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  1. Gokuma

    Norway for Snowden

    Snowden is an act. The real deals don't get covered by the media. Also, wikileaks was censoring what it was releasing. Someone leaked everything unedited and pissed them off, but of course the media was very quiet about that.
  2. Gokuma

    Jaguar Wolf sprites for ECWolf?

    The high res sprites unfortunately have fewer frames. I did some work on the ubermutant though here.
  3. Gokuma

    A band so obscure it's frustrating as shit

    I remember when mp3.com was all kinds of good independent bands. Then cnet bought them, deleted everything, and made it a corporate whore site promoting the usual shit like 50cent. Cause we all needed to hear In Da Club for the 50 bazillionth time. I think I have one song from Sangue Demonio. Something with rose in the title I think. Got it on some backup or another comp. Another obscure band was Temple of Rain. I got three tracks of theirs of which one's a remix of another group's song.
  4. Gokuma

    Martial Arts

    Also good to train, but not be dependent on.
  5. Gokuma

    Martial Arts

    Wing Chun is a good choice. A modified Wing Chun/Jeet Kune Do Concepts gave me the quickest, most effective improvement overall. And I learned some Tai Chi concepts in it. Just make sure your Wing Chun/Ving Tsun school develops feeling and sensing with Chi Sau. Some just go through the motions and try to just charge forward pummeling with poor defense. Having done many arts including about 10 years of a TKD/Shotokan/SmallCircleJujutsu mix, I would never recommend any Karate or TKD/TSD or similar Kempo. They develop rigid tendencies you have to work hard to undo. Fortunately after just a year and a half I took up other arts which counterbalanced it. I suggest just learning the TKD kicks at some point, but Muay Thai has better roundhouses and front stomping ("teep") kicks. Even seeing a live demonstration of hardcore North Korean TKD, only their kicks were impressive, even as they claimed kicks make up less of a proportion than hands. Good Taijutsu/Ninjutsu is great. It's like being a human trash compactor just crunching down your opponent with mechanical leverage while eliminating his options and expanding yours. It develops good feeling and sensing with multiple points of contact. It seems a lot of technique has to be very precise though -- One slight mistake and your leverage is gone. Unfortunately the quality and integrity of schools can vary wildly. Beware just any place teaching Muay Thai. A lot of it is generic imitation being taught by karate/TKD or kickboxer people who never really trained in. It's more than roundhouses, knees, and elbows. Generic stuff is missing fine points of them and there's a lot to the stand up grappling/clinching ("plumbing" or "plumming?") for dominate kneeing position or throwing. It's very upper body (maybe like Greco Roman wrestling?), but when done right it's totally efficient without exertion. If you can find real Tai Chi as a martial art, preferably with all the healing Qi Gong and stuff, that's really something. Wing Chun and Tai Chi seem very closely related, both being snake+crane fusions with other additions. Wing Chun utilizes more straight forward hard external stuff to compliment soft internal stuff making it quicker to develop effectively. Tai Chi takes more time. Xingyiquan and Bagua are good Tai Chi related arts with internal power. Xingyiquan is a very direct linear style with more hard external stuff that can be developed quicker. For people looking for a school, I recommend looking for a Kung Fu place that happens to teach Tai Chi. That may be your best bet of a finding a good Kung Fu or real Tai Chi.
  6. Gokuma


    I'm not going to support eugenics but I do think the stupid should be allowed to compete for Darwin Awards.
  7. Gokuma


