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  1. Gokuma

    School shootings blamed on Darwin

    I believe all the answers we are seeking are here.
  2. Gokuma

    Microsoft bans modded Xbox360s

    I haven't ever bought any X-Box. Microsoft's probably going to stay good at keeping it that way. Way to go.
  3. Gokuma

    School shootings blamed on Darwin

    Obviously school shooters are much more fit to survive than stupid unarmed walking targets. ...So who's currently holding the insensitivity award?
  4. Gokuma

    Lou Albano died

    Too bad the guy couldn't find a 1-up. Was that other Mario Ron Jeremy?
  5. Gokuma

    How to get ripped; for nerdy gamers

    Step 1: Throw yourself into ring fighting. Well except for my back from work, I still look skinny, but at least my muscle is pretty tone.
  6. Gokuma

    A Good Free Antivirus Program

    AVG has become a bloated PoS. I can no longer run it on this one laptop without it quickly overheating and shutting off. At least I had enough time to uninstall it. And it was useless on someone's computer I just fixed allowing it to be completely violated by virus or a few. I tried several scanners and the one that finally cleaned their comp was ESET NOD 32 (eset.com) and it didn't bog down their comp either. Unfortunately the free trial only works for 30 days but it does remind me of Command & Conquer for some reason.
  7. Gokuma


    It's the 10th Anniversary of Dreamcast's (US) release.
  8. Gokuma

    Change in the winds of Korean Pro Starcraft

    I'm a 2nd degree black belt in Star Kwon Craft Do.
  9. Gokuma

    1.300.000 Iraqis dead since 2003 ?!

    There's not going to be anyone left to economically subjugate!
  10. Tiger Schulmanns had to be lame and say their guy defeated me, but you can see the ref raises my arm before the round 4 video cuts off. My "light heavy weight" belt as the announcer calls it is still hanging on my wall.

    Round 1
    Round 2
    Round 3
    Round 4

    In an earlier fight that ended in a draw he gave me a rougher time, but this was my easiest fight since he was afraid of my knees and just wanted to stall not knowing Muay Thai technique. I just let him tire himself out and purposely dropped my weight while he was holding on and you can see how exhausted he is when he lets go. The previous fight he had an advantage in boxing, especially since my Wing Chun doesn't work with big ass boxing gloves. But after three months I had improved my boxing to have the advantage there. He kept me from really kneeing the hell out of him this time around though. The guy's apparently a really good MMA fighter but this was stand up Muay Thai.

    1. exp(x)


      That's pretty lame that they claim the other guy won.

    2. Danarchy


      exp(x) said:

      That's pretty lame that they claim the other guy won.

      Especially since the announcer actually SAYS he won at the end. Those guys must be in denial or something, I dunno.

      What kind of tournament is this anyway?

    3. Gokuma


      Not a tournament, just an event of anywhere from 9 to 15 full contact amateur matches of various types of kickboxing (high leg, low leg, Int'l style) and some Muay Thai (though no elbows allowed and no knees to the head). PA no longer allows boxing and kickboxing at the same event. Now DE is the same way though this is in PA. Corrupt state boxing commissions try to squash everything that isn't regular boxing.

  11. Gokuma

    Man drives car into library

    A 90 year old lady ran her car into the front window of a liquor store a town over from my hometown. Guess she couldn't wait.
  12. Gokuma

    New strain of HIV

    Just wait til some lab cooks up AIDS Flu.
  13. Gokuma

    Economix paradox: the "circle of debt"

    What people don't take into account is that all our unneccesarily and defective junk has lost value, so what it costs to produce or buy it is a loss. More and people are seeing junk and BS for what is, so it just loses more value. Things slow down and stop. To try to keep shit going, people or government are trying to make new bubbles and the Federal Reserve is just making up more money. Actually only %2 of the currency is in physical form, so that goes to show how even more made up BS it is.
  14. I first got on the net in 1997. Early January 2008 all through August 08, I didn't have the net at home.
  15. Gokuma

    FINISHED I need ten badass game monsters

    Sorry, but Visplane Overflow actually wrote our National Constitution of Doomworld and its Bill of Rights.
  16. Gokuma

    FINISHED I need ten badass game monsters

    Only out of touch people are allowed to have a voice in the mainstream. And people who are actually informed and have a respectable interest are usually too busy to make money bullshitting.
  17. Gokuma

    FINISHED I need ten badass game monsters

    Commander Keen in Doom 2. Gave me nightmares, man.
  18. Gokuma

    Fake Marine spotted at Reno Airport

    That's because of the stick up there.
  19. Gokuma

    Has multiplayer Wolf3d been tried?

    And ideas and characters in the Doom Bible ended up in ROTT
  20. Gokuma

    Has multiplayer Wolf3d been tried?

    With the low ceilings in the original levels maybe that was a joke.
  21. Gokuma

    40 Years Ago Today

    Mars bitches. We got priorities here.
  22. Gokuma

    Refractive laser eye surgery

    Stigmata? Damn!
  23. The Aryan race doesn't have any rhythm.
  24. Gokuma

    Freedom under Attack

    The Real ID act that was sneakily passed but failed to be implemented has mutated into something worse they're trying pass through called the PASS Act S.1261. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kE8xDMokpM
  25. Castlevania games Command & Conquer (Gold w/ Covert Ops) C&C Red Alert 1 Ultima Online on a free server Capcom and SNK fighters and Guilty Gear X on Dreamcast 8-bit Nintendo games