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  1. It's a pity noone thought to encourage using a very simple markup scheme in txt headers way back, say: " [W]ad name: WOW.WAD [A]uthor: illusio-pit cyber [G]ame: ... " Index with the bracketed letters, ignore anything preceding a colon, then sanitize and do whatever with a truncated number of characters before the next newline+tag.
  2. I'm really liking the low-res PBR stuff like in this example. It's sort of like seeing in-the-flesh what one would imagine when looking at back-of-the-box screenshots all those years ago.
  3. I have yet to make a submission to the archive, but quite appreciate that it's remained stable and seems to have deterred legal and technical attacks. I think impatience with the process and protocol might overlook the efforts to assure the above, and the archive's long-term archival purpose (this isn't some passive-aggressive attack--some may simply not know, just as FTP is apparently being forgotten). I'd look at it as secondary back-up storage vs other more immediate options like Doomworld attachments.
  4. Good stuff. I'll spitball some questions/ideas below (Hope I'm not too late): * Any words on the inclusion of the more somber (yet beautiful--not entirely depressive) pieces like Mist Ache and Taskforce in ROTT? I imagine this may have lead to interesting discussion during development about appropriate music for an FPS, but I think they may well have left a lasting impression on many who played and liked ROTT to any degree. (I think they're amazing and create memorable sensations in-game.) * .. (Might add more later if I can think of some, just want to get these down.) * Not music related, but was he present to watch the evolution of the Build engine, and does he remember his impressions, if any from the early Duke 3D demos, or even other Build games? By the way, the Schilder interview was really great-- I think it's been my favorite so far. Edit: You may already know, but there's an error in the editing of the Tyrian interview. I forgot when it is, but I think it's after you ask about the composer's favorite piece from the game--after a few minutes or so it suddenly cuts and repeats the question, and then proceeds as normal to the end.
  5. Reiken

    Community Chest 64

    You don't have to do that--just avoid posting links to roms and such on here.
  6. Reiken

    Community Chest 64

    Mere linkage has killed torrent aggregators in court, so it doesn't really constitute a defense--it's already been tried. Also, there's nothing 'public domain' about any of this. Best leave it to others to locate the resources.
  7. Reiken

    Community Chest 64

    You realize this has to be themed around and possibly within a gigantic DOOM logo, right? (with some variation of the title music--maybe have some crazy mix of that and Club Doom made just for it, if possible..) Sounds good.
  8. I think a problem one would face with that would be that the sprites are already perspective-warped, so it's not just a matter of direct translation. Zombies and imps might be doable, but the arch-vile and spider mastermind would probably be nightmares with their spindliness. Significant redrawing/adjustment would be necessary, in '3d' and for each frame. disclaimer: I haven't touched voxels or this editor, but I think the point stands. It would be really amazing, though. ..Someone really ought to arrange for the digitization of what's left of the original sculptures.
  9. Update bump Edit: Probably should have re-detailed the blue key building a little more--kind of embarrassing how it barely changed at all, now. Oh well, probably better to spend that time on a new map, anyway.
  10. Will you be covering ROTT, as well (within the Duke interview, if necessary)? It has such great work in it--always thought Havana Smooth could be amazing live. Edit: 3:31 of Part 2 was priceless.
  11. More Heretic maps is always a good thing. Couldn't play this yesterday on account of a lingering headache, but I'll play it soon enough.
  12. Reiken

    What are you playing now?

    Recently blew through Fava Beans over a few hours, chewed through TVR! over a week or so, and started blasting away at Struggle. I'm also playtesting and adjusting the overhaul of my recent map, now that it's once again in a completable state. Struggle is great. ..Oh yeah, also did REKKR episode 1, which somehow cured my aversion to PrBoom+'s mouse handling, so I've been using that port a good bit lately. My builds of Chocolate Doom and Eternity had some issues with it, so it was PrBoom+ or nothing, since my gzdoom build somehow evaporated and I haven't felt like dealing with that yet. I really wasn't feeling REKKR at first, but it becomes a bit addictive after you get used to the brutal enemy damage output and such. There's some really nice map crafting in there (aside from a really obnoxious switch puzzle somewhere in E1 that I no-clipped. A six-switch lift puzzle with 3 of the switches separated by a non-trivial distance and oft-inaccessible? How about no.)
  13. I'd suggest Lee Jackson of Apogee/3D Realms fame.
  14. Went straight for the Schilder video, as I had no idea that existed. Thanks for setting these up.
  15. Just started playing this and have been pleasantly surprised. For some reason, I keep thinking "this is what Blake Stone: Planet Strike should have been" (probably due to the particular fm synth bass in the first two levels.) I almost passed on playing initially due to the shotgun sprites, but if you're paying attention to the game instead of the weapons, they fade into periphery and work well enough. I do like the dual pistols, though a paint-over might improve them. The hammer is incredibly satisfying to use. I think the shotgun + dbl shotgun sfx are too quiet and indistinct, although they almost give the impression of blown ear drums, which is amusing. I've only played up to a little bit into map 3 so far, but I think I'm going to be replaying this set a decent amount into the future. I wouldn't worry about the sprites in the end--their charm increases with exposure.