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  1. MIDI only sounds as bad as whatever is used to render it, barring bad composition. Blame the DMX sound library, bad midi->mus conversion, and human variance in sample/synth libraries. (I know DMX is long-gone except for those running actual vanilla, and modern ports probably don't care if a midi has been converted or not, but hell, these have probably contributed enough to the perception of shitty midi (like the bugged ROTT tracks in HR))
  2. Not sure if it's still the case, but weren't there also rules on uploads to the idgames db preventing inclusion of mp3s due to concern for copyright infringement and/or suppressing filesize growth? That'd be another factor.
  3. I believe Duke3d's pigcop tanks and flying craft could be made to patrol waypoints--in fact, I'm not sure if the fliers were ever used without waypoints. If Wolf3d had started from its very inception as a pure arcade shooter, I wonder if it would have bothered with patrolling.. In a game without variable alarm state/stealth functions, patrolling is practically just graphical fluff to do neat things like having a patrol strolling away from you at the start of a map (loved when Quake did this.) edit: Actually, if you strictly define patrolling as waypoint-following before alert, I guess Wolf3d and Quake are the only true contenders so far.
  4. While we're on this subject, does anything know anything about an SGI graphics demo/game in the form of an FPS where the player character wielded a dip/fountain pen in place of a proper weapon? I think I saw something like this on TV at some point in the 90s, and seem to recall it using very high res textures and sprites.
  5. Replayed and beat Requiem totally legit this time (turns out that crusher corridor in MAP29 is totally doable after all..). Found Requiem more enjoyable and had no ammo problem this time around (not that I ever hated it). Finished up JPCP mostly legit (no-clipped through Space Port Panik after losing desire to play). Do hope to play more Burabo Jr. and Tooooooasty maps in the future. Now working on Hell Revealed, a replay of STRAIN, and HYMN for Heretic.
  6. Cyberdillo for its sloped floors and vibrant texturing second only to those of Marathon 2's for route obfuscation. PO'ed for its 3d level geometry and hand that wipes away accumulated blood on the hud when using the power drill. On a serious note, the Build games really take the cake (as previously noted multiple times). Even Redneck Rampage has a certain charm with its dusky atmosphere. That crazy, hacky engine just excelled at giving a sense of place. The ability to slap sprites onto geometry gave a kind of 'megatexturing' capability that doom ports still lack, as far as I'm aware. In hindsight, that might have been a neat thing to bolt onto UDMF...
  7. Maybe ghosted sabreclaws that become corporeal when attacking, with higher damage output. Possibly add a mild explosive radius on death (works with the death frames). Acid weredragons that fire fast, puddling streams of acid (multiple projectiles that fall in progressively shorter arcs, remain as small puddles on ground for a few seconds).
  8. Dredged up my login after I spotted this thread just to say thanks for keeping this editor going. Made my last map with it a year or two back, and just started another one. Since I've never had luck with any of the Doombuilders under WINE it's my only real option, and it's a fine replacement for my purposes. Seems I'm way behind, on v1.00. Guess I'll build 1.21 in a little bit.
  9. Might be able to get something workable with this formula: design for -fast monsters: *hordes of golems, gargs (with specific usage of nitro/fire variants--on fast, projectile shooters are going to sit there and keep firing. this could be interesting to explore since nitro golems won't hurt advancing normal golems, etc..) *groups of undead warriors, sabreclaws, weredragons, sorcerers *few ophidians, liches *Maulotaurs seem to have just a little too much hp. Maybe have one or two but only if significant infighting will soften them. make quartz flasks about half as rare as soul spheres tend to be, but provide potion caches, timebombs, lots of tomes, tons and tons of phoenix and claw orbs
  10. I love when corpse density is so high that you can barely see the floor, and then admiring the show of color when fireballs/rockets with light sources pass over them in ports where applicable.
  11. Thanks for this. Been using in my recent Heretic replay and it's just like I remembered--always loved this set's percussion. It's also inspired me to finally start playing around with sequencing..
  12. I've been replaying Heretic with the one from this thread, and it sounds just like the XP GM set to me (link at bottom includes sf2 and gus patch versions): Edit: SF2 might be the same as in the above post
  13. Hexen is the more unique experience between the two, and it sticks with you if you like it. Despite being more puzzle-y and atmospheric, it's still fun to replay and beat again from time to time.
  14. Heretic for upbeat action, Hexen for brooding adventure. Heretic is non-stop gargoyle and golem slaughter, Hexen is equal parts switch hunt and slugfest, each having its time and place.
  15. MAP05. Being an early map, it's highly memorable and pleasant to blast through at a quick pace. Indeed, I've pistol-started it countless times, and always use it to test things like sound replacement wads or graphical tweaks. The music is also one of Doom 2's most iconic pieces for me. At once foreboding and whimsical, exploratory. When I first heard the OST/SC-55(88) version I was blown away. The aesthetics are also pretty nifty. Finally, who can say no to the crowd of imps in that early pitch-black chamber facing away from you, all lined up for the SSG you just got?