    Where's Pirate Doom?
  8. Gokuma


    Happy New Year! http://www.vgmuseum.com/mrp/NewCV/cvlib-castle.htm
  9. Managed to put together a list of all the thing spawn ID #'s for Skulltag. Hexen Things go to 108 Doom(ZDoom) things go to 154 but apparently some #'s not used by Doom stuff can be used to summon the Hexen things while in Doom mode, such as the glass shards. After the Skulltag additions it seems these #'s are still free to use with decorate without replacing anything: 109, 160-162, 170, 172, 173, 190-213, 223-255 Here's some scripting I made for a level to test any #'s at will. Just make a line of seven switches. I put the spawning one by itself in the middle calling script 27. Then three to add 1 to digits to left and three to subtract 1 from digits to right. Could use some if/thens to limit the range of the #s and maybe disallow some things such as invulnerability sphere, but here's something quick for testing. Spawns things at one of four random mapspots tagged 3 through 6.#include "zcommon.acs" int haha; SCRIPT 20 OPEN { haha = 154; } SCRIPT 23 (void) { haha+=1; printbold (d:haha); } SCRIPT 22 (void) { haha+=10; printbold (d:haha); } SCRIPT 21 (void) { haha+=100; printbold (d:haha); } SCRIPT 26 (void) { haha-=1; printbold (d:haha); } SCRIPT 25 (void) { haha-=10; printbold (d:haha); } SCRIPT 24 (void) { haha-=100; printbold (d:haha); } SCRIPT 27 (void) { printbold (d:haha); Thing_Spawn (random(3,6), haha, 0, 7); }
  10. On the wiki I can see a list of the all the new things skulltag adds but no map id#s. Doom Builder doesn't seem to have them all and I can't open the Skulltag actors file to see them there. Though I didn't finish a level to include in Skulltag, I did the bloody spike, zombie head on spike, HW guy head on spike, revenant hand sprites in the early development and implemented them, destructable and indestrctable bridge things of radius 64(width 128), bobbing floating skulls (also to walk on), and the unused SMT2A0 that's always been in doom.wad with dehacked. I did find the map id#5050 for the unused stalagmite (and it shows up in Zandronum) on the wiki and Doom Builder has destructable bridge things, though one the might be custom has no radius and I suspect the args can define that like how it lists a nondestructable one for regular ZDoom/Zandronum. If the impaling spikes are still in I wonder if just landing on top kills. I just made them nonblocking and put them in a sector that kills. Yes, I'm aware the bridge things may be largely obsolete since I'm already messing with the 3d sector transfers. Not having much luck with doomworld.com/skulltag or skulltag.com Got the latest slade and it still says unsupported zip compression method with some pk3 files. I can open the latest skulltag data and no version of skull tag actors. My sprites are still in the latest data file.
  11. I mostly use slade but for now it seems I have to use XWE for that. I haven't tried them yet, but maybe GIMP or Paint.NET properly recognize the transparent background. Links here under Image Editing Tools: http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=32
  12. Over on Zandronum's forum, Qent figured out what turned out to be my problem. I put temporary starts 5082 in the map and they made it not work for some reason.
  13. XWE exports with the cyan background.
  14. Thanks that was the info I needed. Now just trying to figure out what makes skulltag and CTF maps work. Looking at a map I saw you need a hell pillar with the second arg to set 1 and one with the first two args set to 1, the skullkeys, the blue/red player starts 5080 and 5081. And apparently for CTF just the blue/red starts and flags. I got it so now the announcer says welcome to Skulltag/CTF, but it's nonfunctional and won't go to spectating with a join option like the stock maps.
  15. Gokuma

    North by Doom II. A map with snippets. (now on idgames)

    In the Gauntlet area when those side rooms open with gunners and crusher windows, it's possible to run into them and there doesn't seem to be a way out. Could use some more room to maneuver but pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of idbest for Doom 1 except that was actually cut and pasted pieces, not an original like this.
  16. Two versions of NWT under WAD utils are listed as windows when they're dos. Sehacked was never added under exe editors.
  17. Gokuma

    Errors/Omissions on utils page

    And 98 but their native platform is dos.
  18. Gokuma


    I wouldn't call US "evil", but US's leader Bushoma is a giant dickhead. He has stated multiple times that Al Queida was behind the 9/11 bombing, which is tasteless and inexcusable conspiracy theory bullshit. He has shown blatant disregard for human rights, which have deteriorated greatly since he has been in power, and according to Human Rights Watch these negative changes stem from appointments made directly by Bushoma.
  19. Gokuma

    What are your thoughts of Alex Jones?

    He does bring some important information to light. You still gotta really look into what's really true or not. I also think about how he profits. I get the impression he's playing a role. Herd a group of people together. Identify them. Divide and conquer.
  20. Gokuma

    old guard represent!

    Right here mofos! And a little before 3 minutes into this HA HA HA HA!! http://i53.photobucket.com/albums/g70/maniacaljaguar/HAHAHAHA.png
  21. I think Steampunk sums everything up pretty well.
  22. Gokuma

    Women and regularity.

    John Wayne died with a 40lb colon. Now that's a man!
  23. Gokuma

    Microsoft bans modded Xbox360s

    The main factor is the system cooks itself until it stops working.
  24. Gokuma

    PC Gaming is officially dead

    Wow, the core fanbase demands to pay. Who would have thought?