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  1. Gokuma


    I'm MF.
  2. Gokuma


    I'm MF, damn it!
  3. Gokuma

    doom64 -> doom

  4. Gokuma

    Doom 64, and how I can rip them weapons. :)

    Does anyone know how much id had to do with making Doom 64? Did Midway just make it entirely by themselves?
  5. Gokuma

    Girl Doomers?

    I'm sure there's plenty but they keep a low profile so people don't bug them.
  6. Gokuma

    Revenant Limbo???

    Actually for a while, there was a Doom dance site hosted by Doom Damnit which was hosted by Doom Nation which was hosted by Frag.com which was hosted by some ass
  7. Gokuma

    I want more STATS!!!

    He wants to 53x0r you up.
  8. Gokuma

    The fish, they are coming

    Fish! Fish! Fish! http://geocities.com/shingokuma/sfx/fresh.wav
  9. Gokuma

    I want more STATS!!!

    Ivan E. Tinpeepal|981 and almost 10 months|701.5432lbs.|2'5"|Fucnoland
  10. Gokuma

    Skin Connection?

    The skin connection has been particularly unlucky. First the collection of skins disappear. Then Alec gets hosted by Doom Nation and that went down before he even finished uploading everything back up. Boingo, here's some corrections and additions. USMarine is the player from Sgt. Daniel Snyder's Marine Doom. I converted it to a skin and made the last three normal death frames. Otherguy and someguy are from this RC Cola KickDoom PC that was on the Quake 1 CD. I skinned the ninja from Shadow Warrior. The Heretic skin was a replacement sprite wad by Vincent Fong of Team Onslaught. He recolored it slightly for the color swaps to work. I added sounds and made it a functional skin wad. Here's a wicked skin pack: ftp://ftp.cdrom.com/pub/idgames/themes/apt/thskins.zip BTW, just so you know, embedded music crashes some browsers.
  11. Gokuma

    Backup Methods?

    Not zip disks. You get the click of death and you're screwed. HDs, CDs, and super disks.
  12. Doom episodes 1-3 on UV are very easy. Anyone who's decent at Doom should be able to go through them with no problem.
  13. Gokuma

    another doom spinoff

    Bwah ha ha http://geocities.com/shingokuma/gfx/karvssak.gif
  14. Gokuma

    Doom vs. Half-Life

    Where's your freaken agility and speed in HL, bitch? So much for the element of defense.
  15. Gokuma

    Ancient Editors

    You call that ancient? I use dmgraph and dmaud with batch files, damn it. Nothing is faster. As far as level editing, I use DETH/HETH/ZETH/LETH/whateverthefuckETH.
  16. There, that problem's fixed. Don't worry, I'll get my real site back on the net sometime with actual downloadable stuff. Until then here's a few files that I currently have uploaded. Weapon patches for DosDoom v0.65, 0.651, or 0.653: http://www.geocities.com/shingokuma/doom/weap91b.zip http://www.geocities.com/shingokuma/doom/petrock.zip Demo for DosDoom 0.653: http://www.geocities.com/shingokuma/doom/cybrbich.zip Mini cyber skin: http://www.geocities.com/shingokuma/cyber.zip Silly MK skin: http://www.geocities.com/shingokuma/mkninja.zip Once I get my site back up, I'll upload Doom2D.
  17. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That page is utter shit. I thought I deleted it.
  18. Gokuma

    Has this ever been done before?

    I know there's Bubble Gum Crisis (priss.zip?), Sailor Moon (smdoom.zip), at least one (probably 2) Dragon Ball Z mods (that were released), and this not so good but fairly funny Mortal Kombat Doom I made has Akuma/Gouki from Street Fighter (I know MK isn't anime but SF can be considered so). I don't actually know that much about anime. One of my friends downloaded those mods and sent me them over modem before I had internet access.
  19. Doom2D seems to have disappeared off the net so I guess I'll have to upload it. And what site of mine are you talking about? My site on Doom Nation disappeared.
  20. Gokuma

    The BIGGEST doom level ever

    I remember the Bleeding Tower of Pisa being a huge level. It's one of at least a couple pisa.wads out there. I got it off a friend's PC Gamer CD.
  21. There's a Doom2D that's like Contra except without one hits kills, you can't shoot straight up or down, the single player isn't as good, and it has deathmatch.
  22. Here's the motherload: http://geocities.com/shingokuma/doom/weap91b.zip Unfortunately you can only use it with DosDoom v0.65, v0.651, or v0.653 and its multiplayer is broken. Freaken geoshitties likes to say this page is unavailable when you click the url so drag over it and copy. Then paste it into your first browser window.
  23. Gokuma

    Strangest/Most Amusing DOOM occurances. :-b

    In e1m1 I got Barney (replacement Baron) to hurt himself by blowing up some barrels. Then he stood there for a while and clawed himself to death. This was in shareware Doom v1.2. It's easier to get weird stuff like this to happen in older versions of Doom. In DW's patch section there's a patch to downgrade Ultimate Doom to Doom v1.1 but I haven't tried it yet. I've seen two Cacos bite each other to death after one hurt the other by blowing up a barrel. It's funny how they purposely spit fireballs at each other and do no damage with them. I think I might have been using the shareware v1.2 exe with the full v1.666 wad. One time in map11 I reloaded a save game where a revenant was shooting a missle at me and the missile just kept circling around me and pillar. It only worked that first time I reloaded it though which is really odd.
  24. Gokuma

    Dehacked question