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  1. Reiken

    A new website

    Just had an idea: what about a site that randomly populates a grid with thumbnails generated from random wads, daily? Build an executable that just warps to a map found in the wad and renders out a shot, possibly with -nomonsters. That'd be a neat novelty that might bring attention to overlooked maps. Maybe randomly choose to render the view from P1 Start pov or a random monster pov.
  2. Reiken

    DOOM II 32x PC MAPS Port

    Does the 32x port lack rotations for the rocket sprite? It's funny to see them come out backwards like that.
  3. Thanks, will give these a look.
  4. Any recommendations for this? I seem to recall lots of screenshots in the early~mid 2000s of these kinds of maps, with ramped surfaces, fake light shafts made with midtex gradients, maybe sprites for light source coronas. I figure most such maps were probably multiplayer, but a few of those might be neat as a style reference.
  5. I liked BD before the versions that added the atrocious ear-raping former human sound replacements, and the infamous SG sling. I can't remember what version it was, but I had good fun with it in 2010~2011 or so. I remember it had some obnoxious issue with torches constantly emanating a clicking sound, because the flame sound seemed to be synced to the rapid rate of fire particle generation.
  6. Reiken

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    Oh yeah, the modding and open source aspects to this, as well as Quake's opening up of naked TCP/IP multiplayer (when everything (?) else was done through KALI, TEN, etc), are absolutely tremendous.
  7. Reiken

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    There would probably have been a few Marathon clones, ROTT (if it still existed) may have been significantly more popular and spawned a sequel with a less-capable, but perhaps even quirkier build engine, and space sims might have lived longer and developed more. Hard to say how the eventual future of hw accel may have played out. "Duke 3D" would have been an edgy 3D platformer for N64, Romero and Tom Hall may have collaborated on a sidescrolling/overhead/both action-rpg called Chrono Sword (cue three-way confusion with Chrono Trigger, Chrono Master and "Chrono Sword"), and Carmack might have ended up becoming an F1 engineer or similar.
  8. Reiken

    Why don't people just use UDMF format?

    Super off-topic, but thought I might ask since we're talking about feel: Does PrBoom+ do something significantly different with mouse input handling than other ports? The few times I've tried using it (on different hardware setups of diff generations, even) it bugged the shit out of me, and I soon abandoned attempts at using that port. I'm fine with the differences between vanilla/choco, (g)zdoom, eternity, and doomsday, but there was just something odd going on there. Maybe I'm just nuts. Oh, and don't take this as a criticism/bash of PrB+ or passive antagonism, I'm genuinely curious. edit: Could it be that PrBoom+ constantly applies those input quirks that demo recording incurs? Loss in player angle precision, or whatever.
  9. Reiken

    How many WADs have you played?

    Eh, I'd take just about any Raizing pcb over any of those. That Defender had a button to invert your ship's horizontal orientation killed it for me.
  10. Reiken

    How many WADs have you played?

    Having lived through it and being just old enough to enjoy those times, everything's felt downhill ever since. It was truly another world, with rows of store shelves bursting with big-box retail releases of games, something like half or a quarter of them being bizarre one-off experiments, or just revelry in the bizarre and absurd. Users were expected to acquaint themselves with their hardware and software, hierarchy was law, and form followed function. Then the 2000s happened.. At least systems are generally far more reliable and a little bit more secure, these days. Also nice that games are so insanely cheap now, too (as long as you're willing to wait.) Those rows and rows of boxes were often massive clusters of $60 bombs. What a time, though. As far as WADs played, I have no idea. I remember playing stuff off D!Zone and the cd that came with Secrets of the 3D Game Programming Gurus (as well as 3D Game Alchemy, hope I got the titles right) back in the day, as well as random bursts of wads throughout the 2000s. Probably few in comparison to other longtime players. I've probably 'played' 300~400 wads total, but prior to the mid 2000s or so that was mostly dicking around as opposed to properly playing and beating mapsets. As far as megawads go, I've beaten Memento Mori 1 & 2, Icarus, Eternal Doom, Requiem, DTWID, JPCP, Temple of the Lizardmen 1-3 (do these count? guessing not), Zone 300, Demonfear, STRAIN, and some beta/release candidate for Switcharoom. I wish 'Superwads' were more of a thing. I'd prefer more 16~ map wad compilations to full megawads. Edit: Always wondered, does anyone else remember seeing screenshots for some partial/total conversion called Justice Quest (I think) back in the day? I remember seeing a promo image for it back on Compuserv with edited ninja/mortal kombat-looking former humans and never saw/heard of it ever again. I remember one or two Quake projects that have utterly vanished, as well.
  11. Reiken

    Rise Of The Wool Ball :3 (v1.2 now GZDoom compatible)

    This is amazing. Blazed through Shadow and am early in the third episode of this, and it's great, cute fun. Makes me think 'Wacky Wheels meets ROTT' (minus the obnoxious massive sets of nested secrets and ankh collection.)
  12. Reiken

    GZDoom Appimage

    Will look into that route, thanks.
  13. Reiken

    GZDoom Appimage

    Ah damn, sorry--didn't know that was a thing, now. Just gave it a try and it's failing to detect libgomp, though. Poking around now to see if I can remedy that.
  14. Reiken

    GZDoom Appimage

    I'm on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr (oldest still-supported LTS) (gcc 4.8.4). Guess this is my ignorance here, but I figured just going and replacing the system-wide compiler might break system-level stuff (if it's not in the repos, at least..). Have considered once or twice trying to set up a chroot with a newer compiler, but then figured I'd end up needing to build that and might hose things if I botched setting up the environment.
  15. Reiken

    GZDoom Appimage

    Any chance of Appimage packagings in the future (at least for stable releases)? Getting recent versions of GZDoom up and running is always an incredible nightmare on LTS OSes due to the constant c++ standard churn. I'd try to build a static binary in an arch vm or something, but that probably wouldn't work and I'd have to spend hours figuring out how to retrieve the results from the vm's sandboxing, again. I'd use the windows binary in wine, but most mods seem to break with inexplicable errors relating to actor scripts (without mods, all seems to work fine.) Just so damned frustrating to hit this year after year and now I see yet another C++zkjcvclsvndlsk standard coming along which will probably result in impossible builds on whatever my next OS will be.