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  1. Maybe ghosted sabreclaws that become corporeal when attacking, with higher damage output. Possibly add a mild explosive radius on death (works with the death frames). Acid weredragons that fire fast, puddling streams of acid (multiple projectiles that fall in progressively shorter arcs, remain as small puddles on ground for a few seconds).
  2. Dredged up my login after I spotted this thread just to say thanks for keeping this editor going. Made my last map with it a year or two back, and just started another one. Since I've never had luck with any of the Doombuilders under WINE it's my only real option, and it's a fine replacement for my purposes. Seems I'm way behind, on v1.00. Guess I'll build 1.21 in a little bit.
  3. Might be able to get something workable with this formula: design for -fast monsters: *hordes of golems, gargs (with specific usage of nitro/fire variants--on fast, projectile shooters are going to sit there and keep firing. this could be interesting to explore since nitro golems won't hurt advancing normal golems, etc..) *groups of undead warriors, sabreclaws, weredragons, sorcerers *few ophidians, liches *Maulotaurs seem to have just a little too much hp. Maybe have one or two but only if significant infighting will soften them. make quartz flasks about half as rare as soul spheres tend to be, but provide potion caches, timebombs, lots of tomes, tons and tons of phoenix and claw orbs
  4. I love when corpse density is so high that you can barely see the floor, and then admiring the show of color when fireballs/rockets with light sources pass over them in ports where applicable.
  5. Thanks for this. Been using in my recent Heretic replay and it's just like I remembered--always loved this set's percussion. It's also inspired me to finally start playing around with sequencing..
  6. I've been replaying Heretic with the one from this thread, and it sounds just like the XP GM set to me (link at bottom includes sf2 and gus patch versions): Edit: SF2 might be the same as in the above post
  7. Hexen is the more unique experience between the two, and it sticks with you if you like it. Despite being more puzzle-y and atmospheric, it's still fun to replay and beat again from time to time.
  8. Heretic for upbeat action, Hexen for brooding adventure. Heretic is non-stop gargoyle and golem slaughter, Hexen is equal parts switch hunt and slugfest, each having its time and place.
  9. MAP05. Being an early map, it's highly memorable and pleasant to blast through at a quick pace. Indeed, I've pistol-started it countless times, and always use it to test things like sound replacement wads or graphical tweaks. The music is also one of Doom 2's most iconic pieces for me. At once foreboding and whimsical, exploratory. When I first heard the OST/SC-55(88) version I was blown away. The aesthetics are also pretty nifty. Finally, who can say no to the crowd of imps in that early pitch-black chamber facing away from you, all lined up for the SSG you just got?
  10. Hm, sorry--looks like my version of gzdoom was a little too old. Ran it in the latest and they don't get stuck (I also didn't run into that teleport trap before...) Looks like I might have to replay E1 & E2, which I won't mind.
  11. Grabbed this a day or two ago and have been having fun with it--I love atmospheric semi/total conversions (need to replay Beyond Reality one of these days..) I ran into some stuck worms and caco analogues in some E2M4 closets.
  12. I've been meaning to mention this for some time, and it seems like a good time now. I think one of Heretic's worst aspects (and I love the Raven games) is the crazy knockback, esp. with the Hellstaff. Is this due to low enemy mass or something else? It gets really frustrating trying to compensate for enemy drift when autoaim locks onto the monster's current position. This also makes the powered Hellstaff almost useless vs single targets if I remember correctly. Would be a good thing to think of addressing in any kind of re-balance/bestiary tweak mod, I think. I think Heretic is harder by the simple presence of Catafalque (E4M1). I never did beat the last two eps--should give em another try. Korax is a pretty disappointing boss with an incredibly ugly set of sprites on top of that. Something like a giant Heresiarch would have been much better. I wonder if it was originally Korax and they flubbed trying to replace it with something more alien and even more menacing? This would seem to align with the ending screen with the chessboard, which presumably shows the third brother's red demonic hand.
  13. The current color design makes it look like you're viewing the world through a Piss Christ filter. Re: 'cartoon' complaint: I think it's that the enemies don't look very threatening/look too "hollywood" in their movements. Some of the animations for the revenants, like the mid-air spin kicks while jet-packing (I swear I saw that at one point) are just ridiculous. They somehow appear too emotive, as opposed to being efficient killing machines exuding cold hatred. Basically they're applying techniques honed for convincing cartoon characters, human or comical beast, without enough adjustment for literal hellish wrath.
  14. Sudden thoughts on chainsaw, how I think it could work (but does not appear to:) The animations are clearly better than a "holding down + forward" animation loop and waiting for the enemy to die, but the grunts take too long to die from it. I propose: -grunts killed in .5 seconds or so, maybe less; killing 20~ jams up the chainsaw and renders it worthless (chainsaw becomes a multi-stage consumable) -chainsaw 'minigame' stays in and becomes an alternate means of dispatching larger foes, kind of like a lockpicking mini-game, but not a game-pauser.. -different types of large monsters would have different (and not-indicated) vital spots you have to cut toward and through to keep it stun-locked and eventually kill with. With experience, you can learn and memorize how to carve up a cyber, etc. as an amusing finisher to a room clearing. Saw jams up on completion/failure. Man, why is this so hard for corporate studios?
  15. (+ rest of post) Well said.