X_FIRE03" "X_FIRE04" PLOGO.CPK "FILM" "p1.06" "FDSC" " cvid" "STAB" this is movies on hexen saturn MAP11.LMP " ETTINS LEFT" "YOU WAITED TOO LONG, NOW YOU DIE!" "SwitchOtherLevel" "_OL2" "_OL3" "_OL4" "_OL5" "A DOOR OPENED ON THE FORSAKEN OUTPOST" "Ambient1" "Ambient2" "Ambient3" "Ambient4" "Ambient7" "ABADONE" "A BLANK" "CASTLE07" "FOREST01" "FOREST05" "SKYFOG" "SKYFOG2" "SW_OL1" MAP36.LMP "AAmbient1" "Ambient2" "Ambient3" "Ambient4" "Ambient5" "Ambient14" "Ambient12" "Ambient15" "ABADONE" "+HBLANK" "D_END2" "DOOR51" "PILLAR01" "PUZZLE1" "PUZZLE2" "PUZZLE3" "PUZZLE4" "SKY2" "STEEL02" "TPORT1" "TPORT2" "TPORT3" "TPORT4" "TPORT5" "TPORT6" "TPORT7" "TPORT8" "TPORT9" "UX_FIRE01" "X_FIRE02" "X_FIRE03" "X_FIRE04" MAP38.LMP "Ambient13" "Ambient12" "Ambient10" "ABADONE" "BLANK" "EUD_END2" "D_WD07" "MONK04" "SKY2" "STEEL02" "SW_1_MD" "SW_1_UP" "TOMB01" "TOMB02" "TOMB03" "TOMB04" "TPORT1" "GTPORT2" "TPORT3" "TPORT4" "LTPORT5" "TPORT6" "TPORT7" "hTPORT8" "TPORT9" "WASTE02" 0.BIN 0.BIN assembly code found inside 0.bin 0.bin.txt.zip BOOTSND.MAP probably a part of driver for audio NTSC_CPY.TXT NTSC_BIB.TXT NTSC_ABS.TXT SPRCINF.LMP it seems SPR means for Sprites, C - is Cleric , INF - info SPRMINF.LMP same as above but for Magic SPRFINF.LMP And Fighter CREDIT.TXT SPRCPAL.LMP probably a Palette file? Sprites Cleric Palette? SPRMPAL.LMP same as above but for Magic SPRFPAL.LMP Figher? ADVISOR.LMP Easy it can be added into WAD and slade will recognize it. DEMO1.LMP DEMO2.LMP DEMO3.LMP I added them from saturn to regular wad and tried to run in crispy hexen, its compatible, desync going because different geometry and monster placement. Much close demo play is demo3, i am sure its hexen dos compatible. SPRM.LMP Sprites Magic ? FLAMES.LMP SPRC.LMP Sprites for Cleric? SPRF.LMP Sprites for Fighter? MAP??P.TRN Sounds for each map in credits they compressed "SOUND FX COMPRESSION" "ROB HYLANDS" - if we can find him, probably he can answer on how to decode them INTERPIC.LMP Easy , import to WAD and slade show it, its hexen title screen in grayscale shades TITLE.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/TITLE.GIF SEGALOG.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/SEGALOG.GIF RAVEN.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/RAVEN.GIF IDLOGO.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/IDLOGO.GIF HEXLOG.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/HEXLOG.GIF GTLOGO.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/GTLOGO.GIF CRTEXT.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/CRTEXT.GIF CREDIT.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/CREDIT.GIF SPRMDAT.LMP This actually a hud sprites of Mage the file can be opened in Tile Molester as 4bit linear 2dimensional, graphic sliced to many pieces , like puzzle, it explains whe all 2d graphic is looks worse than on PC version, i think sprites stored somewhere in same manner. SPRCDAT.LMP Cleric hud weapons sprites. SPRFDAT.LMP Same for Fighter STATDAT.LMP 4bit linear contains Fonts, all the main menu graphics i think , hexen small logo, common in game hud graphics, etc. GENP.FIX General Player Sounds - same as TRN files, i think sound on sega saturn is lower quality than PC, as they can be compressed by lossy codec.\ Saving a SaveState in Yabashanshiro emulator makes sound inside a savestate file a less noisy , but its not she same as played in game. ORBS.LMP http://raven-05.narod.ru/ss/ORBS.GIF *.CPK is movies Compressed by Cinepak codec, it appears that visually they worse than Playstation movies in quality. MAP??.LMP Contains a textures in lower resolution than PC, Tile Molester can find them as 8bit linear 2dimensional.
  8. WhiteMagicRaven

