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  1. Gøkuma: Wheee. Passed the test for level 2 Fisticuffs in Russian Martial Art tonight (May 13th).
    Dust Hermit: soon you will have to participate in a steel cage match with 3 ex-kgb
    Dust Hermit: the referee will be one of those beholder looking things.
    Gøkuma: heh heh
    Gøkuma: A cacodemon you mean?
    Dust Hermit: yeah, that's it.
    Gøkuma: I'll have to talk to some promoters (but NOT Don King!). If I'm going to risk getting
    gibbed into little cubes through a steel cage, it might as well be a pay-per-view event.
    Dust Hermit: you should consult with the only promoter more powerful than don king: donkey kong.
    Gøkuma: What makes him so powerful?
    Dust Hermit: dude, he owns mario. he got mario over a barrel back in 1981.
    Gøkuma: So that's how he rigged the Punch-Out circuits.

    Cyberdemon wardrobe by Sovietski.com