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Everything posted by Gokuma

  1. Gokuma

    Freedom under Attack

    Are you just deliberately taking a contrary position? Also, I consider Yoo-hoo! to be hazardous material.
  2. Gokuma

    Freedom under Attack

    Aren't you their star assclown?
  3. Gokuma

    Freedom under Attack

    *head in sand* or *too easilly distracted by joke of a holiday and/or media vultures' coverage of Jackson ad nauseum*
  4. Gokuma

    Billy Mays dead at 50

    He's not dead!
  5. Gokuma

    Buy one of these today!

    They had to make the jaw wider to make it posable.
  6. Gokuma

    Michael Jackson dies at age 50

    Do you get to drop blanketbabies from balconies?
  7. According to http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/Hexen_music the music for Bright Crucible is inspired by a song from the group Level 42. But it gives no clue which. Anyone know? Since I have all the music Doom's is based on I'd like to find out. Also anyone know if levels cut from Hexen were ever released?
  8. Gokuma

    Twit dies in bathub while Twittering

    Twitter kills. OMG BAN IT!
  9. Gokuma

    Favourite Sci-fi?

    Movies: Nightbreed (well that movie is like a fantasy and horror combination but since it's not solely one or the other I'll list it here), Repoman (a punk movie but also sci-fi), Dagon, Dark City, original DeathRace2000, Heavy Metal and Heavy Metal 2000 (for some reason HM2000 reminds me of Strife, actually the first does too now), I've only seen parts before but probably Toxic Avenger and maybe its sequals (another punk+sci fi combination), Leviathon, SuperNova, Blade Runner, Terminator movies, Aliens movies, Predator movies (Haven't seen any of the vs movies), Robocop 1&2 TV shows: Classic Twilight Zone, Lexx, I have to confess I like Heroes (Sylar is badass, but not to mean Hiro isn't), I read a good amount books but not really any in the Sci-Fi genre.
  10. Gokuma

    Iranian election protests

    Is it Irish week in Iran?
  11. Gokuma

    Patrick Versus Summer Games

    Kiloblaster freaking kicks ass. So does its music.
  12. Gokuma

    Assembled Lifesize RX78 Gundam, oh gawd

    When biped mechs could actually move around as versatile and somewhat flexible as a human body with possibly some flight or jumping ability they could be useful, maybe moreso in an urban setting. There's no saying that things would ever progress that much though.
  13. Hey I'm not sure if we should trust stuff like this coming from... The PRINCE Of DARKNESS. Just kidding. While not getting your hopes immediately up I think it's a good idea to keep watch on this and how it might be supressed.
  14. Gokuma

    Assembled Lifesize RX78 Gundam, oh gawd

    That is one of stupidest things I hear people say. People are conditioned to respond negatively like by a boring dumbshit society that celebrates and enforces mediocrity. People actually accomplished something with what time they have free. Or maybe some were paid to work on it. It beats just working a job and sitting in front of the TV like a loser all the time.
  15. Gokuma

    How "ghetto" are you?

    I'm straight outa Compton fucking biotch!
  16. Gokuma

    Digital TV changeover

    The less TV people watch, the better. Maybe they'll do something better with their time. Like learn actual truth filtered out by the media gate keepers or pick up an interesting hobby or more than a hobby.
  17. Gokuma

    Scientific Inquiry into Human Identity

    You saw problems with your environment so perhaps that pushed you more to defy it. Not in any real disagreement with what you said but your environment may have influenced you more than you think.
  18. I think he could have a silver star or at least a bronze or copper one.
  19. Pee in the toilet but don't flush so often. Put the seat cover down instead to keep the bathroom from smelling like urine. If your pee is darker from being less hydrated it will tend to stain the toilet bowl more until it's cleaned though.
  20. Gokuma

    Swine Flu

    Someone just posted this pertinent info somewhere else.
  21. Gokuma

    shoot the banker

    Or maybe it was really made by an anti-banker for that purpose so people get so pissed off they go out and kill bankers for real.
  22. Gokuma

    shoot the banker

    It's just to frusterate you even more with bankers. It was probably made by a banker just to rub it in.
  23. Gokuma

    Intercultural advantage

    It was actually a badge of honor for women to catch an STD from Mao Ze Dong.
  24. Gokuma

    Intercultural advantage

    Short anwser to original question... YES!
  25. Apparently because blogging wasn't spastic enough people had to find a way to send IM's to no one.