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  1. Dust Hermit: when are you going to be on american idol?
    Gøkuma: When I'm no longer blacklisted by the entertainment industry.
    Dust Hermit: will you be singing zangief's theme song? i believe it's called "vodka da!".
    Dust Hermit: gorbachev can be air lifted in to dance with you on stage.
    Gøkuma: The party won't be complete without Omega Red, Necro, and Colossus though. Is Potempkin Russian?
    Dust Hermit: no, he's from some imaginary country.
    Gøkuma: I wasn't sure but I that's what I thought.
    Gøkuma: Man, you'd think they'd only blacklist me for so long, but I guess taking the brain from John Wayne's cryogenically preserved corpse, wearing it like a hat, tearing bits off and throwing them to the Osbournes's pets to eat, while moshing with Charlie Manson and the guy who shot John Lennon on Marlen Brando's back, to the band Anthrax with a nice giant Communist flag drapped in the background really didn't go over too well.
    Gøkuma: Oh yeah, while actually singing Pull My Strings by the Dead Kennedys among some of my own lyrics.
    Dust Hermit: american idol would be a very cool show if they had acts like that.