    hexen reverse engineering resources

    @Kaiser @intacowetrust
  9. I don't have and it never crashed for me again.
  10. while lift going down can't jump. in dos version its possible uninterpolated sprite movements on lifts https://clips.twitch.tv/PiercingConsiderateCroquetteCoolStoryBro-kpsKc-hthPH5sH-9 not correct ceil collision https://clips.twitch.tv/ProudVivaciousKumquatMVGame-rhntcDaU94sufONw game crashed after recycling my self in episode 3 map 2 just once i think https://clips.twitch.tv/AmericanExquisiteDonutTBTacoRight--_oUM8xMm9EGgwRX
  11. There is no status after completion first level (status like in doom when you finish map, before new one) The dos version require's to visit more rooms than source port, it not confirmed but feels like in source port game has a less object to collect. stuck , sometimes after killing enemy their placement unpassable https://clips.twitch.tv/EnergeticAssiduousPigeonBCWarrior-LrGJ2eAQF3gF2FQK https://clips.twitch.tv/RealOddFrogPupper-ddK4NEDqUTS2nGSn flying blood https://clips.twitch.tv/DaintyInspiringHerbsImGlitch-qxtliTNFcN_3949V extra volume? https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxyEmpathicKuduAMPEnergy-ypwjbjXVghFJNYQF unkillable https://clips.twitch.tv/TangiblePolishedWatercressPastaThat-RKEN3-Nm5qiZlrBM
  12. Thank you very very much =)
  13. WhiteMagicRaven


  14. Next things i spot: 1. flowing items that spawns on spawn point can be smoothed i guess 2. various projectiles smooth 3. level 3 save/load cause disappear a big robot 4. crashed with level 3 link to stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1244909156 (1:18:00 to 1:18:30) 5. a intermission and briefing missing between levels
  15. Another ideas: Blood sprites animation can be smoothed? i mean falling down and flows on walls. and already you know but it looks funny =) if you save game on lift when it fully downed and load it the engine loads lift on top most state, and while you in bottom it start pushing you slowly up on top of lift, during this process you can see all sprites on this level on black background =)
  16. thank you) ! another founded bugs, while i played it: if you enter in quit of menu and press Y so quickly it will not quit , only need to wait while confirm box stop animate. Also nice ideas if possible is add character select and difficulty select when you use no intro checkbox, or do not start game and take me to main menu =) mouse looking by Y axis is not so responsible, X much better handled thanks god) Also i agree with ReaperAA about Jump on space and e for use. And don't forget to add in to do list : strafe and turn or mouse move blocks movement thank you very much ) i very liked this game now maybe also check box for autorun reproduce door bus - for example choose episode 2 , open first doors, wait while it fully opened, start new game - and you will see it closed - its okay - but when you come closer you can pass trough texture without opening them, i think here is good point to test save load also.
  17. Thank you very much!!! )) tested and can report: in launcger still can't save, maybe its my pc problem, anyone else can confirm? : hud size not saves skip intro not saves sfx not saves music not saves custom not saves in game itself: strafing is without bobbing its actually original dos game bug and probably "crusher" or lift that should smash you on ceiling or floor - does not kill you , but push you to view outside map, actually you can escape, its not confirmed in full version , but in demo it behaves that way. sometimes when you fall of edge you can view outside map.
  18. walls always bright - in dos versions its shaded by dark fog like in doom save load bug while opened door - also happens in dos version, when you save game with opened doors and load it back - you will see it closed, and you can reopen them or they can be stuck but you pass trough texture.
  19. I playing with pleasure, thank you very much! =) While in Cap Lock mode (always run on) pressing shift should inverse it back to walk. (minor) Slope that change their angle probably should be updated every tic as lifts (minor) Weapon bobbing choppy, maybe possible make smooth too? (minor) Walk and run bobbing like in demo version (minor)
  20. Thank you, will try =) I think this blocking movement by un-ability to turn and strafe at same time or mouse turn and strafe comes from Raven-Engine itself, this is also happens in shadowcaster. P.S. Hmm i think when it will be fixed in xGreed probably it can be fixed in ShadowCaste by hex-editing of difference between xGreed with that problem and without. Its like i done with Heretic 2 unofficial patch, i just compiled quake2 unmodified and save their files, and compiled modified. Compared unmodified binary with modified and found difference, thd difference by unmodified quake2 i found in heretic2 also, and just pasted it into a modified quake2 part, and it works =) Catch it =)? difficult sounds , but it easy. P.P.S it works a mouse hack =) thank you P.P.P.S hahah =) i found ControlMovement function and comment // check strafe so it probably bug somewhere near this
  21. pressing on keyboard strafe and turn arrow blocks moving . Did there is possible to turn off Y mouse looking completely? Thanks a very great source port. =))) thank you so much!!!
  22. oh my god that was so awesome. And i found other bug: strafing and mouse looking not possible at same time, starfe blocking mouse somehow