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  1. I'd suggest Lee Jackson of Apogee/3D Realms fame.
  2. Went straight for the Schilder video, as I had no idea that existed. Thanks for setting these up.
  3. Just started playing this and have been pleasantly surprised. For some reason, I keep thinking "this is what Blake Stone: Planet Strike should have been" (probably due to the particular fm synth bass in the first two levels.) I almost passed on playing initially due to the shotgun sprites, but if you're paying attention to the game instead of the weapons, they fade into periphery and work well enough. I do like the dual pistols, though a paint-over might improve them. The hammer is incredibly satisfying to use. I think the shotgun + dbl shotgun sfx are too quiet and indistinct, although they almost give the impression of blown ear drums, which is amusing. I've only played up to a little bit into map 3 so far, but I think I'm going to be replaying this set a decent amount into the future. I wouldn't worry about the sprites in the end--their charm increases with exposure.
  4. Deadly floor-drop traps (suddenly surrounded by chaingunners + revs (esp used multiple times in a map)). Also, maps that kill you for having the wrong weapon ready when going through a teleporter (or when the floor drops).
  5. Reiken

    Doom64 EX for Linux?

    I played through the whole game under Wine a year or two back, so I can vouch for that. I don't recall having to have done anything exotic, either.
  6. Reiken

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    Could Quake's software point lights be adapted to software Doom ports? Distance to source and geometry could play with the light diminishing palette-shifting, maybe even get green/yellow/red lighting from using the pain/etc palette changes. Could even try adding specular by taking the very top values of certain colors and shifting them into greyscale, only when point-lit.
  7. Reiken

