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  1. nue

    For some reason I am interested in the wad you have in your cover photo.  Could you tell me what wad that is please?


    1. Gokuma


      Thanks, it was originally another Strife level I started working on.   The version picture is converted and combined with a Doom map I started and intended for a regular deathmatch map in a Doom Team Fortress-like CTF mod called Ground Zero I tried to keep going after the team lead disappeared in the early 2000's.   So unfortunately it's not released but I gotta do something with it eventually and not let it go to waste.


      That Doom version is a true 3D boat you can go over and under.   The way I combined 209-transfer heights and 3D sector transfers it's only compatible with Zandronum hardware mode and not GZDoom.   Also the underwater colored lighting is inconsistent and the water isn't swimmable underneath the boat.   Now I know how to do that stuff correctly and have it software mode compatible and GZDoom compatible by replacing transfer heights with entirely 3D sector transfers.


      If you want to check it out I can upload and pm you a link.   The original Strife map is probably over 15 years old and the Doom version was last worked on 2012 (when I tried resurrecting Ground Zero on my mine own)  with some parts possibly predating the Strife map but I got frustrated with earlier Zandronum versions crashing on me, though I see my decorate patch isn't so clean now with a bunch of startup warnings.   Now since I've come back here, Zandronum 3.0 seems solid as a rock.   Ground Zero isn't a priority but I don't want everything to sit unfinished and unreleased forever.

    2. nue


      If you could thatd be really great. Take your time if you want though, dont feel rushed.