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Nice, but I really prefer the earlier iteration of these animations where the front of the bfg doesn't oscillate. Very interesting to see that there are so many frames hanging around to cannibalize.. Vanilla + modern tooling and techniques just keeps getting better and more intriguing.
  8. Thanks both, these were a treat. The max runs reveal to me just how locked I was into linear thinking--I was surprised to see such improvements from roaming free. Appreciate it. I don't think I've played many wads with CC4 tex use (I tend to play older stuff) so I was a bit taken with them, heh. One of your runs made me realize I forgot step textures for some lower tex slots, too.. I'll make a note to begin texturing with shading turned off in the editor. I'm already getting ideas for overhauling the map, but might have to go limit-removing in the end (and if I did that, I'd be tempted to just go Boom-compat so I could experiment with lighting transfers, which I sorely realized I wanted in the crate area..). I'll see what I can do with strategically-placed void and flat budgeting, first. Thanks again for all the input.
  9. Thanks, demos are really invaluable for stepping out of one's own head and getting a fresh look. I completely overlooked that you could parkour over the low wall down into the water. Funnily enough, I stuck a teleporter down there very late into mapping because I realized someone might arch-vile jump down there, intentionally or no. As you noted, I do need to get a bit more creative with ambushes and not necessarily expect the player to throw themselves into pressure. I'm glad the white area came out well. The first building is really pretty boring, but by the time I'd come back to it, I was paranoid about visplane overflows which I'd already hit a couple of times. The early low monster count was an intentional touch for starter map atmosphere. By bad flat, you mean color/theme mis-match? I guess something like a lift flat would fit better, or have the column stop 8 units above the floor instead of recess totally. Heh, not sure how I missed the exit door's tracks. Thanks again.
  10. Terrible thread title I know, but this started as a quick speedmapping attempt that turned into weeks of absorption.. This is intended to be the first map of a future 4~5 map set for Vanilla, and I was hoping to get a bit of feedback on this map before jumping into the rest. It's a bit of a fairly linear blast fest, but I tend to like shorter maps you can readily replay to hone efficiency on, and so the map's designed around the mentality of aggressive pushing with bonuses acting vaguely like racing lines. I tried to balance health and ammo sufficiently to provide pressure, but with a fair amount of slack. HMP difficulty adds a pinch more of each, but with the last edits to the map it really shouldn't be a problem. I'm no speedrunner, but I'd be curious to compare times with others: My average UV MAX time for this map is probably 6:14, but in an earlier revision with minor map changes (exit corridor is like 32 units longer, now), I somehow managed 5:41, my lowest. I also got 1:31 in a pure speed run after a couple of attempts, but there was likely a lot of luck and RNG in my favor there. No demos unfortunately, but they'd be for older versions of the wad anyway (with identical gameplay), and I'm sure if any seasoned runners bothered, they'd eviscerate these. Tested mostly in Chocolate Doom, a fair bit in Eternity Engine, and a couple of times in PrBoom. Requires cc4-tex.wad (use '-merge cc4-tex.wad rkspbxr3.wad' instead of -file when using Chocolate Doom) rkspbxr3.7z
  11. Best to worst: Doom 2 Quake Duke 3D Blood (best Build game, but Duke is more relaxed and thus likely to get played) Shadow Warrior 2013 (I find this so enjoyable overall that I'm more likely to play it at random than the original, honestly.) Borderlands 2 (Very conflicted about where to put this one, so I'm sticking it here.) Hexen (This would be higher if *taurs didn't suck and it had a little more variety. Love Hexen.) Heretic Quake 2 Shadow Warrior (Excellent, but plays tend to be rife with stupid, annoying deaths.) Rage (would be higher without the clumsy item system, or even if it just used Heretic's system. Especially if it was longer/larger.) Fallout: New Vegas (this barely fits on the list, but gun/ammo collecting and usage is so fun in it despite its flaws as a part-FPS.) Wolf 3D Blake Stone Redneck Rampage (I went into it expecting shit, but I really like wandering the dusky maps and the alcohol & food armor & healing system. Guilty pleasure since most else about it tends to be substandard or bad (some of the more negative aspects of the Build engine are plain in this game.)) Doom 64 Sin ROTT ... Borderlands 1 (pretty dull, but solid enough) Operation Flashpoint (Excellent game, but it's a bit stressful and clunky) S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series (Not as clunky as above, but way more stressful (timed missions, etc) ) Jedi Knight: Outcast Jedi Knight: Alliance (It's been a long time since I played these, but I remember them being pretty fun.) Doom 3 (think I'll stick this here) Halo 1, 2 (dull, but undeniably entertaining to some degree) Duke Nukem Forever MOHAA (This has some total bullshit maps, but it's less aggravating than RTCW. Nice environments.) Dark Forces (Probably deserves to be a bit higher, but it's just not all that compelling a game to me, really.) Chasm: The Rift Planet Strike Eradicator Postal 2 (bad, but I'd rather replay it than the below games.) Half Life 2 Half Life 1 RTCW (dropped this one near the end after I got sick of the AI and damage model on whatever the UV-like difficulty was) Marathon series (horrific textures and some asinine level design) CyClones Painkiller Unreal II (demo was just awful) Bioshock series (dropped 1 due to cumulative annoyances) -- Multiplayer/botmatch: UT2K4 Q3A TF2 UT99 Left numerous games off due to redundancy/lack of playtime/list length/apathy/snubbing-though-omission/etc TPS: Max Payne Max Payne 2 ..can't think of any more
  12. Reiken

    Eureka 1.21 Released

    Is there a way to disable the 'magnetic' effect of the cursor in vertex mode? (the editor assuming you want a nearby line to dip down to the vertex you're trying to place a few units away) I'd like to do this while preserving snap-to-grid, but cannot find an obvious method of doing such. Edit: Seems I'm using 1.21 at the moment. If there was a checkbox or something added after that, I'll attempt building right away.
  13. Reiken

    A new website

    Just had an idea: what about a site that randomly populates a grid with thumbnails generated from random wads, daily? Build an executable that just warps to a map found in the wad and renders out a shot, possibly with -nomonsters. That'd be a neat novelty that might bring attention to overlooked maps. Maybe randomly choose to render the view from P1 Start pov or a random monster pov.
  14. Reiken

    DOOM II 32x PC MAPS Port

    Does the 32x port lack rotations for the rocket sprite? It's funny to see them come out backwards like that.
  15. Thanks, will give these a look.